Butt Machine Boys – Sexy Stud Ari Silvio Gets Fucked Hard

Video: Butt Machine Boys - Sexy Stud Ari Silvio Gets Fucked Hard
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Studio: ButtMachineBoys.com
After a hard workout at the gym, Ari returns home all horned up. He plays with his hole in the privacy of his bedroom. Ari inserts a few toys up his ass to get his cock hard. He pulls the Intruder machine out of his closet and rides it like an animal. Working up a good sweat again, Ari gets fucked with the Dragon machine. The huge dildo from the Dragon pounds his muscled hole fast and hard... hard enough for him to explode his cum all over his sexy body.

Stars: Ari Silvio

Saluting Sergeant

Video: Saluting Sergeant
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Studio: Lucas Entertainment
The Lucas Entertainment casting department quickly realized there wasn’t a shortage of guys more than interested in Saluting Sergeant! As a result, we offered up Sergeant Miles to two of his fellow exclusive models for some hot sucking and fucking: first to Drae Axtell, and then later to Michael Lachlan. While Sergeant is having his fun, Zander Craze seduces James Castle into pounding his ass. And Tristan Archer tests his endurance with Joey Pele, who is always ready to breed a twink bottom. Who else is ready to Salute Sergeant?

Stars: Tristan Archer, Michael Lachlan, Joey Pele, Sergeant Miles, Zander Craze, Drae Axtell, James Castle

Blake Barnes – No Longer A Virgin

Video: Blake Barnes - No Longer A Virgin
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Studio: Boys On Edge
Scrappy and Blake are together again! Scrappy takes Blake’s virginity in this unforgettable scene! Blake and Scrappy work together in an office. One night, they decide to meet at Scrappy’s house to get caught up. The two work for a while, until Scrappy tells Blake about his night with his husband. Blake was confused when Scrappy talked about bottoming, so Scrappy decided it would be best to show him. Scrappy grabs on Blake, getting him in the mood, then begins to take his clothes off and suck on his cock. Scrappy then lays Blake on his stomach and fingers his ass, getting ready to put his cock deep inside his virgin ass. He thrusts his cock into Blake’s ass and Blake lets out a moan of pain. Scrappy fucks Blake in several positions before flipping Blake on his back to suck his cock some more. Scrappy then pulls out a dildo and moves towards Blake, but Blake has had enough of being penetrated. He flips Scrappy and shoves the dildo deep into Scrappy, jerking his cock and fucking him silly. Blake then pushes his cock into Scrappy’s mouth and face fucks him until Scrappy explodes with cum. Blake follows closely behind laying on his back cumming all over himself!

Stars: Scrappy, Blake Barnes

Amazing Charles And His Thick Cock

Video: Amazing Charles And His Thick Cock
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Studio: Zack Randall
Charles is an amazing guy who really doesn't like labels. Although he's technically straight he knows he gets off on gay porn and likes to see some good dick being well used. And speaking of good dick, you need to see this handsome ripped hunks thick 8-inch meat! Check him out enjoying himself, showing off his amazing body, his gorgeous ass and that thick length of fuckmeat as he jerks himself off and splashes out a hot load!

Stars: Charles King

No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling Vol. 46

Video: No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling Vol. 46
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Studio: William Higgins Productions

Scene 1: Martin Hovor and Steven Doe are paired in a submission wrestling match. They start off by warming up with some running and then some stretching exercises. Both are good looking and are well built, with Steven being slightly shorter than Martin. As the match gets underwear they grapple with each other, rolling all over the floor as each tries to get a good hold. Steven soon has a great arm hold on Martin and gains a submission. Then they take a drink and remove their underwear before resuming the match. They look so good, with cocks flailing and asses spreading as they roll around, getting to grips with each other. It is the sexy Steven who wins the point again, with a great head hold. He seems to have a little more power that Martin and soon has him in trouble again. But Martin responds, showing his determination, and wins the round. Steven responds, exerting much effort, to get Martin on the mats again and giving up the point. Both guys give their all and in the process we get to enjoy great views of cocks flopping around and ass cheeks parting. Martin takes another round, determined not to give up. His determination is rewarded too, as he levels the score as 3-3. That seems to galvanize Stephen who takes the next three rounds before Martin responds with another point. The match is hard fought and with some ball squeezing too, as they take a break with Martin ahead 8-5. Then they oil each other's body, their cocks swelling in the process. Upon resumption of the match it is Steven who prevails, running out the winner at 10-6. Martin suggests a wank off, so they settle down on the mats for that. Stephen quickly has his cock rock hard and the guys give each other a little wank, with some banter taking place as well. Then it is Martin who wins the race to cum, shooting his hot cream all over the mats. Then Stephen dumps his creamy load too, making a mess on the mats and his left thigh as his massive cumshot goes everywhere. Martin leans over to clean off Stephen's thick, sticky dick, with Stephen following his lead and doing the same. Then they go off to the shower to clean up.

Scene 2: We set up a wrestling match between Erik Drda and Rosta Benecky. They are both great looking and very well built guys who impress as they do some warming up exercises and stretches. Then they start the match with Rosta quickly getting Erik onto the floor. They roll around, grappling as they try to get a good hold on each other. Rosta prevails, with his legs gripping Erik's head in a tight hold. So he gains the first point. Then the guys remove their underwear for the remainder of the match. Naked, with those sexy asses and cocks on show they resume wrestling. Erik shows his mettle and soon has Rosta submitting. From that point it seems that Erik has moved into another gear and takes control of the match, despite some huge effort from Rosta. Erik moves into a commanding lead as we watch those hot, sweaty bodies entwined, ass cheeks parting to show holes and cocks flailing. At 2-8 to Erik they take a break and oil each other's body. Upon the restart it is again Erik who prevails and he gains the overall victory before they sit the mats to have a wank off. With their cocks rock hard they wank each other for a short while before resuming the contest to see who can shoot a big load first. Erik wins that race too, his throbbing cock squirting a big load all over the mats. Rosta's massive cock is rock hard too and he soon dumps his creamy cum as well. Then they clean each other off and go to the shower to wash all the sweat, oil and cum from themselves.

Scene 3: Jan Cerny and Ivan Mraz are paired for a wrestling match. They start by warming up, wearing only their underwear. Then the match begins, and they get to grips with each other as they roll over the floor, trying to get a decent hold. Ivan takes the first round and they both remove their underwear before continuing. With cocks and balls flapping they grapple on the mats. Asses spread too, naturally, as they try to gain the hold they need. Jan manages a good neck hold and that gives him his first point. They each try so hard to get a good advantage, but the match remains very even as they each take rounds. With Jan leading at 6-5 he presses home his slight advantage by grabbing Ivan's balls and squeezing until he submits. He extends his lead to four points and they then take a break to oil each other's sweaty body. When they resume the match Ivan wins a round but it is not enough to stop Jan from winning. Then they settle down for a wank off, wanking each other as well. Then Ivan, as the loser has to suck Jan's big cock for a while before they both continue wanking, with Ivan being the first to dump his cum all over the wrestling mats. He is quickly followed by Jan delivering his cream load too. They clean off the cocks and then go to the shower to wash up.

Stars: Jan Cerny, Ivan Mraz, Rosta Benecky, Erik Drda, Martin Hovor, Steven Doe

Harte Jungs

Video: Harte Jungs
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Studio: gerMEN
These guys are harsh, tough, and into hardcore man sex! What happens when you leave horny men in one room together? These Euro guys are rock hard and ready to fuck! Watch them steam up the screen as they suck on each other's hard uncut cocks and pleasing their partners! featuring the hottest guys in action from Europe!

Dirty Sexy Guys

Video: Dirty Sexy Guys
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Studio: Eagle Video
Hung, hot, and horny! Every good top knows that an insatiable bottom needs a good, hard pounding every now and then, we continue to keep it dirty with these bossy tops grabbing their willing bottoms at the hips and backing those tight holes onto giant cocks!

Stars: Laco, Zbynek, Rene (M), Pavel, Rob, Marek, Dominik

Fire Me UP

Video: Fire Me UP
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Studio: Bare
Smoking hot firemen in their uniforms have always had a certain allure, but this particular Prague “watch” raises that interest to a whole new, spunk-inducing level. With their cute faces and young, toned physiques they’re exactly the kind of fellows who you’d want to have rescue you if the need ever arose. But it’s when these boys get their oversized hoses out that things turn incendiary; as STAXUS trainee, Thomas South, joins the horny ranks of Johny Cherry and Chad Johnstone for the hottest shift in town, doused only by oodles of hot jizz! We’ve all fantasised about being rescued by a handsome stranger, who takes us off and does fuck knows what to us afterwards. Well, for young Thomas South that’s quite literally a dream that comes true when he’s pulled from a building on the point of collapse by horny firefighter, Danny Franklin. To be honest, the two fellows don’t actually wait until they’re out of danger before engaging in a hot session of kissing and cock-sucking; but (excuse the pun) things really start to heat up when the chaps are out in the open-air and can concentrate on giving their passions some clearly much-needed attention. Indeed, South literally can’t wait to get down on his knees so that he can slurp on his hero’s joystick – a move that his rescuer shows no sign of resisting, as he savours the feel of his new buddy’s tongue rolling up and down the complete length of his thick, aching shaft. That said, it’s not too long before the firefighter decides to bundle South over onto all fours so that he can give the lad’s arse a thorough inspection – fingering the tight little pucker for all it’s worth, before finally plunging his hose deep into that hungry hole. It’s a move that certainly seems to encourage the young bottom all the more, as he proceeds to ride Franklin’s schlong for all he’s fucking worth; culminating in the fireman spewing a fine wad of jizz as a finale. But it’s South’s climax – a deliciously heavy, multi-shot spray of cum that blasts all over Franklin’s handsome face – that surely warrants most acclaim; leaving the two lads to share one final smooch, as the baby-brew drips in all directions! They say that every cloud has a silver lining – and whilst a bad fire isn’t good news for those whose property it destroys, it does at least give firefighters the opportunity to put their training into use. For the handsome, uniformed Danny Franklin, it also provides the opportunity of promotion – a turn of events that certainly appears to meet with the approval of his horny young boyfriend, Chad Johnstone, who’s laid in bed with champagne, awaiting Franklin’s return. Not that supping fizz is Johnstone’s only intention that evening, of course – as very quickly becomes apparent. Indeed, it’s barely seconds before the fellow has enticed Franklin under the duvet – at which point the gallant officer’s clothes are promptly stripped away and Johnstone makes a direct beeline for his gorgeous, uncut dick! It’s a move that certainly appears to meet with the firefighter’s keen approval, given the eager manner with which he then returns the favour; but it doesn’t take too long before the appetite of both lads is for something decidedly harder. Cue some fun with more champagne, as Johnstone soaks his boyfriend’s pucker with bubbly; before rimming the tight little hole, and then thrusting his now aching shaft deep inside. That signals the start of a terrific set-piece of wanton fornication, which quite literally leaves Franklin’s arse gaping for the camera – a must-see for anyone who enjoys a well-worked man-cunt! All nicely rounded off by the sight of the two lads jerking off 69-style, unloading their very gooey loads into each other’s mouths. As celebrations go, it’s one hell of a fuck! If you’re wondering what Chad Johnstone is doing in the shower with his pants on – and you won’t be alone! – be assured that it’s just his way of washing both himself and his clothes at the same time. It’s probably not the most logical explanation, if truth be known; but it’s the one that he gives his mate, Johny Cherry, who (not surprisingly) is clearly unimpressed and very quickly responds by getting down on his knees in order to remove the offending item! At which point Johnstone’s handsome, uncut member bobs into view – signalling the start of a terrific oral session. But all this, of course, is but a foretaste of the real action to come; featuring the introduction of Jeffrey Lloyd, who’s falling to nap whilst awaiting his turn in the shower. As it turns out, however, Lloyd’s appetite for a wash-down is nothing compared to his hunger for hard cock; and within a few moments he is quite literally attempting to get Johnstone and Cherry’s dicks down his throat simultaneously, having cast aside his heavy uniform just a few moments before! Cue a ball-busting suck-fest, with all three lads taking turns to greedily gobble on all the meat on offer; before Cherry becomes the focal point of the action, with his two workmates taking it in turns to pound that dirty little ass-hole of his. To his utmost credit, the young bottom put on a truly sterling performance; banged to the max by his hyped-up colleagues in a succession of cum-inducing positions. Culminating in all three lads finally reaching the point of no return; as a cascade of pent-up spunk leaves the trio dripping with hot jizz! Trainee fireman, Thomas South, has a bit of a problem – he just doesn’t seem able to pass his practical training exam, which consists of rescuing someone from a burning building. Fortunately for the young fellow, his assessment is being conducted by Johny Cherry, who clearly has a bit of a soft spot for South and who’s willing to overlook the chap’s professional failings. We say “soft spot” – in reality it’s most definitely more of a hard spot, as quickly becomes apparent when the two guys take the opportunity to strip out of their uniforms. South for one clearly can’t wait to get his lips around Cherry’s cock, falling to his knees so that he can gobble on that burgeoning shaft; before continuing his rigorous adoration once Cherry has removed his remaining clothes and is seated down on the floor. Not that the more senior officer is averse to a bit of fellatio himself, it has to be said – as demonstrated shortly afterwards when Cherry takes his turn at gobbling on South’s hose. Indeed, this process of flip-flopping continues once the two lads have switched their attention to each other’s asses; with both boys then taking it in turns to get their sphincters stretched to the max. First Cherry, who gets thoroughly rimmed and pounded by his erstwhile student; then South himself, who takes his trainer’s shaft in a series of positions like a full-time pro. Given the intensity of the session it’s not surprising that both lads are soon spurting – Cherry creaming South’s ass, before South emits a multi-shot eruption all over Cherry’s face that truly has to be seen to be believed!

Stars: Johny, Jeffrey Lloyd, Thomas South, Chad Johnstone, Danny Franklin, Johny Cherry

Trenton and LInk Worship Each Other’s Feet

Video: Trenton and LInk Worship Each Other's Feet
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Studio: My Friend's Feet
I have to be biased here and say that Link is one VERY lucky dude to be able to share some kinky foot fun with the likes of Trenton Ducati. He experiences the sheer pleasure of Trenton worshiping his feet in this scene. Of course, the tables were soon turned and it was Trenton who was brought to foot worship heaven as Link did what he does best - adore big, sexy feet while getting off on Trenton's socks.

Stars: Link (male), Trenton Ducati

Sucking Large Cock In The Gloryhole Both Sides

Video: Sucking Large Cock In The Gloryhole Both Sides
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Studio: Both Sides Of The Glory Hole
Sucking Large Cock In The Gloryhole Both Sides is all about sucking hard uncut cocks and getting horny men off by oral skills at the gloryhole again and again!Nothing in the world comes close to the feel of sliding your cock into a man’s warm and welcoming mouth. If you suck cock once, it becomes a lifetime passion