Raw Tattoo Boys

Video: Raw Tattoo Boys
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Studio: Breed Me Media
Tatted up, cock hungry tops and bottoms are on the prowl and ready to serve up hot sex…100% raw! These ink junkies are feening for a throbbing raw shaft stroking deep in that tight hole in four scenes you have to see to believe! Body ink has always been sexy! But never sexier when two hard-bodied, over-sex studs cum together for a suck and fuck that will leave their sated, satisfied and well seeded! We breed a “hole” lot better!

Stars: Draven Torres, Preston Johnson, Lex Antoine, Dylan Sanders, Orlando Ink

Boys At Play

Video: Boys At Play
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Studio: Arena Entertainment/South American Pictures
Young, hot and hung, these throbbing Latinos won't rest until they get the tight man ass they burn for...how about you? Do you want to check out these Brazilian boys at play? If you do, you better get your cock and lube ready. These Brazilian guys are here to have a little fun and that means lots of cock, lots of ass fucking, and plenty of incredible man-on-man action! It's play time and you are invited!

Stars: Tito, Serginho, Igor, Joao Carlos, Ricardo, Fabricio, Mauro, Pablo

First Strike 3

Video: First Strike 3
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Studio: Active Duty Productions
Sawyer may be new to the scene, but this dreamboat is the star of “First Strike 3” he’s paired up with Ransom in scene one. The beefy pair take turns sucking each other off before Ransom rims Sawyers tight little hole. Next, the two masturbate together for double the cream splooging! Scene two features the sexy Sawyer giving himself a helping hand with some solo stroking! Scene three features this cutie bottoming for the hunky Tanner. As a bonus a solo with the studly Bric is included.

Stars: Bric, Ransom (Active Duty), Sawyer, Tanner (male)

Seed Pumpers

Video: Seed Pumpers
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Studio: Ricky Raunch
Get ready for six hard fucking bareback scenes with cum-filled cocks fucking dick-hungry asses! The eager bottom Jayson can’t wait for Draven to gape his hole before creaming it! Antonio proves how big an anal addict he is when he’s topped by Champ and Kriss for double the fun and triple the splooge spewing action! Drew and Dick suck and flip fuck their way to a happy ending you have to see to believe! Grab the lube and get ready for more cream pies, blossoming holes and pulsing shafts than you can shake a dick at!

Stars: Matt Sizemore, Jayson Park, Ray Dalton, Antonio Biaggi, Draven Torres, Kriss Aston, Butch Bloom, Drew Driver, Champ Robinson, Dick Disco, Sam Crockett

Silver Fox Gangbang

Video: Silver Fox Gangbang
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Studio: U.S. Male
He’s such a male pig, look at him all alone outdoors stroking himself then along comes five other men and he goes wild sucking each and every cock for a spectacular blowbang. After getting his face fucked and dick slapped he can’t resist sticking his tongue in every man’s ass. Then it’s time for all those cocks to take turns and fuck the hell out of him raw, what a gangbang!

Stars: Mike Iron, Junior D., John Robertson, Alfredo Castaldo, Win Soldier

Czech Out My Package #19

Video: Czech Out My Package #19
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Studio: Guess Who Productions
Young, smooth, horny, hung and uncut! This young stud can’t wait for you to cum and Czech Out his package! Who could resist when you have a hot and willing male specimen ready to take it all off and jerk it off…just for your pleasure?! He sits on the couch rubbing himself while stripping very slowly. He’s already rock hard when he pulls out his uncut and throbbing cock! Watch as he poses with a sexy “cum hither” look in his eyes before he strokes his throbbing shaft until he spews a hot load of spunk all over his smooth chest and stomach!

The F Word

Video: The F Word
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Studio: Jet Set Men
When a homophobic TV series actor angrily calls his co-star a faggot in the middle of a busy make-up room, all hell breaks loose. It seems the actor in question is really just venting his professional insecurity, his sexual frustration, and his desire to have sex with another man. That's the starting point of this backstage story of love and lust in the world of series TV.

Before the credits roll we see Penn Hicks (Jesse Santana), a young and aggressive gossip columnist from SNAP! Magazine, an Enquirer-type publication. He is on a cell phone with his secret studio contact, letting him know that he desperately needs some juicy dirt.

Homophobic actor Paul Kessler (Andrew Justice) blows up at Bryon Edwards (Braxton Bond) just as Jody Anderson (Jason White), Bryon's closeted gay lover, himself a successful actor on a rival network series, arrives to have lunch with him. In a squabble over cuts and added lines, Paul angrily calls his co-star a faggot and storms out of the room. It's lunch time, and everyone takes off. Everyone that is but Jody and Bryon. They are more interested in having each other than something to eat.

As the room clears, Bryon shuts the door and goes for it. He whips his shirt off, and Jody's pants drop so that Bryon can work on his mega-cock. Jody reclines in a high make-up chair so that Bryon can access and lick his balls and suck on his increasingly hard cock. Then Jody removes his shirt and gets rid of his pants, so that he's now free to work on Bryon who has laid back on an ottoman to get his own sizable dick sucked. Both men are passionate cock suckers and have a great time doing it. Bryon has thick kissable lips that work miracles on Jody's dick and nipple piercing as well. They stand to kiss some more before Bryon kneels on the ottoman to let his friend rim him and work his ass open with his thumb and tongue.

Bryon sucks some more on Jody to harden him all the more, eventually letting Jody power fuck his face. Jody then grabs a condom, slips it on, pushes Bryon's legs in the air and pushes his dick in. His big shiny dick rams into Bryon, first on his back with his legs on Jody's shoulders and then doggie style with him kneeling again. Jody shoves it in as far as he can and then quickly pulls it out, in and out, in and out. On his back again, Bryon jacks off and cums all over himself. Jody follows suit and jacks off over Bryon, shooting cum clear up to his pecs.

Talking about Paul's outburst at him, Bryon suggests that he and Jody cool it for a while, but Jody rejects that idea. There's a flash on the screen of the cover of popular SNAP! Magazine with the headlines 'Bryon Edwards: Gay Rumors' and 'Paul Kessler Uses the F Word!'

The furor over Paul's lashing out at Bryon climbs all the way to the top of the corporate ladder to Ron Austen (Matt Majors), the show's producer. Under the watchful eye of Paul's lawyer Jim Evanston (Tyler Saint), Ron tells him not to use the F Word ever again, and threatens to fire him because if he does. 'Everyone's gay in Hollywood,' the producer asserts, and Paul storms angrily out. Ron tells his hot assistant Rick (Christian Owen) to 'amuse' Jim while he leaves the room to take an important phone call on his cell phone.

Rick starts to perform a monologue from the play The Glass Menagerie, but Jim has something else a little less intellectual in mind. He pulls out his big dick, and Rick jumps on it to give him a blow job. Jim is immediately hard and obviously enjoys having his cock sucked. As Rick gets out of his shirt and really goes to work, the producer re-enters still talking on his phone. An obviously good multi-tasker, he whips out his even bigger dick while continuing the phone conversation. He drops his pants to join the party and get his cock sucked too. Rick is down on it like the good assistant he is.

Jim undoes Ron's shirt and goes for his big dick as Rick works on him. 'Choke on it,' the producer urges Jim. How could he not? It's a monster cock. There's plenty there for two, so both Jim and Rick feast on it, working on the shaft, the sides, the head. Ron chows down on the base, and Rick works on the head. Ron has eyes for Rick's hot ass. Finally Rick gets his dick out, and Jim goes down on him - taking him right up to his balls - as Ron jacks himself off. All three are now totally naked. Rick is bent over the desk sucking on Ron as Jim eats his ass.

Then they switch places: Ron comes around the desk to rim Rick as he now sucks Jim. Ron works his fingers up Rick's butt and finally his throbbing dick. And then in an amazing move, Jim comes around the desk and fucks Ron as he fucks Rick - an incredible train fuck with the producer in the middle. Jim moves to a chair, so that Ron can ride him and Jim can continue sucking on Rick. They all climax on Rick who is now sitting, Rick first on himself, then Jim and finally Ron.

Gossip columnist Penn Hicks (Jesse Santana) and his on-set contact Jared Parker (Guy Parker) have found a deserted bar set. They are definitely into each other, kissing and making out. They discover that they have an hour before anyone will be back to interrupt them. Their shirts come off and Penn runs his hands excitedly over Jared's now naked torso and undoes his pants. Penn sucks on Jared's hard cock and balls, and works his pants off him. He fingers Jared's butthole, adding his tongue and spit to the mix. Penn takes his own pants off, and Jared works his friends ass, rimming and slipping his fingers in him. He fucks him doggie style on the couch. Flip flopping Penn then fucks Jared as he leans against the bar. Their jacking off and cumming behind the bar is interrupted by Paul entering the set. He doesn't see them, and they stifle each other's sounds, but not their shooting.

Martin has entered behind Paul and comes on to him. He challenges Paul's true sexuality and pulls him down on a bed to kiss him. Paul gives in to the charmer and lets him strip and then go down on him. It seems like Paul has been waiting a long time to let go and come out. His passionate kissing and wild reaction to Cole's sucking reveal a truly closeted and frustrated man. He's someone who's waited a bit too long for this encounter.

He rises up on his knees to get sucked some more. Paul pulls Martin's shirt off and wants to get to his dick. He finally takes the plunge and goes for it. They eagerly 69 with Paul on top. Cole slides down to access Paul's ass from below and rim his hot hairy hole. Paul loves it and flies through the roof with his reactions. He rises up to shove his now throbbing dick down Cole's throat. Cole moans for Paul to fuck his ass and sits on his dick as he lies back on the bed. (Penn, still in hiding on the set, knows a good scoop when he sees one and sneaks in closer to take pictures.) After a long ride atop Paul dick, Cole goes onto his back so Paul can power fuck him. Next he stands and gets some more pounding holding on to a ladder. Back on the bed, Paul jacks off to cum, and Cole kneels over him to shoot. It truly is a 'happy ending' for both of them.

Stars: Matt Majors, Cole Ryan, Jesse Santana, Jason White, Braxton Bond, Tyler Saint, Guy Parker, Andrew Justice, Christian Owen

A Hard Gays Nite

Video: A Hard Gays Nite
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Studio: Vivid Man
It's been a hard gay's night, and I've been jerkin' like a dog! More than 30 gay stars show you the joys of cock sucking and jerk off action! Nearly four hours of hot scenes including a hard hat shows his hard-on to a fellow construction worker, a bartender who offers a "last call" for anal and a pair of cow-pokes who 69 by the campfire! .

Remember, a cock in the hand beats any ol' bush!

Stars: Danny Sommers, Steve Gibson, Craig Slater, Neil Thomas, David Rockmore, Mack Reynolds, Sam Dixon, Les Stine, Grant Fagin, Brett Williams, Jake Seever, Michael Brawn, Paul Morgan, Chris Mckenzie, Nick Cougar, Troy Halston, Todd Fuller, Doug Jefferies, Joey Stefano, Chip Matthews, Robin Sinner, Brad Carlton, Brian Yates, KC West, Will Clark, Rick Patriot, Damien (Falcon), Alex Thomas, Dean Phoenix

The Magic Words Are: Pole Dancing – Lee Well

Video: The Magic Words Are: Pole Dancing - Lee Well
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Studio: BlakeMason.com
Derby-boy Lee Well works for an entertainment agency and, to be honest, we were sold the moment we heard the words, "pole dancing." ;-) Lee gives a brief interview, telling many things. At first he tries to tell us he’s straight, but really, he’s known he has been gay since his teen years! He also hints that he’s a versatile lay. He says he prefers to top, but that he might bottom when the mood strikes him. Like most lads we talk to, he loves to give it doggy-style, but if he's going to take it, he prefers to be on his back with his legs up! While telling us about a four hour anonymous fuck session on New Year's Eve, Lee gets himself worked up and before you know it…Lee ditches his clothes and starts on a wank. He plays with his hole a bit before getting to his feet when he's ready to cum. And what a cumshot, Lee's huge load erupts in an impressive, forked stream!

Stars: Lee Well

Old Boys & Young Toys

Video: Old Boys & Young Toys
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Studio: Eagle Video
These older gents are ready to get down and dirty with their new toys. But these toys can’t be bought in a store…these toys happen to be the young lads that love to please their daddies! What hung and horny stud wouldn’t enjoy making love slaves out of the young and inexperienced? Watch as these young boys undergo rigorous obedience training of sucking cock, getting rimmed and getting drilled with massive, uncut, RAW cocks! A truly fantastic display of older-on-younger action that'll have you jerking off like crazy and begging for more!

Stars: Denis Klein, Simon Tanner, Leon Fortin, George Roy, Damien Driek, Enrico Cunadi, Miro Gody, Gerry Hanson