Bareback by WH Vol. 29

Video: Bareback by WH Vol. 29
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
Lorenc Byro is in the park doing to tumbling tricks when he comes across Alan Carly who is very impressed. They get to chatting and decided to go off and have some fun. When they get inside they start to kiss each other and are quickly bare-chested. As they feel each other the jean come down too and hard cocks are soon on the show, Alan wanks both cocks together and soon they are both naked and sitting on the bed wanking. Lorenc lays back on the bed so that Alan can lean over and suck on his throbbing cock, but just briefly. Then Lorenc leans over and takes Alan's dick in his mouth. He is expert at sucking and takes Alan's cock all the way into his mouth. He rubs the balls as he sucks. Alan's cock is so hard in Lorenc's mouth. His own dick is rock hard too and Alan takes a turn at sucking, his head bobbing up and down on it. Then Lorenc goes back down on Alan's pole, his lips wrapped tight around it as he sucks. They move to 69 with Lorenc laying on the bed and Alan on top of him. Lorenc wants more than tasting cock and Alan obligingly gets on his knees, presenting his ass. Lorenc's dick slides into the waiting hole and he starts to fuck. Alan takes the thick cock deep into his hole, feeling every inch as it slides in and out. Lorenc fucks that ass, opening it wide. Alan moves onto his back as Lorenc fucks his deep. He grabs his own dick and wanks it as Lorenc works his hole. With Lorenc fucking hard and fast Alan's wanking gets faster too. They both moan loudly as they enjoy the action. Alan's cock explodes with the cum shooting out as Lorenc's cock is pounding his hot ass. He milks the cum out of his cock as Lorenc leans over to fuck deeper into his ass. He kisses Alan as he fucks him hard. Then he turns Alan over and climbs on top to fuck him some more. He is balls deep in that eager hole fucking as hard as he can. Then he pulls out and Alan turns over to feel the hot cum being dumped onto his sexy chest. Lorenc leans over and kisses Alan again and then takes him off to the shower to clean up. What a vision to see! With two more just as hot scenes following up.

Stars: Karel Omanak, Lorenc Byro, Martin Dorcak, Marion Anel, Miro Dalek, Alan Carly

2 XXL Cocks For Alexis

Video: 2 XXL Cocks For Alexis
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Alexis is a very sexy French bitch and, on this day, we propose that he take on two monster cocks! Alexis leaps at the opportunity. We think you'll agree - he does one hell of a job! hot twinkie threesome by teen boys who want to explore more and enjoy themselves in a process!

Stars: Justin XXL, Kameron Frost, Lexi Toy

Wesley Chainsmoking In Bed

Video: Wesley Chainsmoking In Bed
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Studio: Boys Smoking
Our newest model Wesley Marks is about to set you on fire! This chainsmoking skater boy is SO HOT! Full lips, hardddddcore smoker, big uncut cock! Wesley loves to beat his meat and loves his cigs....he smokes about 2 packs a day and ALWAYS smokes when he strokes! Get ready to meet one of the hottest smokers we have seen in a long time!

Stars: Wesley Marks

Boys Party Hard

Video: Boys Party Hard
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It's quite erotic watching as these boys getting more and more worked up as their naked bodies grinding against each other. This group of horny studs has the most sexiest bangboys there are, so these muscular guys are putting their cocks deep into their friends throats while receiving a rimming stimulation. The masked fellows wants in on the action as well so they all taking turns sucking that hard cock. After they are done blowing that dick, they are moving into position to receiving some hardcore barebacking action.

Battle of the Bulge 7

Video: Battle of the Bulge 7
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Studio: Active Duty Productions
Dante's skills look like they have improved greatly and the look on Tyler's face says it all. The blow jobs are intense and both of them are hungry for it. Tyler gets first dibs at fucking some sweet tight ass and Dante is ready for it. Ryan loved how Jaxon blew him so he thought he would repay the favor and give him an amazing wet BJ. He flips him onto his back where he continues to fuck him and he begins to make out with him as he thrusts deep into him making Jaxon bite his lip. RJ is an amazing kind man with a great attitude and that's what we love to see here at AD. We also love to see a man like RJ play with his rock hard cock for the enjoyment of others. RJ was timid at first but once he became comfortable he couldn't keep his hands off his own dick. As Brock begins to feel comfortable stroking his cock it gets bigger showing us just how great of a dick he has. He likes to stroke it slow but with a bear grip. Brock continues to show off his hard cock as it bounces off his smooth firm chest. Enjoy!

Stars: Brock (Active Duty), Dante (Active Duty), Jaxon D (Active Duty), RJ, Ryan Jordan (M), Tyler (Active Duty)

Hairy Holes & Spit Slick Poles

Video: Hairy Holes & Spit Slick Poles
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Studio: UKNakedMen
These British men aren't joking around when it comes to hardcore fucking! They have everything, big dicks, bubble butts and those faces covered in groomed beards, and perfectly chiseled bodies, decorated with tattoos and some piercings, gets them harder and bigger and just in right mood for cumming...

Stars: Danny Romeo, Derek Thibeau, Dominique Kenique, Manuel DeBoxer, Manuel Skye, Rogue Status, Zack Acland

Dick Hard 7

Video: Dick Hard 7
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Studio: Gay Adult Deluxe
Jon is a really horny twink who loves showing off his naked body on camera! So he gladly agreed to do a jack off scene... He undresses while showing off his fit body and his perfectly shaped butt, massaging it with some oil and when the time comes he bursts out his hard dick stroking it till it explodes with cum all over his body.

Stars: Jon

Ticklish Braden Humbled

Video: Ticklish Braden Humbled
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Studio: My Friend's Feet
Braden just competed in a bodybuilding tournament and he is looking fantastic, but those mighty muscles just don't help him when it comes to being tickled! He came in and told me that he didn't think he was very ticklish any more because he has been working on his mental control and concentration. I knew he was fooling himself and I was happy to prove him wrong. If anything Braden just gets MORE ticklish every time I get together with him. His neck, his soles and his armpits make him go nuts with just the slightest feather touch. I hope he doesn't change because this is exactly the way I like him.

Stars: Braden Charron

Deep End

Video: Deep End
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Studio: TitanMen
Titan men dive deep into the Deep End of the pool. Summer is hot, and these sexy men are getting even hotter and hornier, because of the sight of pools and tight butts and dick-prints on speedos! Join David Anthony, Hunter Marx, Dario Beck, Jessy Ares, JR Matthews and more for a deep dive into the hottest hardcore summer action.

Stars: Adam Killian, Dakota Rivers, Dario Beck, David Anthony, Hunter Marx , Jason Diaz, Jessy Ares, JR Matthews , Justin King, Leo Forte, Logan Scott, Sean Stavos, Shay Michaels, Tom Wolfe

Don’t Tell My Brother

Video: Don't Tell My Brother
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Studio: Next Door Studios
After receiving a text from his buddy to come over, Johnny Hill is surprised when his buddy's younger brother, Grayson, greets him at the door. Johnny quickly figures out what's going on as Grayson runs his finger down his chest. SHHH... Don't tell my brother. When Mark Long agreed to help his friend's brother, he had no idea Jake Ashford intended on repaying him like this, but as Jake wraps his lips around his giant cock, straight boy Mark decides he might as well enjoy the fringe benefit. Max Penn sits around the house killing time. He suddenly perks up when his brother comes home from the gym with his best friend. When his brother hits the shower, Max makes his move on Arad. Now that Grayson Lange and his brother's friend, Johnny Hill, have hooked up, Johnny is back for more with an extra... Chad Piper!

Stars: Arad, Chad Piper, Grayson Lange, Jake Ashford, Johnny Hill, Mark Long, Max Penn