Nicoteen 2

Video: Nicoteen 2
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Studio: Boys Smoking
Ten hot and horny smokers, six raunchy scenes, all in just one DVD...NICOTEEN 2! For once, a sequel is even better than the original! Open up a fresh pack of sigs and light yourself one before watching these young studs tear through each other, sucking and fucking aggressively as they chain smoke through pack-after-pack!

Stars: Noah Brooks, Alexander Greene, Dustin Fitch, JD Phoenix, Austin Ried, Damon Archer, Timmy Clark, Ty Frost

Who’s Your Daddy?

Video: Who's Your Daddy?
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Studio: Pride Studios
When step daddy John Magnum punishes Chase Young for coming home late, the angry boy prefers to stiff him on the yard work, and takes a licking instead. When gardener Jaxton Wheeler gets caught swimming in his client's pool, Marco Montgomery promises not to tell his daddy, if Jaxton agrees to let him take a dip in him. After Sam Arthur dares to deliver the paper to the scariest house on the block, oversized homeowner Bryan Knight invites Sam inside for the scoop on his big uncut cock. When sexy step brother Taylor Reign seems depressed during a visit, concerned step brother Lance Hart finds a way to perk him up with a blow job and some ass fucking.

Stars: Chase Young, Lance Hart, Jaxton Wheeler, Bryan Knight, Sam Arthur, Taylor Reign, Marco Montgomery, John Magnum

Jack Buddies 109

Video: Jack Buddies 109
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Studio: Gemini Studios
Hot Damn...and hot video, too! Handsome, sexy straight Trey Foster and Link get together in a fuck session that sizzles. Both guys are 22, tanned, nice bods, facial hair and big dicks. Link is more experienced and takes the upper hand guiding the newbie through his first man-to-man fuck. Of course, we know Link likes to kiss guys, suck dick and get fucked, so we know he'll do a great job teaching Trey. And he does. The guys make out with lots of tongue before Link goes down on Trey's big dick. He lavishes attention on his cock and balls and then lets Trey feast on his big meat. Trey must do a great job, cause Link is rock hard as they 69. Link sits on trey's dick and rides it, but it goes too deep, so they switch to doggy. The site of Trey's 8' thick cock disappearing between Link's milk white buns is too hot. But when Link flips over on his back and takes every inch of that dick while jacking his own cock, the screen almost bursts into flame! Of course Link cums while getting fucked, and Trey shoots on Trey's tanned chest and then they head to the shower for some more kissing and clean fun! Today's video is a great way to start the new year. Handsome sexy straight Trey Foster takes a cock up his very tight ass. We find Trey in his room getting ready for bed. But he isn't quite ready for sleep so he begins playing with his tight hole with his finger. This leads him to experimenting with a vibrator until his hole is stretched enough for the big red butt plug. Trey is happily stroking when Link comes in to say good night. He always thought Trey was a top and the sight of him with his legs spread focusing on a red plug surprises him. If Trey can take that plug, he can take Link's big cock! Trey is game and what follows is some very painful fucking with Trey writhing in pain as he gets fucked.

Stars: Link (M), Trey Foster

Naturally Naked

Video: Naturally Naked
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Studio: Sharpshooter Studios
Amidst breathtaking natural backdrops and locals, watch desert bikers, river boys, swimmers, divers, moutain men, and beach boys sensuously show off their lean tan bodies. Intimately view these six male wonders pose, play, and athletically preform for you- all buck naked in the great outdoors. So come outside and see what these young hunks do best- get naked, naturally!

Stars: Atom, Bill Scott, Jeff Johnson (white), Kris Ericson, Rip Cunningham, Michael Vavrin

Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction

Video: Drew Sebastian's Raw Seduction
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Studio: Lucas Entertainment
It’s possible for any man to fall prey to “Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction.” In his debut Lucas Entertainment film, Drew Sebastian seduces is his real-life boyfriend, Dolf Dietrich: their chemistry makes this versatile bareback encounter worth every viewing minute. Additionally, Rocco Steele returns to show Logan Moore the rougher side of lovemaking. Lucas Entertainment’s newest exclusive Leo Alexander penetrates Tomas Brand deep and raw. And Joey Pele fulfills the bottoming desire of Craig Daniel.

Stars: Logan Moore, Leo Alexander, Tomas Brand, Rocco Steele, Drew Sebastian, Joey Pele, Dolf Dietrich, Craig Daniels

Innocent Until Proven Kinky

Video: Innocent Until Proven Kinky
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Studio: Twisted Media
Barely legal yet filthy as fuck! Wolves in sheep's clothing: dirty power bottoms and perverted dominant tops battle it out to claim the crown of sleaze! From scorching wax and heavy hands to tight restraints and ass destroying toys - these bottoms show their worth and own those loads!

Stars: Luke Tyler, Ashton Bradley, Timmy Treasure, Sebastian Kane, Deacon Hunter, Kenzie Mitch, James Lain, Luke Adams (i), Mickey Taylor, Luke Taylor


Video: Abducted
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Studio: Bulldog XXX
Bound, Blindfolded and submitted to their masked masters – the unfortunate prey are submitted to an onslaught of giant dicks, sweaty pits and hungry tops eager to take their will out on them. Feeling much more fortunate once their blindfolds are taken off and ropes are loosened, just like their butt holes will soon be, the hung tops are soon sending their thick long dicks down throats and up ass, pounding hard, pinning them to the floor so no escape is possible – even if they wanted to. From milky white twinks to hairy young men, no-one is safe from the masked men who take what they want, get what they are after and leave everyone else covered in cum, sweat and spit, ready for the next man to come along and use as they want!

Stars: AJ Alexander, Johannes Lars, Killian James, Cory Prince, Gabriel Phoenix, Charley Cole, Matt Anders, Kayden Gray, A.J. Alexander

Young Chocolate Swirls 2

Video: Young Chocolate Swirls 2
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Studio: Bacchus
Chocolate and vanilla passions are swirling, so they are bound to explode. These horny gay boys shoot creamy white loads good to the last drop in Young Chocolate Swirls 2. These boys bring you the intimate adventure, they know exactly how to work that rear zipper for the maximum benefit of their tongues and cocks.! 4 extremely hot interracial action!

Stars: Mason Winters, Trap Boyy, Brendan Tyler, Alex Landon, Ryan Foxx, Kamrun, Taylor Donovan, Tango, Kidd, Deion


Video: Doug
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When we first met Doug, it was his dreamy eyes that got us. Pair those eyes with that amazing smile and we knew we had a winner. Luckily, SeanCody members agreed with us and Doug became a fan favorite. His innocence was his best attribute. We loved to experience things for the first time through his eyes. In this compilation, you’ll see Doug charm the pants off Pete, Glen, Harley and the famous Jake. Doug’s all around positive attitude, not to mention his fucking skills, will absolutely win you over. You’ll be begging us for more. Enjoy!

Stars: Pete (Sean Cody), Jake 2 (Sean Cody), Doug (Sean Cody), Glen (Sean Cody), Harley (Sean Cody)

Fit Fuckers

Video: Fit Fuckers
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Studio: Macho Guys
Buff bodies, thick dicks and totally uninhibited libidos are around every corner as these Fit Fuckers get naked and get dirty with each other! It's a delight to watch these young men drink in each other's horniness as their yearning for a throbbing cock and a perfectly rounded rump that is willing to be licked, probed and speared with a meaty sword takes precedence over everything! From a coming together in a fabulous four poster bed to a raucous dickdown led by an inked skinhead, these Fit Fuckers give you the sweatiest sex in scene after scene of fantastic action and awesome angles that puts you right in the middle of it all - just where we all want to be!

Stars: Jake Ryder, Dean Monroe, Nic James, Harry Louis, Shane Frost, Fabio Stallone, Jessy Ares, Drew