Coach Carl’s Boys 6

Video: Coach Carl's Boys 6
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Studio: HotDicks
Paul visits Professor Carl to inquire about some Math tutoring for his College Algebra Class. Professor Carl asks him to drop by his house that night. Professor Carl agrees to tutor Paul if he will have a sexual encounter with him. Al’s parents threw him out of their house when they found his stash of Gay videos. He goes to Coach Carl’s house for help, and he agrees to put him up for a few days. He and Coach Carl can now suck and fuck each other all night. Max has already been seduced by Carl’s wife, Connie. Max visits Carl and they suck and fuck each other and cum in each other’s mouths. Carl has definitely turned Max into a bisexual. Summer School vacation is getting ready to start and Coach Carl is talking to one of his students, Paul. Coach Carl gives him his home address and asks him to drop by that evening for more details. Once there, Coach Carl puts his hand on Paul’s knee and tells him he is his favorite student and that he would like to form a closer relationship to him.

Stars: Al Blow, Carl Hubay, Max, Paul

Secrets & Lies Episode 3 – Family Pact

Video: Secrets & Lies Episode 3 - Family Pact
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Studio: Rock Candy Films
The secrets are building at the Ridge Family Farm and tension is in the air. The patriarch of the family, Duke Ridge (Rocco Steele), tries to soothe the family tension with a hot meal and the Lord's prayer. After dinner, Fredrick (Trenton Ducati) and Ryder (Colton Grey) are on dish duty. Cocky and entitled Ryder thinks he can pull one over on his uncle, bragging that he knows about his uncle fucking the ranch hands – but Fredrick throws it back in his face, admitting he saw Ryder fucking his son in the orchard yesterday. The stakes are high and there's only one thing left to do. “Go ahead, fuck me, Uncle Fredrick!” Ryder throws himself on his knees and starts sucking his uncle's giant cock. Then Uncle Fredrick takes advantage and tastes that little pink boy hole, getting it all lubed up and ready to slide in his big dick. Bent over the kitchen counter with a smile on his face, Ryder rides his uncle's manhood like he's got something to prove…little does he know, sound travels and nothing is truly secret at the Ridge Family Farm.

Stars: Colton Grey, Trenton Ducati

First Action

Video: First Action
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Studio: Eye Candy Films
These eager newbies are itching to get more than just a taste of some First Action! With gorgeous faces, bodies to die for and sporting some serious junk, these hot twinks are anxious to get their holes filled with hard dicks, with the added bonus of nothing in between – just skin on skin! These novices finally get to feel a raw pole pounding in and out of them and it will be a very long time before they forget that magical, raw ass stretching moment. Do you remember your first time?

Stars: Jack Rider, shane barrett, Milan Sharp, Rudy Valentino, Sam Brooks, Tim Law, Zac Todd

Drenched In Piss

Video: Drenched In Piss
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Studio: All Worlds Video
Shiny, delicious, glorious urine. These soaked man pigs are ready for warm and wet play! This is hardcore urine-play all the way leading to hung cock sucking, fucking and ropes of thick cum. Satisfy your thirst with these sexy men drenched in urine, the definitive collection of watersports themed movies. The best-of compilation from All Worlds Video and Channel 1 Releasing is bound to make your mouth water.

Stars: Alex Wilcox, Blu Kennedy, Brad McGuire, Diesel Washington, Jackson Price, Jason Branch, Jason Ryder, Kenny Wolfe, Leo Bramm, Lucas Knowles, Marc Hamilton, Matt Martin, Phillip Aubrey, Sledge Sawyer, Steve Cassidy, Steve Pierce, Tag Adams, Zack Jamison

Brutes De Sex

Video: Brutes De Sex
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Studio: Ridley Dovarez
Sex in the harsh in a new 5-act film by Ridley Dovarez featuring the perverse ascent of a young twink (David Valentin) to the discovery of his vilest and lowest instincts. Coupled in love with Thiago (Thiago Montes), David gives his body and ass to give pleasure to his man but that is not enough. He then deposits advertisements on the internet to spark encounters and become the sexual object of a shameless bastard and the great return of Tony Axel! Further down in the desire for submission, David will cross the path of the Gypsy (Max Toro) into the depths of Full Metal for a scene of extreme bastardization where David will earn his place at the feet of the superior. This movie will show sadist (Mark Perve) in a hallucinating sequence of urine and dilation of the ass with a cucumber. A sex slave will be given to Greg Ken for the longest degradation session ever seen. Sensitive souls to abstain, Brutes of Sex is the ultimate guide for any bloke that wishes to view this dark human condition and to know the phases to fulfill his role destined for him since his birth!

Stars: David Valentin, Mack Perve, Max Toro, Thiago Monte, Tony Axel

Fucked Up Fuckers

Video: Fucked Up Fuckers
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Paddy and Josh get some much needed 1 on 1 time after spending months apart. Josh isn't quite in the mood until he starts fantasizing about another man which gets him hot and bothered. He quickly changes his mind and gives up that ass. Paddy is feeling sexually frustrated after having held out for months waiting for his husband to join him. His husband is acting a little off and is just as frustrating. Paddy heads over to see Jean for a quick tension release. Jean Franko and Josh Moore meet up leaving Paddy O’Brian out in the dust.

Stars: Jean Franko, Josh Moore, Paddy O'Brian

Once You’ve Gone Black

Video: Once You've Gone Black
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Studio: Channel 1 Releasing
We have all heard the sayings, the rumors and some have just been curious. Well wonder no longer because Ray Diesel is the living proof that you will NEVER go back! Get ready to witness the hung sensation, Ray as he takes full advantage of white boy’s beautiful asses offered up. No tonsil is left untickled, no tight hole is left ungaped and there is plenty of HUGE hard dick to go around for these cock hungry boys!

Stars: Fredrick, Jackson Taylor, Mike Maverick, Ray Diesel, Seth Santoro, Timothy Drake

Can Our American Boy Take That Huge Cock

Video: Can Our American Boy Take That Huge Cock
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Jake L sure has a wide and varied taste in men! In his first duo film he chose muscle stud Dave... but this time around it's the lean, big-dicked Brez who teaches the young American pup how we like to fuck over here! Jake took a liking to Brez while he was having a browse through the site; he thought there was something very 'British' about him and Brez, well, he took no persuading when I sent him through a few pics of the delicious Jake! The minute the guys locked eyes on each other they wanted to get it on... and I've got a sneaky suspicion that they were already fondling each other and grabbing a cheeky grope while we were still setting up the cameras! With everything ready, the guys start with a little kissing but Jake desperately wants to get Brez's fat uncut cock out of his jeans and down his throat! To begin with he had a few problems swallowing it all... but perseverance is the key ;-) They have a hot exchange of blow jobs and then Brez face fucks Jake first on the bed and then standing off the bed, where he eagerly ploughs into that warm mouth! Brez then flips to rim the ass he's going to fuck - and fuck it he does! Jake wants to sit on it first (to get used to its size!) then he's on his back taking it in style. Finally it's in to doggy and with Brez balls-deep inside him, Jake can't hold back any longer and shoots his load!

Stars: Brez Wild , Jake Lyons

Fuck Feast Vol 31

Video: Fuck Feast Vol 31
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
These lads love fucking so much they will do it everywhere, living room, bedroom and even in the yard straight on the grass. Their dicks might be straight but they sure are not, even if they deny it... They love pounding each other's asses bareback and taking dicks deep inside their hungry assholes.

Stars: Boda Gold, Hugo Antonin, Igor Tapak, Ondra Black, Jan Bavor, Nikola Donoval

What My Wife Doesn’t Know Part 2

Video: What My Wife Doesn't Know Part 2
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Studio: SpunkWorthy
When str8 dudes are left to their own devices, anything goes. Horny and looking for some quick cash, even married guys will drop their pants to get stroked, sucked, or cross the line to fuck another dude. Wedding bands might come off, but it's all caught on video. Shhhh... don't tell their wives!

Stars: Chewy, Declan