Well He Was His Mother’s Lover

It’s the 1930’s and England has yet to go to war with Germany. In a private all boys boarding university Chase Austin is coming of age and exploring the first throws of a new found, albeit forbidden, desire for the sexual company of men. Travis Irons is a dreamy classmate who senses what Chase longs for. The pair excuse themselves from a boring lecture about birds and make their way to a storage room down the hall. The sets in this film are pretty darn good. Antique desks, period inspired interiors, and attention to detail is very important in this production from Rock Candy Films. One thing I did notice in this first scene that really jumped out at me were the boys underwear (I guess that’s just the designer/stylist in me). I was expecting something more period appropriate than Fruit Of The Loom, but you can’t have everything I suppose! Getting on with the scene at hand, classic Nica Noelle is going on here with a heavy emphasis on romantic kissing, undressing, and sensual body exploration. The guys have some serious mutual masturbation leading to shared blowjobs lead to Travis busting his load on Chase’s tie (that’s going to leave a stain) before going back down on Chase and jerking him off to a nice release. CAUGHT! Looks like the headmaster has discovered the boys secret tryst.

He’s a stern one, Bristol’s highest ranking official, and he’s going to make it known that this isn’t the first transgression of such a nature that has occurred on campus. So what will Chase have to do to make up for his little slip up? Oh what a scandal! Good thing Chase’s late father was a star at the university, so we’ll just give him a flogging and a brief suspension. The headmaster is kind of creepy and takes a little too much pleasure lashing Chase’s twinky behind. Leaving a teary eyed Travis behind Chase must leave campus to return to his mother’s house.

What a nice old house! Plenty of room for, for, for well, whatever. Mom’s not too pleased with her son, but is still happy to see him, and we finally meet the handsome fiancé. Chase and Boston Miles exchange an electrically charged glance at the door that can only lead to one thing… At dinner we get to know a little more about the family. Apparently Chase has a crazy, chain smoking, alcoholic brother who remains locked up in his room and suspects that their father committed suicide.

Now it’s time for some bedtime fantasizing. After the long reflections of the past few days set to a romantic soundtrack we find ourselves in the shower room at Bristol. Apparently Chase likes to watch! Bubble butt twink Tyler Sweet is getting ravaged under the hot spray by big beefy Brendan Cage (a professor) lots of kissing leads up to a nice blowjob followed by a really good fucking. Tyler explodes all over his stomach while Brendan fucks him hard on the tiles before unleashing a torrent of spunk on the boy’s balls. Suddenly Brendan and Tyler transform into Chase and Boston!

We finally meet the brother, and he is HOT! Xander Corvus plays the bearded troubled artist, drunkenly ranting about his work and their father’s death. This is some scene, emotionally charged, well played out, only problem is that Xander doesn’t get naked.

This is a really nice house! I’m loving the interiors. Mother has left to visit her sister leaving Boston and Chase alone in the house… Another sexually charged conversation. A pretty graphic description of the execution of the Romanov’s leads to a tender moment between Chase and Boston is interrupted by MOM who has to spend the night with her sick sister. How convenient…

UH OH! Bath time! I do enjoy a claw foot tub as well. Chase wasn’t expecting to see Boston outside of the bath room sweating like a pig, horny for some man on man action. Finally the pair embrace releasing the passions that have been burning inside of them. Their loins thrust against each other as Boston leads Chase to the bedroom. This here is bodice ripper material. Boston can’t get his clothes off fast enough! And it’s kind of awkward, in a sexy way. Chase is champion when it comes to giving head, Boston can’t seem to get enough, but what he really needs to do is plow that boys ass! Chase rides Boston’s tool on his mother’s bed in what I might think be his character’s “first time”? Boston fucks the cum out of his soon to be step son’s ass before stroking out a pretty epic load himself. Sweaty and satiated the pair collapse into one and others embrace.

Ok this is weird. Xander kills himself in his studio by drinking turpentine… Dark.

Back at Bristol it looks like Travis has moved on. He really does love giving and receiving blowjobs in that storage room. Only this time it’s with Tyler Sweet. Caught again! That headmaster has a thing for the students at his school, and it looks like Travis is his resident bad boy…

Overall “His Mother’s Lover” is a great film, Nica Noelle pushes the boundaries of art and sex in a cinematic gem that is entertaining and arousing. Go ahead and log into GayHotMovies.com you’ll see for yourself why we’re so excited to have Rock Candy Films in our library.

Now THEY are lovers…

Interestingly Ian Whitcomb the famous ukulele player starred as the headmaster, and also did the soundtrack. Paintings by Joseph Dawley.

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