Raw Rods 15 – Bust Then Bounce

Video: Raw Rods 15 - Bust Then Bounce
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Studio: Raw Rods Productions
Daniel and Messiah were friends that occasionally hooked up. Messiah invited Daniel to come over to his room. They started taking photos in the hotel, but Messiah wanted more. So Daniel got on his knees and decided to give Messiah just what he needed. They fucked each others brains out until they both until they reach full completion. Vic has the sinister smile of a dude with a big dick that knows he's about to Drill a tight hole i don't think Rico cares much about how big it is, because he sure doesn't have a problem making it disappear down his hungry throat Vic takes his time getting the cakes ready to be cut. In fact I haven't seen somebody get their face so deep into an ass. Rico has minimal trouble taking it all into his sweet little chocolate hole and the light on dark contrast is super sexy as Vic continuously long strokes Rico until the booty is nice and open and then continues to pound away until he squirts a fat creamy load all over Rico's hungry hole. Syncere and Jaydoe star in this hot versatile scene. These guys make a bet " Who can lay the pipe better". It starts off by Jaydoe sucking Syncere's dick until he feels like it's hard enough for him to climb on top straddle and ride. Jaydoe has fun riding that dick, until Syncere flips his ass over and makes Jaydoe take that dick from the back. Then its Jaydoe's turn, he puts Syncere on his back throws those legs up and fucks Syncere so deep until he pulls out right before he bust a huge load on Syncere. The scene ends with Syncere stroking that dick until he bust his huge load onto Jaydoe. We will leave it up to you to decide who won the bet! What a way to kick off Thanksgiving. Daniel is in the kitchen cleaning up after cooking up a good Thanksgiving Dinner for himself and Kemancheo. He had invited him over because they had not hooked up in a while, but Daniel was not expecting much but a good meal. Kemancheo walks in, make of course because Daniel is already in the nude and decides to offer up some desert. Daniel takes one look and realizes that he hasn't had enough meat and goes for what he knows best. Before you know it these two are in the bed room and starts to stuff each others turkey. Daniel and Kemancheo does some hot flip flopping and fucks each other to nut they both can be thankful for.

Stars: Vic Valentino, Kemancheo, Daniel Thompson, Jaydoe Funsize, Syncere White, Polo Don, Ricco Roland, Messiah Blaine

Husky Handjobs Part 1

Video: Husky Handjobs Part 1
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Studio: Chubs And Cubs
Corey is 19 y/o and was introduced to me through one of his military buddies who had come in for a shoot a week or so earlier. Apparently, once the first guy came in, he'd told a bunch of his friends and they were lining up to be the next to get naked on camera, almost to see who would actually go through with it. Corey was the next brave one to show up. I have to admit, Corey is right up my alley. He's a thick guy; a former football player and wrestler, he's got an ass that made me weak in the knees. Corey, like most of the guys, was a little nervous at the start, but got more comfortable as the shoot progressed. He even seemed to get a little flirty which surprised me a little. He's str8, got a girlfriend (who didn't know he was doing the shoot), but something that told me Corey might be a tad curious about guys. I thought I'd test that intuition and pulled out the measuring tape to get an "official measurement" on Corey's cock (wink wink). He gave a quirky smile when I first grabbed his dick, seemingly on to my plan to cop a feel. He was rock hard and laughed when I kept stroking him. He didn't skip a beat, though, when I asked if I could help finish him off. It didn't take long to get him over the edge. Within a minute or so, Corey was spewing his load onto his belly while his whole body twitched. Andrew lives in the next state over from Cali, but comes to San Diego every once in a while for work. We'd been talking for a few weeks before finally meeting up for his very first porn shoot. He's 23 y/o and, being a stockier guy, he was a linebacker on his high school football team. Thankfully, he's also put away his razor and let his body hair grow in, recently. He's got some "man-bush" as he put it. Andrew had thought about doing porn before, so when I hit him up, he jumped at the chance to get naked on camera. He admitted to being a bit of an exhibitionist. He'd even told a handful of buddies about coming over for the shoot. When things got started, Andrew's eyes were focused on the porn playing in the background, but after a few minutes he loosened up and started getting into his porn star mode. By the end, Andrew was just looking down at his cock as he ramped up to a sticky 3-day cumshot that coated his furry tummy.

Stars: Andrew, Corey

Joe Gage Sex Files 19

Video: Joe Gage Sex Files 19
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Studio: Dragon Media
There's a whole lot of sucking going on in Joe Gage Sex Files 19:- It's A Job...There are a lot of perks to these jobs! Check out the doctor, the actors, the picker, and the executive! These horny studs get their asses slammed by hot cocks! They definitely leave with happy endings...They're pumping some iron and pumping some ass!

Stars: Leo Sweetwood, Andrew Fitch, Rocco Steele, Max Sargent, Tommy DeLuca, Trevor Knight, Bryan Slater, Hans Berlin

Bareback Army Grunts

Video: Bareback Army Grunts
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Studio: Active Duty Productions
Craig is an alpha type and he's not afraid to guide his partner to please him in just the right way. So Rick blows Craig on the bed for a while, before Craig decides to go to his feet so he can get some nice thrusting action going. He grabs the back to Rick's head and works up a nice in-and-out, letting Rick know he has to do some work if he wants to please this guy! Dante doesn't waste too much time before pulling out his dick and working it chubbing it up. Scott's eyes get bigger when he sees that throbbing thing and Dante invites him to have a taste! Hot military men and bareback at it’s finest!

Stars: Craig Cameron, Rick Tolls, Tyler Marshall, Kevin Daniels, Scott (Active Duty), Dante (Active Duty)

Drown Me In Cum

Video: Drown Me In Cum
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Studio: Boy Feast
Jake is not at all impressed by his cock buddy William checking out the new guy, but this horny and handsome Lifeguard knows how to keep his attention where it should. The guys are soon making up, and making out as they swap spit and hard cock too. Both long uncut dicks are soon out, with hairy and lean William gobbling his lover with expert skill and Jake deepthroating his long dick in return, all the way to some sucked out jizz!

Stars: William Isaacs, Jake Matthews (i)

Spanish Sun

Video: Spanish Sun
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Studio: Sauvage
Ruben Bart, Josh Milk and David Sky prove themselves to be the perfect hosts, as a gang of STAXUS beauties head for Spain to indulge their appreciation of sun and cock – and not necessarily in that order! It’s not long before French-boys, Gabriel Angel and Xavier Sibley, Czech favourite, Ray Mannix and Dutch blond-bombshell, Kris Blent, are taking full advantage of the hospitality in a series of ass-breaking, ball-draining escapades. As a result, whilst the skies are clear and blue, there’s shower’s aplenty – of hot, creamy, pent-up spunk!

Stars: Ruben Bart, David Sky, Kris Blent, Gabriel Angel, Josh Milk, Xavier Sibley, Ray Mannix

Bareback Inn

Video: Bareback Inn
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Studio: Hairy And Raw
Whether you like your sex outdoors, where other's might watch, or if you prefer fucking indoors, where it's more private - expect for the sex addicts lurking outside trying to look in - we have a place for you to go. We call it Bareback Inn, a place where the men are on the hunt, prowling for cock and cum. Filmed on location at Fort Lauderdale's Inn Leather, Alex Mason, Owen Powers, Daxton Ryker, Dalton Hawg, Jay Ricci and Bruce Bacch get it on with unabashed passion, fucking bareback , raw and natural, indoors and out, until the jizz flies. Come along with us. We have a room waiting for you at Bareback Inn.

Stars: Dalton Hawg, Owen Powers, Jay Ricci, Alex Mason, Daxton Ryker, Bruce Bacch

Bound Gods – Leather Studs Switch Fuck

Video: Bound Gods - Leather Studs Switch Fuck
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Studio: BoundGods.com

Dirk Caber and Jessie Colter Share a Night of Pain and Pleasure

Both strapped in tight leather jocks and harnesses, Jessie Colter and Dirk Caber pay a visit to the dungeon for a play session. After a rough makeout and rimming on a dingy bed, Dirk commands the situation and fastens Jessie to a pillar to worship his pits. He puts Jessie's balls to the test with a cruel cluster of weights and canes the eager pain slut. Jessie moans in short relief when Dirk frees his balls, but Dirk punctures the break with sharp electric stings from the zapper. Now it's Jessie's turn to dominate. Dirk finds himself stretched out between two columns while Jessie gropes his muscles and cock with rough hands. Jessie edges Dirk before whipping out a cattle prod in reply to Dirk's earlier zapper. He teases the hunk with its prongs before finally delivering an excruciating jolt. Dirk has his hard body flogged raw before both men return to the bed. Still in control, Jessie lays Dirk spread-eagle and covers his legs and nipples in clothespins before plunging deep into his hole. After tearing off the pins, Jessie flips the roles and rides Dirk's throbbing cock to blow a thick load. Now it's Dirk's turn to cum. He orders Jessie to milk the hot jizz from his balls and offers his own load to share with Jessie. The men lap up their mess in a horny daze as the night grows late.

Stars: Dirk Caber, Jessie Colter

Next To Me

Video: Next To Me
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Studio: VimpeX
"Next To Me" is all about joyful gay sex! Film provides you 6 extremely hot scenes with the best and the hottest of the gay sexual experience. Beyond doggy style and the missionary position there are countless possibilities to enjoy sex between men. This film is illustrative, erotic and enlightening.

Kameron Fucks A Fireman

Video: Kameron Fucks A Fireman
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This scene is all about deep-throating cock, tonguing a peachy ass and fucking tight assholes! These guys know what they want and they go all to get it! The biggest dicks come together in one place with one goal in mild filling a willing throat and drilling a tight, willing ass!

Stars: Kameron Frost, Tony Martin (i)