How Did You Know? (And Other Stories)

Video: How Did You Know? (And Other Stories)
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Studio: Pride Studios presents a collection of sexual experimentation and first time experiences. This volume includes a curious eager anal virgin exploring with a dildo, a questioning boy who comes out to his brother’s best friend, and a party thrower who asks to kiss his crush in his parent’s bedroom!

Stars: Dillon Anderson, Dylan Knight, Jacob Ladder, Blake Stone, Tyler Rush, Remi Mint, Zach Farmer, Scott Blake, Jake Nelson, Cody Ray, Chad Karzan, Duncan Black

Smart Ass Twinks

Video: Smart Ass Twinks
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Studio: Next Door Studios
I guess their moms never told these twinks to not be a smart-ass, because class is in session and these eager young hotties' holes are aching to learn the ropes. These sluts have smarts, and they know just how to use 'em to get what they want. Five nerdy teens tutor their sexy bimbo schoolmates on all the important subjects - chemistry, biology, and of course, sexual education! I.T. geek Rob helps Ian Levine turn on his computer, and ends up getting turned on himself. Trevor Spade teaches jogging buddy Jacob Marteny some new stretches before getting stretched out himself by Jacob's big dick. Gabriel Bossa gets bored of his boyfriend Angel's anatomy studies and decides to show him some real anatomy up close. Bratty rich kid Jessie Kale gets taught a lesson in manners by humble hotel host Adrian Rivers. And Tyler Morgan learns some special dance moves from his instructor Marco Russo that definitely weren't in the brochure! So get ready for an all-night cram session, because these twinks are about to get schooled!

Stars: Marco Russo, Rob (NDM), Tyler Morgan, Jacob Marteny, Ian Levine, Trevor Spade, Adrian Rivers, Angel (NDM), Gabrial Rossa, Jessie Kale

A Thick Twink Cum Load!

Video: A Thick Twink Cum Load!
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Studio: Zack Randall
Ryan Morrison is a gorgeous twink who commands attention at first sight. The sexy young stud is blessed with long hair, a slender body and smooth tight ass! It looks like he's never had a big dick in there! He knows how to work his cock though, draining out a thick and splashing load for the guys to enjoy at the end of a rapid stroke.

Stars: Ryan Morrison

Teenage Dirtbag

Video: Teenage Dirtbag
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Studio: EuroboyXXX
These teens are filthy with one thing on their mind…deep, hardcore hole-stretching like never before! No matter the time or place, these young studs are always ready to take advantage of an opportunity to whip out their huge uncut cocks and fuck until they can no longer hold in their creamy loads!

Stars: Kyle Martin, Jamie West, Luke Desmond, Skylar Blu, Lloyd Adams, Kai Alexander

Sting – A Taste For Leather

Video: Sting - A Taste For Leather
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Studio: Falcon Studios
With THREE explosive scenes, this group of sex-crazed, big-dicked fuckers has a special taste for leather that they can’t resist…and lucky for you, you have a front row seat of all the action! Whether they’re teaming up in twosomes or insane orgies, watch these guys get their hands and lips all over bondage harnesses, big black boots and more in this kinky fuckfest!

Stars: Virgil Sainclair, Chip Noll, Nick Riley, Jason Branch, Blake Harper, Jeff Palmer, Dylan Reece, Clay Maverick, Fernando Montana, Tristan Paris, Chad Kennedy, Tony Lazzari, Cameron Fox


Video: Rushes
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Studio: Vivid Man
Rushes takes you from the casting couches of the top talent agency to the decadence, and on to the top porno producer. Handsome hot actors giving it all for their profession. Seling out, just to survive, Rushes stars Cole Carpenter with hot action by Chris Obassis, Melchor, Tex Anthony, Greg Dale, Matthew Marks, Morgan Hunter and Chaz Holderman along with ten memorable performances by the new superstars of the future.

Stars: Kenneth Weyerhaeuser, Peter Ross, Melchor Diaz, Terry Long, Cole Carpenter, Andrew Wilde, Robert Harris, Bull Matthews, Morgan Hunter, Chaz Holderman, James Starr, Chris Onasis, Phillip McCabe, Tex Anthony, Tim Nissin, Matthew Marks, Tyrone Williams, Greg Dale, Shana, Coco, Kelaine Kvale

Covert Missions 22

Video: Covert Missions 22
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Studio: Active Duty Productions
Guest director Mike drafts three new studs to the Active Duty line-up, and you get to witness their indoctrination first-hand. First, Lance helps Bo and Devin bring the firing range to the bedroom as they practice shooting their cum all over each other in two overcharged oral training missions. Then, Bo advances to the front line as he and veteran top Tim bring Dan to his knees and spit-roast his slutty holes from either end. Plus, Bo and Devin’s audition solos give you the full story, taking you all the way to the beginning of their recruitment process!

Stars: Lance, Bo, Devin, Dan, Tim

Soak It Up

Video: Soak It Up
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Studio: Bareback Boy Bangers
While they’re out relaxing by the pool, the sun isn’t the only thing that these sexy twinks are soaking up—they’re also soaking up creamy white cum! With FIVE explosive scenes, this Bareback Boy Bangers production brings non-stop boy-on-boy bareback sessions that you won’t want to miss!

Stars: Jack Blue, Alex Granger, Chester Pool, Louie Eshby, Ali Montero, Dimitri Borodin, Enrico Sanchez, David Gold, Dan Steele (ii), Thor, Patrick Davidson, Alex Stevens, Marty Marshall

Dominic And Kai Both Wanted The Other

Video: Dominic And Kai Both Wanted The Other
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In this explosive scene from Dominic and Kai, watch burning chemistry between two gorgeous studs come alive on camera…you won’t want to miss a single moment! Things start off with some passionate kissing that leads Dominic to quickly peel Kai's clothes as his eager partner devours his rock-solid dick! And after some mutual cock sucking Dominic climbs on top to expertly swallow all of Kai's powerful boner (and thrusts his own deep in to Kai's throat!) before he goes to work on Kai's sweet ass with his tongue...Kai soon begs to be fucked by Dominic's swollen cock and boy, that cock sure knew where it belonged... it found its own way to Kai's willing hole and slipped its way inside! Dominic's balls are quickly slapping hard against Kai's ass which eagerly rises upwards to match each thrust with just as much gusto! And with the heat now at boiling point, Dominic continues to plough away and grips Kai's cock which soon unloads bursts of sticky, hot cum ;-) Pulling out, it only takes a few strokes before Kai is coated in jet after jet of Dominic's hot jizz too!

Stars: Dominic Belko, Kai (Blakemason)

Gutter Punks

Video: Gutter Punks
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Studio: Hot House Video
The minds of these hunky punks are always in the gutter…hence how they’ve earned their name, Gutter Punks! Any way they can, they’ll take their mischief, legs and asexy asses to the darkest and seediest alleys. Director Nick Foxx puts the emphasis on ass and tags this feature with sexy and gritty trouble makers who love spraying their loads on whatever or whoever will take them. Darius Ferdynand takes watch while mischievous Ryan Rose tags an alley door, then he lets Ryan tag his hot ass. Horned up, sexy bad asses Nick Sterling and Tyler Wolf mark their territory with spray paint, but it's not long before they're claiming each other in a dark alley flip fuck. Hunky and furry Hunter Marx leave his mark on tatted, punk Drake Shooter, who takes it from every angle and shoots a hot load. Hooligan Ryan Rose sprays his street art and then sprays his built up load on cock-hungry, power bottom Colt Rivers. When you encounter these 'Gutter Punks' be ready for rough, intense action in the darkest and dirtiest of places that will have you shooting your loads all over the walls.

Stars: Tyler Saint, Drake Shooter, Nick Sterling, Craig Reynolds, Adam Knox, Kennedy Carter, Darius Ferdynand, Troy Haydon, Hunter Marx , Tyler Wolfe, Colt Rivers, Chris Tyler, Ryan Rose