Thug Orgy 11

Video: Thug Orgy 11
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Studio: Monster Big
Let us introduce you to Thug Orgy 11. It's like being a fly on the wall to the hottest male on male thug action ever caught on tape. These thugs are piling up for a smoking hot orgy! They all end up in one location and no females are to be found. Hot, sweaty, thug corner, street boys get together to relieve sexual frustration...on each other.

Stars: Thugzilla, Jah (Male), Dark Chocolate (male), David Glover, Jupiter Cumm, Mr. Intrigue

Barezilian Surprise

Video: Barezilian Surprise
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Studio: Perverzzo
These hot Latino twinks have a great time with each other.Watching these young latino men in action is nonetheless satisfying. After some teasing, they find themselves drawing to partners, getting their throat full with hard cocks and screwing the hell out of them!

Stars: Dennis, Elias, Alejandro, Ismael, Maurice, Anibal, Francoise

TitanMen Cumshots 2

Video: TitanMen Cumshots 2
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Studio: TitanMen
Who doesn’t love a big thick cumshot!? After the huge success of Cumshots Volume 1 we had to bring you the next batch of creamy TitanMen Cumshots compilation volume 2. Over 3 1/2 hours of nonstop cum-spurting cocks! We’ve pulled together over 100 of the finest TitanMen, shooting tons of cum for your pleasure. These TitanMen all-stars shoot load after load, erupting in some of the biggest and best cumshots in TitanMen history. If you love the sight of fat, hard cocks shooting jiz then you can’t afford to miss this latest TitanMen cumshot presentation.

Stars: Fred Faurtin, Jason Hawke, Eduardo (i), Ric Hunter, Ben, Mark Kroner, Cobalt, Arpad Miklos, Frederick Ford, Clay Foxe, Ulizes Carpelli, Brett Matthews, Dred Scott, Rick Rivera, Nick Cannon (Pornstar), Joe Foster, Marco Montana , Dean Coulter, Thomas Bond, Ray Stone, Diego de la Hoya, Owen Hawk, Riley Porter, Kent Larson, Sebastian Tauza, Matt Majors, Shane Cole, Francois Sagat, Hans Ebson, Dean Flynn, Josh Perez, Peter Wilder, Brent Banes, Dirk Jager, Sean Paris, Raul Tasco, Bobby Williams, Vinnie D'Angelo, Joey Russo, Bill Piatti, Spencer Quest, Toby O'Connor, Dirk Lang , Joe Serrano, Mario Ortiz, Juan Carlos, Cliff Rhodes, Zack Evans, Josh O'Hara, Papi Moreno, Dean Tucker, Paul Dawson, Tober Brandt, Diesel Washington, Chad Williams, Oscar Leon , Victor Racek, Parker Williams, York Powers, Nate Pierce, Jason Ridge, Dean Clarke, Jack Ryan, C.J. Knight, Patrick Knight, Joey Dino, Darius Falke, Jackson Reid, Jean Paul Roccard , Brice Patton, Steven Richards, Chris Steele, Markus Ram, Mitchell Stevens, Michael Rivera, Billy Wild, Nickolay Petrov, Ray Dragon, Chris Brady, Alex Baresi, Ben Taylor, Matthieu Costa, Michael Vincenzo, Carlos Morales, Alex Leon, Hunt Parker, Brad Star, Pierce Vendetta, Jack Van Dean, Zackary Pierce, Matthew York, Eric Evans, Damon Demarco, Cole Ryan, Austin Masters, Jason Diaz, Yuri Breshnev, Dante Foxx, Joshua Adams, Dylan West, Michael Ray, Ethan Payne, Pete Ross, Victor Banda, Carlos Marquez, Anthony Gallo, Brock Webster, Ken Mack, Trenton Comeaux, Ken Mifune, Nick Nicaste, Jason Branch, Tony Zerega, Alexy Tyler, Alec Martinez, David Webb, Tim Rusty, Tony Bishop, Aaron Parker, Ben Jakks, Jack Simmons, Troy Gamaun, Leo Bramm, Lars Decker, Marcos David, Blake Harper, Lance Gear, Tyler Saint, Troy Punk, Jake Hansen, Ivan Andros, Steve Parker, Greg York, Keith Webb, Rick Pantera, Jake Deckard, Jon Galt, Miguel Bravo, Brock Powell, Malleek, Tony Scalia, Trojan Rock, Danny Vox, Jace Hunter, Tony Sorano

Twinky and the Bear 2: More Beary Gay XXX Tales

Video: Twinky and the Bear 2: More Beary Gay XXX Tales
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Studio: Manville Entertainment

4 naughty XXX re-imaginings of your bear-y favorite tales featuring hungry bears devouring sexy, young twinks! Bryce Barrington & Levi Jaxx have so much fun in the jungle, they should write a book. Damon Andros & Ian Levine learn that you can prevent forest fires. Smoke a dick instead. Aarin Asker, Josh Stone & Christian Matthews find that stealing picnic baskets can get you fucked! Doug Jeffries and Alex Killborn think "Oh, bother… what to do with all this loob?!"

Stars: Levi Jaxx, Bryce Barrington, Doug Jeffries, Christian Matthews, Ian Levine, Alex Killborn, Aarin Asker, Josh Stone (i), Damon Andros


Video: Godfather
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Seth Santoro is in need of help and decides to go see The Godfather, Rafael Alencar, protector of the “family.” However, he quickly learns that every favor comes at price when he’s told to service The Godfather’s hung, uncut cock.

Jacob Ladder, nephew of The Godfather, doesn't quite agree with the way his uncle is running the “family.” He has a plan to make some changes with the help of Roman Todd. Jacob has an offer for Roman that is simply too good to pass up! Roman gives Jacob just what he wants, as he pounds his ass with his big, loyal dick.

Rafael Alencar receives some upsetting news from his nephew, but luckily Brenner Bolton is loyal and willing to do anything to relax The Godfather. Rafael takes his frustration out on Brenner’s tight hole, exposing his big muscle-ass with every thrust. The only thing that The Godfather despises is to be disrespected but he simply uses his huge cock and firm ass to restore order.

Brenner Bolton, Seth Santoro, and Roman Todd all show their loyalty to The Godfather, Rafael Alencar, the best way they know how. They all suck and fuck, shooting loads of hot jizz all over.

Stars: Seth Santoro, Jacob Ladder, Brenner Bolton, Roman Todd, Rafael Alencar

Jack Buddies 104

Video: Jack Buddies 104
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Studio: Gemini Studios
We have Link trying some guy on guy action for the first time and the results are explosive! Eli starts the video saying "I love porn!" and he means it. He makes his move on straight 21 year old Link who is a willing partner in the seduction. He won't kiss but as Eli deep throats his huge cock, Link warms up. Eli almost eats this guy alive taking his cock and balls deep in his warm mouth. Then he goes for Link's tight ass and rims him like he's eating dessert! When its time to get off, notice Link slips a vibrator up his ass when we're not looking, and he blows a load all over Eli's face! BTW there are lots of hot shots of Eli's super sexy pits! Link spreads his butt and Eli aims for his hole and coats it in jizz! Today is a big day in sexy Link's sexual education. Kyle is the hunky teacher and class is in session! The younger blonde takes direction from the more mature, muscular brunette who leads him into a world of manly kissing, intense sucking,hard cocks and firm virgin asses. Don't miss this one!

Stars: Kyle, Eli, Link (M)

Bound Gods – Spencer Reed Last Shoot Before Heading Off To Europe

Video: Bound Gods – Spencer Reed Last Shoot Before Heading Off To Europe
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House slave Cody Allen nervously awaits as he hears the footsteps of his master Spencer Reed. Spencer expects great things from his slave, and starts him off with weights attached to his big balls and sensitive nipples. As Cody's screams get louder the more weights are put on, his cock grows harder. Spencer then suspends his slave by his feet and jams his cock down his throat in a standing "69". Still hanging upside down Cody is given a hard flogging by his hot master. Spencer ties Cody to the bed and surprises him with some electro play, giving him the ball crusher and a urethral stimulator. Every zap of electricity makes Cody's cock throb, bringing him to the edge of cumming. Before Spencer let's his slave blow his load though, he fucks Cody hard in the ass with his massive cock, till he explodes all over his slaves face.

Stars: Cody Allen, Spencer Reed

In The Closet

Video: In The Closet
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Studio: Icon Male
Gorgeous businessman Lawrence Portland is married to a woman (Diana Devoe) - but is having an affair with a man (Billy Santoro). Unable to give up his wife or his lover, Lawrence leads a double life until muscular Billy gives him an ultimatum. Meanwhile, blue collar stud Roman Todd leaves his fiancé in bed to go meet up with his sexy gay lover (Armond Rizzo). See how the lives of these closeted men secretly overlap in this emotional new series from icon Male.

Stars: Billy Santoro , Armond Rizzo, Roman Todd, Michael DelRay, Lawrence Portland

Rent Discount

Video: Rent Discount
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Studio: HotDicks
Carl never gets enough dick, he knows he wants Jude’s cock in his mouth and ass. But what they like the most is each other's firm cocks, Carl loves to feel Jude pounding his tight asshole for a long time. They suck off each other and Jude fucks Carl and cums all over his mouth. Carl swallows his load and loves it.

Stars: Carl Hubay, Jude Marx

Twink Obsession

Video: Twink Obsession
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Studio: Bareback Rookies
Sometimes having an obsession is a good thing as it makes you work harder for what you desire, but for these boys, their obsession has got out of hand, as the more they get the more they want! They have a Twink Obsession and it's an insatiable hunger! These gluttonous tops and demanding bottom boys eat, sleep and dream about cock and cum, so it's a good thing that there are so many piggy twinks out there who are more than willing to give it all up and join in for some hardcore, barebacking fun! Cock jerking, fleshy sword swallowing and fat uncut dicks disappearing into narrow fuck tubes is the perfect antidote for this compulsion!

Stars: Benjamin, Victor Diamond, Shane Hirch, Gabriel Angel, Sam Williams, Arthur Kral, Harry Vakker, Noah Matous, Will Hornet