Butt Machine Boys – The Ass Master And DJ

Video: Butt Machine Boys - The Ass Master And DJ
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Studio: ButtMachineBoys.com
DJ wakes up in a dark dungeon with a chain around his neck. He tries to leave but the chain is locked to the brick wall. The Ass Master's creepy voice appear in the darkness and DJ freaks out. DJ quickly learns that he has to give up his ass for his freedom. The AM commands DJ to put toys in his ass. DJ reluctantly complies. Of course, it's all about the machines. DJ starts out reclining on the electric gyno chair with the Monster machine plowing his ass. His hairy ass is now stretched out for the Double Dragon machine. The wicked Dragon has two dildoed shafts... one pounds his wet mouth and the other pounds his hot ass. As the Dragon speeds up, DJ explodes and screams with pain and pleasure.

Stars: DJ

Knocked Up

Video: Knocked Up
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
If you're into bareback man-fucking, cum-eating and felching, this tape is for you. KNOCKED UP is the crudest and most unfettered video I've ever made. It's a bunch of hot and horny men who are driven by that most basic need: fuck a man and plant your seed up his hole.

NO plot, no chat, no frills, no "production values' - just animals fucking, pure and simple.

If you want fuckin' dogs in the shapes of men, KNOCKED UP will be a 90-minute slice of heaven for you. It's my best to date.

Stars: Karl, Jeremy, Tom Shannon, Titpig, Mick, Billy Boyd, Steve Parker, Jesse O'Toole, Erich Lange, Markie, Tom Tomorrow, Mickey, Egon

Dick Dorm 5

Video: Dick Dorm 5
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Studio: Dick Dorm
Happy Day: Turning a straight guy gay is pretty much every gay guys dream. With this information what best girlfriend wouldn't run out, gather some hot gay guys she knows, throw a birthday party, and get you super drunk. Come to think of it, I need a new best girlfriend. Enjoy the show. I know we did. Taking aim: The guys were always fucking around, slapping each other with towels, pulling their balls out to compare who had the biggest. Aaaaahhhh yes. It brings me back. This time we have 5 gorgeous looking guys, in a room jerking it to win money. Ripped with huge cocks, they steal the show. Just hanging: Apparently there is the idea floating around out there that if a guy sucks your dick, you are still straight. The same seems to apply to fucking. If you are the one fucking the guy, then you're still straight. I will let you guess which of these hot boys blows a huge load at the end. Make it a double: We have the classic dorm room get together with drinks, lots of hot guys and the ONE straight friend. After a few drinks and some hot male bonding, our straight friend Jesse is not shy about getting turned on by guys at all.

Intimate Seductions 8

Video: Intimate Seductions 8
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Studio: Man Royale
Join us for an intimate look at the passion created by the insatiable desires of adult's hottest men! Hard bodies and throbbing cocks captured in explosive sex scenes that will leave you begging for more!

Stars: Kip, Trenton Ducati, Billy Santoro , Colt Rivers, Micky Mackenzie, Colin Marshall, Kyle Kash, Aspen Solomon, Josh Stone (i), John Darling

Masters And Slaves 2: Ties That Bind

Video: Masters And Slaves 2: Ties That Bind
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Studio: Bound & Gagged
The second part of this remarkable video continues the story of Masters Jason Branch and Steve Ross and their slaves Aaron Tanner and Jay Ross as they play together, allow the slaves to train a new pet, Tony Ferrari, and continue on together to a huge bondage orgy in a huge New York dungeon. There, ropes restrain and floggers flog a groaning, writhing population of New York's hottest men, and cum spurts in all directions!

Stars: Tony Ferrari, Members of the New York Bondage Club, Jason Branch, Aaron Tanner, Jay Ross, Steve Ross

Pigs Love Cum

Video: Pigs Love Cum
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Studio: Dick Wadd
Pigs love cum and so do we. That is why we put together some of the hottest cum filled scenes just for you. Including ass filling scenes starring Armond Rizzo, Lukas Cipriani, Jasson Stromme, Aarin Asker, and more, this is one messy feature you don't want to miss.

Stars: Boy Fillmore, Blue Bailey, Nick Roberts, Jason Stormme, Lex Antoine, Armond Rizzo, Aarin Asker, Lukas Cipriani, Super Steve

Carl’s Gay Neighbor

Video: Carl's Gay Neighbor
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Studio: HotDicks
Carl and Jude meet yet again. These two just can’t seem to get enough of each other’s genitals and well aged bodies. Watch as these two experienced guys get down to business and fuck each other like it’s the first time. Don’t be fooled by the plot, these men go way back. Just check out their chemistry!

Stars: Carl Hubay, Jude Marx

Bears At Play: Sex Den

Video: Bears At Play: Sex Den
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Studio: BearFilms.com
Deep in the heart of the south, a rebel alliance is forming in the sex dens of Atlanta. And while the city might not be burning, passion and desire certainly are as the sexual rebellion kicks off and bears start to play in dark basement corners. Blond chub Hung Wulf and bald otter Terry Cub take turns tag team bareback fucking Bama BareCub. Then it’s time for Danilo Green and Chase McCloud who get into some sweaty rebel sex of their own. But don’t cum just yet because we round it all off with Bishop Sterling, Leon Alexander, Sid Morgan, Tiger and Sean Dixxon. The cock sucking, butt fucking, dick craving man whores show us how to be Bears at Play: Sex Den.

Stars: Hung Wulf, Chase McCloud, Tiger (M), Sid Morgan, Sean Dixxon, Bishop Sterling, Terry Cub, Bama Barecub, Leon Alexander, Danilo Green

Anarcocks – Pirate Tape 1

Video: Anarcocks - Pirate Tape 1
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
Joined by their fuck-buddies Harald and Skindog, they explore the wilder sides of all male sex play. Lots of piss play (including a piss enema), raw (bareback), fucking, solo-play, dildo play, shaving, body-worship and more.

Stars: Pierce, Harald, Skindog, Massimo


Video: Indiscretion
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Studio: Falcon Studios
Dakota Rivers confronts his boyfriend, Jesse Santana, about his flagrant infidelities. Jesse's a horny lil' devil who can't seem to keep his cock in his pants. He's got gypsy feet and a whole crew of partners to dance with. So what's it gonna take for Dakota to tame his young buck and help him curb his Indiscretions? Even if Jesse's going to stop, he's wants to get some hot fun in before he calms down.

Stars: Colby Keller, Jesse Santana, Christopher Daniels, Dakota Rivers, Dylan Roberts, Landon Conrad, Tom Wolfe