Elder Stewart Chapter 7 – Initiation

Video: Elder Stewart Chapter 7 - Initiation
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Studio: Mormonboyz
Cute young Elder Stewart is everything a Mormon boy should be: he’s sweet, he’s happy, he’s handsome, he’s submissive, and he’s innocent. Or, he WAS innocent. His time in the mission field has been extremely educational. At the hands of his companion, non-members, and his priesthood leaders, the boy has been through about every sexual scenario imaginable. Elder Stewart is a little nervous about the rituals that will make him a true member of the highest priesthood, but he has already gone through several steps of induction, and he’s excited that he is going to be washed and anointed by handsome Patriarch Smith. Since arriving at the mission home, he’s been checking out the silver fox. But he’s too shy to initiate anything himself. The very thought of being handled by the powerful, serious older man makes the boy’s dick ache. And the Patriarch is looking forward to the young elder’s initiation, too. He knows how adventurous the boy is, and he can’t wait to milk a big load of cum out of his balls and spread it across the brow of the sweet boy’s head. When Elder Stewart arrives at the temple, Patriarch Smith is careful not to betray his excitement. He’s very formal with the young man, very authoritative, and he can see that his performance has the desired effect on the boy, who does exactly as he says. Elder Stewart feels completely exposed as the Patriarch begins to wash and anoint him. But he trusts the older man, and every time the Patriarch’s fingers touch his skin, Elder Stewart swoons a little. The Patriarch is gentle when making contact with the boy’s body, only lingering a little longer than necessary every time he touches the boy’s sensitive skin. For his part, the Patriarch is surprised at how very boyish Elder Stewart’s body looks. His pale skin is almost totally hairless, and thinly covers his toned youthful muscles. Elder Stewart can’t help it, and before long he’s sporting a sizable boner. Stewart looks up at the Patriarch for approval, noticing that his body has given the older man an erection. The handsome Patriarch happily takes hold of the young boy’s thick dick and starts working over his newest recruit… as is required by the sacred ordinance.

Stars: Elder Stewart, Patriarch Smith

Black Piste

Video: Black Piste
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Studio: Sauvage
Once you go black, as they say, you never go back – a sentiment that this gang of hot and horny Czech boys are definitely determined to follow when they come across the fabulous Hector Agusti. STAXUS exclusives Noah Matous, Erik Franke, and Victor Diamond lead a stellar cast of white boys who just can’t get enough of dark skin and big black cock! Expect an avalanche of spunk and even a double-penetration as the biggest cock-whores in the whole of Prague go mad for the best dick in town!

Stars: Victor Diamond, Shane Hirch, Yuri Adamov, Noah Matous, Erik Franke, Hector Agusti

Thick And Big 6

Video: Thick And Big 6
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Studio: Man Royale
You unzip his pants for the first time as your pulse quickens in anticipation. You slip a hand inside his briefs and smile as you feel the long, thick meat stick that's going to wreck your ass!

Stars: Brody Fields, Christian James, Seth Stark, Trenton Ducati, Benn Heights, Kory Houston, Aspen Solomon, Darin Silvers, Brandon Rivers

Don’t Cum!

Video: Don't Cum!
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Sometimes a guy can be a little too excited, a little too quick… Sure this can be disappointing, but you could always think of it as a good reason to go at it again! Diego just cannot handle how good Desire feels. Let’s just hope that eager bottom eventually got exactly what he wanted.

Stars: Diego De La Vega, Desire Dange

Straight Thug Circle Jerk

Video: Straight Thug Circle Jerk
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Studio: Straight Naked Thugs
It's just another day at the SNT crib, but the place is a little busy today. We have a whole gang of horny straight boys who need to get some cum from their nuts, kicking back together and stroking their shafts. With so much cock in the room it's no wonder the boys are eying each other and checking out the competition.

Stars: Cain, Nolan, Potter, Billy Da Kidd, Cherokee (M)

Medic Can’t Take It

Video: Medic Can't Take It
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Studio: HotDicks
Carl’s HMO sends Medical Tech Ari out to Carl’s house for a checkup, since he’s having some burning when he urinates. The urine test is negative, but, the tech says Carl could help relieve the burning by getting an orgasm and urinating, to clean out his prostate gland. Ari offers to suck Carl off and Carl and he are soon doing a 69. Then Carl jams his thick cock into Ari’s ass, but, Ari’s having a lot of trouble handling it. He starts cumming and Carl takes all of it and swallows it, then jacks off into Ari’s willing mouth.

Stars: Carl Hubay, Ari (M)

Hairy Dads Smooth Lads 3

Video: Hairy Dads Smooth Lads 3
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Studio: Hot Dads Hot Lads
Muscle dad Nick Capra and young stud Casey Everett form a lean, mean fucking machine, as Nick pounds Casey ass from every position imaginable, really balls deep, in Hairy Dads Smooth Lads 3. Scruffy Dad Alessio Romero works in the back yard, but clean-cut Billy Warren has other plans. Billy takes daddy's big dick doggie style and the yard work gets left behind. Ben Venido works up an appetite while working on his tan. The cute young pizza boy Derek Scott arrives and the pizza are forgotten in favor of hot, sweaty backyard sex, the pizza boy cums. Burly coach Bronson Gates gives Trent Atkins an ultimatum, "You either hit the field, or you hit this," gesturing towards his cock. We'll give you one guess as to which option Trent decided to go with.

Stars: Trent Atkins, Nick Capra, Casey Everett, Derek Scott, Alessio Romero, Bronson Gates, Ben Venido, Billy Warren

Theft By Taking

Video: Theft By Taking
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Studio: Entertainment West Studio's
If you want some ass, then you take it. Theft By Taking! In this all bareback Dvd that features Phoenix, Zoe, Hershey, Fiji, Mustang & Staxx. Don't miss a single moment of this collection of action packed sucking, rimming, flip-fucking and wild raw fucking!

Stars: Staxx, Phoenix (M), Fiji, Zoe (M), Hershey (M), Mustang

Hard Gear: Tied & Bound

Video: Hard Gear: Tied & Bound
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Studio: UKHot Jocks
Shackled, restrained, secured and helpless. The lastest HARDGEAR features an old bondage favourite, ropework. Dry wound fibres shred against bulging muscles and fill abdonimal crevices. A hot cast with loads of new faces are subjected to being strung up and tied down by their dominant counterparts. Hot gear, tight muscle and a flithy attitude brought with each scene.

Stars: Daniel James, Frank Valencia, Seb Evans, David Lambert, Nick North, Allen King, Yoshi Kawasaki

Bound Gods – A Birthday Surprise For Casey More

Video: Bound Gods - A Birthday Surprise For Casey More
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Studio: BoundGods.com
It's Casey More's birthday and Connor Maguire aims to deliver a hard BDSM session as his gift to the cut stud. Bound to a pillar and blindfolded, Casey gets his cock sucked while Connor crops him relentlessly. Connor then puts Casey's muscled body to work by making him perform twenty-seven push-ups over candles while using the Cat-of-Nine on his ass. In a full suspension Casey gets the final gift of Connor's cock up his ass and his Master's load on his face.

Stars: Connor Maguire, Casey More