Jet Set Diary

Video: Jet Set Diary
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Studio: Jet Set Men
Watch these studs suck and fuck each other hard, feasting on each other's passions, stretching their holes deep and wide, splashing thick creamy loads over smooth, sweaty bods. Feel it and taste it as they work it open wider and wider to take it all! Enjoy intense hardcore action in this full feature!

Stars: Dante, Marcus, Michael Fallon, Justin Mycles, Cody Prescott, Tony Z., Val

Boys Just Wanna Fuck

Video: Boys Just Wanna Fuck
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Studio: CitiBoyz Video
There’s nothing that these horny twinks want more than a hardcore round of cum-bursting fucking…and they’ll stop at nothing to make sure it happens! With FIVE scenes of explosive boy-on-boy action, this is one CitiBoyz production that you can’t miss. And if that isn’t enough for you, indulge in two mouth-watering solo scenes that will have you cumming back for more!

Stars: Billie Ramos, Evan Angel, Robbie Callahan, Ty Royal, Diego Starr, Axel Rhodes, Christian Chase, Shane Rogers, Damian Cruz


Video: Shag
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Studio: TitanMen
Don’t let the shirts and ties fool you—these studs don’t know how to behave. Get groovy with TitanMen exclusives Dario Beck, Jay Bentley, Hunter Marx and Nick Prescott, who show us how to Shag like 1969 never went out of style. Handsome Hunter Marx gets distracted by the sultry eyes and hot bod of a lounging Nick Prescott, who is drawn in for a hot and hairy flip fuck. Muscular Tom Wolfe is welcomed home by a horny Jay Bentley, who worships the stud’s cock before getting fucked—his own boner bouncing as he rides. A Spanish conversation heats up quickly as Dario Beck and Rocco Diaz feast on each other’s uncut meat, Dario bending over for deep fuck as the top’s cock disappears.

Stars: Rocco Diaz, Jay Bentley, Tom Wolfe, Dario Beck, Hunter Marx , Nick Prescott

Hardkinks – Aday Truan & Carlos Bellic

Video: Hardkinks - Aday Truan & Carlos Bellic
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Studio: Hardkinks
Carlos quiet life gets an unforgettable disruption with the arrival of Aday at his door. With a dark and mysterious aura, Aday does not waste any time with tying him up and taking him to a deserted location. There's no escape, Carlos is now the victim of this Spanish aggressive macho.

Stars: Aday Truan, Carlos Bellic

Vintage Gay Loops Volume 1

Video: Vintage Gay Loops Volume 1
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Studio: Vintage Gay Loops
This movie is the first in the in illustrious Vintage Gay Loops series, featuring a plethora of scenes depicting muscle men sidelining pools, on boats, as well as an athlete whose morning practice gets interrupted by the need to ejaculate. Not to mention the gas station stop that turns into a 3some, or even the end scene where two guys fantasize about what they'd do to each other while they pump iron!

Stars: Ty Granger, Kyle Hazzard, Dave Connors

Top Service

Video: Top Service
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Studio: Lucas Entertainment
If you’re horny, home alone and in need of quality service, look no further—these are your guys. With their ripped bodies, gorgeous faces and huge throbbing cocks, there is no job that they can’t handle. Starring Michael Lucas, Matthew Rush, Ridge Michaels and more, indulge in FIVE steamy scenes of dreamy hunks pounding all over the house…the pool, living room and even the kitchen!

Stars: Michael Lucas, Ridge Michaels, Valentin Petrov, Derrick Vinyard, Devin Adams, Diego Vena, Sean Xavier, Alexander Garrett , Matthew Rush, Al Carter

Alexx Densley & Sam Bishop Can “LURE” This Otter ANYWHERE!

Every day I cum across a new film on that pushes all the right buttons for me, and I’m sure you do as well, but today I’d like to share with you my new obsession… “Lured – Into Temptation” from UKHot Jocks. First off, I love UKHot Jocks, the guys are literally just that, Hot. I must say as soon as I got a look at the promotional material for this installment of the “Lured” series, I just knew that this was a slice of masturbatory heaven.

The scene opens with both Sam Bishop and Alexx Desley cruising their GAYDAR app’s in a fun montage of two single horny dudes in separate parts of the city. So here is what caught MY eye, Alexx… Alexx Desley is the type of guy I would gladly drop to my knees for, even before seeing what he’s packing in those tight-ass hipster jeans. The guy’s got a beautiful face, and one of the many things that drive this otter into a frenzy, a neck tattoo (I might just cum, or faint, I don’t know which). So we all know how this is going to go. Soon enough Sam gets a message to meet up at the “Mill” because it is a “sexual playground”. Well Ok then, I’m there!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of having sex just about anywhere, but I had to wonder, is this abandoned mill safe? I grew up around a bunch of abandoned industrial buildings (no, it wasn’t Detroit) and I was always a bit wary of them; not because they weren’t fucking awesome, but because my father instilled that deep rooted sense of imminent danger if one was to go into those places. So I was feeling a bit uneasy as Alexx entered the decaying edifice followed by Sam shortly thereafter. Look at the place, you could fall through that floor, there is lead paint chipping EVERYWHERE, pigeon and vermin waste, and the constant threat of tetanus! Yeah, it’s pretty sexy I’d totally do it in a place like that… Just keep my shoes on.

Oh, one more question, how do you go about getting permission to film at a place like this? Something to ponder…

The pair finally meet and immediately begin making out, lightly punching each other (personal favorite), and stripping down peppered with great shots of both guys ample bulges in their jeans. Although I felt bad for Alexx’s cute jacket going on that filthy floor… Alright, enough with the smoochin! Sam drops to his knees and tugs at Alexx’s fly  exposing his cute ass-less undies. Taking his time Sam teases Alexx, and the audience, by bedeviling his partner’s cock through his underwear. Finally the moment I’ve been waiting for, the reveal! Alexx Desley’s cock is a wonderful sight to behold. Thick, well veined, uncut, anchored by a shining cockring at the base and adorned with a Prince Albert at the tip, it’s the kind of dick I imagined Alexx would have. His body is equally impressive. Although He’s slender, the guy is pretty ripped and muscular for his size. His smooth skin is covered with an assortment of tattoo’s from his neck down, both of his nipples are pierced horizontally with barbells, and his rippling abs are complimented by a set of super hot cum gutters supported by beautiful muscular legs. I think I’m in love.

Here’s another thing (well, performer) that really heats up this scene, Sam Bishop. Who knew that when I first spotted this stud that he would grow from a smooth twink into the furry muscle cub I find myself beating off to? Seriously, Sam Bishop is fucking gorgeous! He’s got a nice solid body that’s perfectly thick in all the right places, chest, shoulders, arms, thighs, oh my. No offense Sam but you look way better now buddy. WOOF!

*From Twink to Muscle Cub.

Now for a taste of Sam’s girthy fuck stick. Alexx drops to his knees and eagerly unleashes Sam’s meat from a wrapper of denim and jock strap, taking all of it down his decorated, inked up, throat. He’s a great cock sucker and you can tell Sam is really into it.

Time for a switch! This time Alexx needs some service, and Sam is ready to obey. This is so hot, and I am so jealous of that lucky cock sucker right now… Sam continues working on Alexx’s thick cock, even getting a nice face fuck for a minute which gets Alexx’s amazing cock nice, slobbery, and dripping with Sam’s spit. Fuck yeah.

With nothing but their trainers on (and they’re pretty cute too. Adidas?) Alexx braces himself against the brick wall of the crumbling mill’s interior for Sam to slip his man missile inside of him. Of course Sam obliges, fucking his partner’s hole hard and deep. I was really impressed with Alexx’s flexibility in this scene. Legs spread, ass up, with hands on the ground we get a great shot of Sam balls deep in his filthy pup hole. This is some hot fucking, now I want to go to this place now if there are guys like Alexx and Sam there waiting for some intense anonymous man sex.

And the scene gets better! After barraging Alexx’s manhole it’s Sam’s turn for some dick. After pulling out the couple kiss a little, baiting each other in a rather challenging manner that is super fucking sexy, as Sam lures Alexx over to a pole in the center of the cavernous room where he can brace himself for what we know is going to be an epic fuck. Sam’s still a great bottom and Alexx has a real beauty that deserves to be in a hot pucker, ramming away with abandon. The sex is hard, dirty, and awesome in this film. Alexx pushes himself in and out of Sam with serious intensity and a focus on pleasuring himself as well as his bottom. This whole scene is giving me so many ideas of what I’m going to be doing next summer when I’m out visiting some of those old abandoned industrial buildings with the boy.

Now for the cum shots. Alexx pulls out, pulls off his condom and jacks off into Sam’s hungry mouth which is incredibly hot. But the real winner is Sam. It’s rare when I’m surprised by a cum shot, but man! Sam blows one of the most beautiful loads all over his furry stomach that I have seen in a while!  It’s thick, creamy, and gorgeous… Just the kind I like, it’s a damn shame it wasn’t on or in me is all I’m saying.

The pair exchange a post orgasm kiss so Alexx can taste himself on Sam’s mouth (something else I adore), and here’s the kicker, once Sam gets up neither of them had actually messaged each other to meet. So who did? And are they there watching? Waiting? I guess we’ll have to find out in the next installment of “Lured”.

What a scene.

“Lured – Into Temptation” is definitely one to watch. I highly recommend this inspiring film, as well as the rest of the “Lured” series for anyone who has a fancy for hot guys having hot sex in abandoned industrial sites. You can watch the latest and previous scenes right here on, and you better start following me on Twitter @Otter_Holt, Facebook, and now on Tumblr as well as @AlexxDesleyxxx and @sambishopxxx!

Check ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter

Big Cock Doc

Video: Big Cock Doc
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Studio: UKNakedMen
What lies beneath this sexy doctor’s lab coat leaves his patients jaw-dropped…a massive uncut monster cock ready for action! Join Darius Ferdynand, Rogan Richards, Dan Broughton and more for a medical-themed fuckfest that delivers non-stop action from start to finish. Watch XXL-sized schlongs pound tight holes all over the doc’s office until it explodes with massive loads of cum!

Stars: Darius Ferdynand, Jace Tyler, Jonny Kingdom, Mark Coxx, Dan Broughton, Rogan Richards

Dakota Wolfe Solo

Video: Dakota Wolfe Solo
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Studio: Pegasus Studios
Dakota Wolfe may be new to the adult entertainment industry, but that doesn’t mean he’s shy! After sitting down and telling viewers a little bit about himself, he wastes no time coming out of his underwear and getting down to business. Watch this cute, young and naughty stud fuck himself with toys and beat his meat until he explodes!

Stars: Dakota Wolfe

Well Hung And Hairy

Video: Well Hung And Hairy
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Studio: Butch Dixon
Armed with beefy manly bodies, enormous throbbing cocks and undeniable good looks, these horny hunks are bringing the most explosive man-on-man action on the planet! With FIVE must-see scenes, indulge in nonstop furry beards, bulging muscles and round after round of hardcore pounding!

Stars: Isaac Hardy, Matt Stevens, Alfie Stone, Sergi Rodriguez , Georgi Duro, Sandro Sanchez, Diego Duro, Riley Tess, Bruno Fox