Twink Suck XXL Dick of Fabien

Video: Twink Suck XXL Dick of Fabien
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Student roommates Matit Yah and Fabien Footeux don't mind interrupting whatever their doing when their twink packages start straining in their tight jocks. Matit is too easily distracted from his class work once skater dude Fabien packs out his XL cock and makes Matit to sniff his sneaks while he's fucked on the table.

Stars: Fabien Footeux, Matit Yah

Getting A Room

Video: Getting A Room
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Studio: Brad Kalvo Presents
Tristin is new in town and is busy room hunting. We meet the two of them just right after Brad shows an available room to Tristin to rent. Tristin likes the room but thinks it’s a bit too expensive so he asks Brad if there’s any way he could get the rent lowered. Brad wastes no time and shows Tristin what he wants from him for a lower rent. The two start off with kissing, nipple play, and some hot mutual blow jobs before Brad bends Tristin over and fucks raw him doggie style in the hallway. Brad’s not finished with the boy though yet, he pulls out and goes down on him to taste Tristin’s nice ass, then the two go back to fucking again on Brad’s table until they both explode with their huge loads covering Tristin. .

Stars: Brad Kalvo, Tristin Osbourne

First Fuck Director’s Cut

Video: First Fuck Director's Cut
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Studio: Gemini Studios

For a straight man, Eli sure likes things in his ass. We have yet to but something in his ass that didn't make him cum. In this extremely hot scene you can see Eli being fucked raw by one and only Mark Gemini!

Miles was also destined to come to Gemini! He's an easier catch and is down-right eager to get fucked! Watch this sexy man showcasing some impressive oral skills before he's fucked!

Rob was a special case in that he was very definitely straight but could perform with men hesitation or guilt later, man, the stories i could tell you...He was very masculine and studied Karate and mixed martial arts. His body was tanned, toned and smooth as velvet. He was a great cock sucker, too!

Austin had been "unavailable" for a few years and was sorely missed. He went away a lanky young kid and came back a total man! and what a hunk of man! Daily workouts had toned his body: his broad shoulders were wider, his trim waist even smaller. But two things that didn't change were his 7'' cock and tight blonde butt that hadn't seen any action for 3 years! Determined to end his anal drought and get him back into gay sex, Mark had a plan!

Stars: Austin (Gemini), Eli Channing, Miles, Rob Anthony (ii)


Video: Mafioso
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Studio: Ridley Dovarez
A man-stealer riffles the asses of a bastard and a pimp. Raise the counters, and get ready to pay for it. Enter the universe of MAFIOSO where the guys do not laugh. Here you pay with your mouth instead of cash. You pump to save your skin and you give your balls to pay your debts. In any case, you will be sequestered, led, and your holes burglarized. Bang! Bang!

Stars: David Valentin, Doryann Gray, Josh Baylet, Shawn Kroner, Steph Kougle, Thiago Monte

Dave Really Wanted To Appear With Jake

Video: Dave Really Wanted To Appear With Jake
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Can you believe it's been well over a year since the lovely Dave graced our screens' It seems he's been very busy but when he spotted newbie Jake L on the site he called me up and asked if he could break him in - British style! Meanwhile, Jake's been enjoying England but couldn't wait to pay me another visit - and when he saw Dave's portfolio here on the site he was straight back on the train... and man, it looks as if Dave hasn't left the gym since we last saw him! Jake couldn't take his eyes off those fab abs and wanted to be set loose on Dave the minute he walked out of the shower - naturally we wasted no time and let the guys crack on! Things kick off with some serious cock sucking - Jake is an expert and can devour all of Dave's thick dick to the hilt ;-) The guys soon lose themselves in one hot 69 session... and then Jake presents Dave with his tight pink hole! Dave licks and fingers that delicious ass but it's clear they both want what's coming badly ;-) Dave slowly works his uncut cock in to Jake's very willing ass and is soon banging away like he hasn't had sex in months! Jake's loving every minute - he moans and thrusts back just as hard as Dave is thrusting forward! Dave really does have his way with this fella and it's on his back that Jake can't hold back, shooting his load all over himself... leaving Dave no option to pull out and do the same

Stars: Dave, Jake L

British Underwear Boys 1

Video: British Underwear Boys 1
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Studio: Rentboy Films
Eight British twinks arouse passions with their lithe bodies, tight briefs, and bulging boxers in hot boy/boy action. Underwear inspired orgasms, see them smiling and satisfied!

Stars: Kris Denver, Sam Bishop

Full Force

Video: Full Force
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Studio: Diamond Pictures
Every day is about business... Until a 1.9 million dollar deal stakeout gets busted. That one radiant look in the eye quickly drops 2 hot commando's to their knees, sucking 2 rock hard ornery black tied business men in a sizzling 4 way at the VIP lounge. Given one naked moment alone with Roberto Giorgio in a VIP Jacuzzi doesn't last long. Roberto licks & eats every part of your body before surrendering his aching man hole while others slip into the water and ease into a sex orgy. 3 hot bodied... balled men with raging hard ons gang up on Leslie Manzel in Full Force & use him as a human man sling to reach his deepest hidden fantasy while onlookers in the hall way get turned on before getting arrested and taken away in a van. One can only hope for a place where hotter XXX action takes place.

Stars: Adrian Bradshaw, Charles Cromenberg, Claudio Antonelli, Fred Goldsmith, Giancarlo Laforet, Alexandru Cuza, Jonathan Collins, Leslie Manzel, Luciano Endino, Martin Bonetti, Paul Skeritt, Randy Jones, Roberto Giorgio, Roger Mantegna

30 Minutes of Torment – Straight Hunk Is Beaten Mercilessly

Video: 30 Minutes of Torment - Straight Hunk Is Beaten Mercilessly
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THE WALL - After stripping out of his clothes, Jordan stands exposed against the wall as Sebastian quickly and skillfully binds his arms and legs. After a brief warmup with punches and smacks, Jordan receives the cropping of a lifetime. THE PIT - Unforgiving black ropes bind Jordan in place as he stands exposed in the middle of the pit, awaiting more punishment. Sebastian flogs him mercilessly, raining hits down on Jordan's muscular chest, abs and gorgeous meaty ass, before placing clover clamps on Jordan's nipples and tying them overhead, effectively rendering him motionless as each smack of the flogger worsens the pull of the clamps on his nipples. Jordan continues to play the tough guy, but will being hoisted into the air and flogged finally break him? THE ELECTRIC CHAIR - Jordan has never played with electricity before, so Sebastian is even more motivated to show him the wide range of torments that electrical toys have to offer. Strapped in place, Jordan squirms and struggles as the electrodes on his thighs send shockwaves up into his body - he can only watch in horror as Sebastian runs the violet wand across his legs and into his tight hole before zapping him repeatedly with the terrifying cattle prod. Finally, Jordan receives a harsh fucking from the Shockspot with the electrodes still strapped to his legs, and blows a huge load all over the machine as it pounds deep into his ass.

Stars: Jordan Boss, Sebastian Keys

Bear Territory

Video: Bear Territory
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Studio: Pride Studios

They went on a hot date for Valentine's Day, had some amazing food and wine and made it back home where David surprised Drake with candies and chocolate. Drake was extremely happy and they had some champagne to get the night started. These two love birds take their time getting their clothes off but they passionately kiss and fondle all the way until they are both naked and blowing each other. The intimacy between the two is unreal and follows up with some very hot sex as they take their time exploring each other from head to toe. It's a new year and new beginnings for these two love birds and they seem like they will be going strong for many more to cum.

Brendan & Damian are in the locker room and Damian is excited to show Brendan that he is wearing his jock strap. Brendan is totally enamored with seeing Damian's perfect ass framed in the straps of the jock and he cannot keep his hands off his ass. Brendan then drops to his knees and begins rimming Damian's ass deep and wet. Damian then sucks Brendan's cock through his jock strap for a while before begging for Brendan to fuck him. They fuck while keeping their jock straps on and Damian loves every thrust of Brendan's hard cock up his ass. Brendan then pulls out and sucks Damian's hard cock for a while and then lays him on his back and begins to ride his cock deep and hard. Damian then flips him over and fucks him on his back until Brendan shoots his built up load and then Damian blasts his load all over Brendan's beard and face.

Chandler is Brad's Pup and loves worshiping his big hairy body. Brad loves giving him bear hugs and having him smell and rub on his massive hairy body. Chandler knows that Brad loves having his nipples sucked, so he pays extra attention to that part of Brad's body when worshipping him. He works his way down Brad's body and pulls out his cock and sucks his big bear balls deep. Brad then puts Chandler in the chair and returns the favor and sucks his Pup's big cock. He then has Chandler kneel in the chair as he rims his beautiful ass in preparation for his big cock. He fucks Chandler in the chair first and then bends him over the bench and continues to fuck him hard and deep. He fucks the cum out of Chandler as he explodes with thick creamy cum all over his hairy body. Brad then pulls out and Chandler plays with his nipples as Brad jacks a nice thick load of cum out of his cock all over Chandler's hairy chest.

Colby and Devin are back in the locker room after their latest scrimmage match of their Adult League Rugby Team. Devin is upset because he is not getting to play and frustrated because after all, this is supposed to be a 'fun league for adults!' Colby assures him he will get time, he just has to pay his dues. He then plants a big wet kiss on Devin who does not resist. Soon both are fondling each other and then Devin drops to his knees and sucks Colby. Colby returns the favor and sucks Devin for a while before turning him around and fucking him up against the lockers. Colby fucks him slow at first, but the intensity builds as he moves Devin to the bench. Once Devin is on his back Colby fucks the cum out of him and then shoots his own load all over Devin.

Stars: Brad Kalvo, Brendan Patrick, Chandler Scott, Colby Jansen, Damian Taylor, David Chase, Devin Adams, Drake Jaden

Big Black Big White 3

Video: Big Black Big White 3
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Two separate scenes. The first scene has Dream Luvr showing off his hot bod and cock. The 2nd scene has a white looking Latino named M&M. He has a huge stick for a cock and he cums buckets! These two jocks are insatiable in the sack! These horny Latino men give you an intimate look into their private parts

Stars: Dream Luvr, M & M