Big Dick Of Jordan Fox

Video: Big Dick Of Jordan Fox
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Jordan Fox has a big, thick and uncut monster and he’s always prepared to use it…no matter the time or place! While hard at work in the office, he can’t help himself from getting a little pleasure from a visitor. While still in their business clothes, Jordan stuffs his huge cock down the hungry bottom’s throat and then gives him a deep, hard pounding until they both explode!

Stars: Jordan Fox, Seb Kiffeur

Stud Finder

Video: Stud Finder
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Studio: TitanMen
'Got hung? You need to find some wood and steel, and you need it soon. Hold the tool in your hand and guide it carefully until it hits the spot... or just let TitanMen Trenton Ducati and Hunter Marx be your Stud Finders, leading the charge as a group of utility players get sweatier and hornier by the second. A basement workshop heats up as Hunter Marx and Will Swagger takes turns sucking each other before the hairy Hunter plows his bud's hole. After a passionate suck exchange, buddies Ford Andrews and Jed Athens are soon under the spell of alpha-stud Trenton Ducati, whose energy takes control. Handyman Race Cooper's ass is too much for co-worker Stany Falcone to resist; watch the duo's tight abs and muscled bods glisten as they get breathless together.'

Stars: Race Cooper, Will Swagger, Stany Falcone, Trenton Ducati, Jed Athens, Hunter Marx , Ford Andrews

Diary Of A Bitch Bottom

Video: Diary Of A Bitch Bottom
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Studio: Alternadudes
The say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else…and Tristan Mathews is definitely giving it a shot! After breaking up with his ex, Tristan is desperate to distract himself from the pain with fantasies of the gorgeous rugged studs that appear in his dreams. Getting his hole pounded by a group of smoking hot, hung and horny bad boys, follow the journey of a cock-loving power bottom!

Stars: Tristan Mathews, Alessandro Del Toro, Adam Russo, Cliff Jensen, Jack Hammer (Gay), Adam Moon

Dirty Roommates

Video: Dirty Roommates
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Studio: Ikarus
These sex-hungry twinks can’t seem to keep their eyes off of their handsome roommates…and things are about to get hot and heavy! See what happens when things heat up at home when young hunks give into the temptation of each other’s toned bodies, huge cocks and sweet holes! Ikarus brings you FIVE scenes full of scorching boy-on-boy bareback action!

Stars: Win Soldier, Gabe Russell, Brant Shy, Kristopher Tierie, Frankie King, Clark Santos, Dave Rodriguez, Junior Wilde, Michael Troy, Roberto Alegretto

Wanked To Completion By Adam

Video: Wanked To Completion By Adam
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Studio: Twisted Media
When Adam’s in control, you better believe trouble is on the way! Chaining sexy twink Reece up, Adam starts off by playing with Reece’s enormous uncut cock. After a little spanking and sucking, Adam takes things to the next level when he completely covers Reece’s bodies in black pegs! From there, Adam jerks Reece off until his meaty monster explodes with a huge load all over his hands. Without a doubt, don’t miss out on this thrilling and kinky good time!

Stars: Adam Watson, Reece Bentley

Pizza Boy 2

Video: Pizza Boy 2
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Studio: Catalina
Way back in 1994 Catalina claimed to have come up with the idea of making a sequel to William Higgins' early 1980s all-male classic *product114501. 'All they needed was the perfect guy for the leading role. It took nearly five years, but he's finally been delivered.' If they mean Tuck Johnson, I'm in agreement with them. Savor the thick sauce and meaty toppings of cover model Tuck and prepare to tip big. Great double penetration shot here.
-Mr. Powerbar

'Two decades ago, William Higgins and Catalina Video released one of the hottest, most acclaimed, best-selling gay adult videos of all-time: *product114501. The fantasy of getting it on with a delivery boy or utility man continues to be one of the favorite fantasies among gay guys - desperately hoping that you'd get more than a large pepperoni when the doorbell rang. The Pizza Boy 2 continues the fantasy with Catalina director Mark Jensen adding all the right ingredients to make this a 'Meat Lovers Special.'

Pierce runs Hot Times Pizza. His delivery boys are the best in the business. Here's why. In the first scene, delivery boy Christian drops Anthony's pizza and feels really bad about it. So bad in fact, he's willing to take care of Anthony's huge cock. Christian devours it good before Anthony shoots his load. Next, at the resort, Michel is treated to a pizza and porno. While watching the video Tuck delivers the pizza. Tuck is curious about the video and Michel shows him what it must feel like. They suck each other until Michel cums.

Pierce gets home and checks out some workers in the neighbor's yard. Mark and Mike look really hot so Pierce calls his delivery boy Rand to go over and entice the guys. Meanwhile, Pierce sets up his video camera to capture all the action. While Mark, Mike and Rand work each other over, Pierce takes care of himself while watching the action. Tuck goes back to Michel's place for a good fuck. And boy does he give one to Michel. Joe interviews with Pierce for a delivery job. The interview is not typical as Pierce puts Joe through a sexual workout. You've got to be able to deliver. Looks like he got the job.

In The Pizza Boy 2, Catalina Video and director Mark Jensen deliver a superb cast of hard working guys that will take care of your delivery needs. When you call Hot Times Pizza just remember to order the Meat Lovers Special.'

Stars: Anthony Cox, Joe Serrano, Pierce Vendetta, Rand Hawlke, Mike Vespa, Christian Zimata, Mark Sargent, Tuck Johnson, Michel Mattel

Cock Shop

Video: Cock Shop
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Studio: Street Trade Studios
If your hole is in the need of some assistance, this is the perfect place for you—it’s loaded with hungry tops that are eager to pound! Watch as young and sexy tattooed studs whip out their hard schlongs and prepare to stuff horny power bottoms that can’t wait to take every single inch. Street Trade Productions brings you FOUR scenes that you won’t be able to resist!

Stars: Blake Holden, Dax Slayer, Jason Phisher, Drake Corrigan, Nick Jarrett, Trey Richards, Felix West, Talon Dragotta

Barebackers In Rio

Video: Barebackers In Rio
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Studio: Raw Strokes Productions
These gorgeous Brazilian horndogs are eager for some hardcore ass-pounding…completely condom-free! Watch as these sexy studs show you how it’s done in Rio—sucking massive uncut cock, rimming tight holes and getting down and dirty with explosive bareback dick-downs that will leave you breathless!

Stars: Luciano, Rafael, Abdul, Gil, Jordan (Male), Roberto (M), Leowel, Perdinho, Fernando, Gustavo, Nico

Damn That’s Big! #9

Video: Damn That's Big! #9
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Studio: Drive Shaft
Luke Haas and Mario Costa are back with their gigantic uncut monster dicks and they’re taking no prisoners! Watch as they pound the tight and hungry holes of Jackson Klein, Alexander Greene, Calvin Koons and more! With FIVE scenes of XXL-cock in action, volume 9 is one you don’t want to miss!

Stars: Mario Costa, Alexander Greene, Luke Haas, Devin Adams, Jackson Klein, Calvin Koons, James Hamilton

Jason Adonis: Unseen

Video: Jason Adonis: Unseen
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Studio: Jet Set Men
If you can’t get enough of Jason Adonis, then you’ve hit the jackpot! Jet Set brings you EIGHT scenes of all the Jason Adonis action that your heart can handle! With his super chiseled body, thick cock and gorgeous face, there’s no wonder why the boys can’t resist him and this collection proves it! Watch him get blown, fuck tight holes, star in seductive solo scenes and shoot his massive loads all over the place!

Stars: Mark Stone, Tag Eriksson, Jason Adonis, Damon Ivy, Jake Rodgers, Sam Tyson, Dakota Rivers, Vince Taylor, Rico Suave, Danny Rhymes