Head Of The Class

Video: Head Of The Class
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Studio: GayLifeNetwork
School is a place of learning, but these horny young twinks are doing more than that in these five scenes of amazing action! If you were a boy who worked hard to become a teachers pet you will be utterly jealous to see these young twinks getting such a position so easily, and with so much horny cock loving action too! These boys know how to convince their teachers they're the best in class, and they don't even have to put a pen to paper to prove it! Sucking on cock, feeding their teachers their own tools and taking a fuck in the butt gets these young guys to the head of the class, the cum they share with greedy appreciation is sure to get them a glowing report card.

Stars: Brock Landon, Conner Bradley, Mike Manchester, Scott Alexander (i), Ryan Morrison, Blake Allen, Carter Stone, Preston Andrews, Trevor Bridge, Aiden Summers

My Gay Birthday Orgy

Video: My Gay Birthday Orgy
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Studio: Alfa Red
It's my birthday and I've called the sexiest hunks to my gay party. We all know what will happen next! We fuck in the bar, strip club, living room, and gym! Only one thing is important: every stud must go home fucked and satisfied!

Stars: Roberto, Mickey Rod, Johny, Stefano, Lucian, Steve Hunt, Danko Bell, Raul, James Jones, Chris, Tom, Dark Devil, Giovanni, Rod, Simon Steel (Male), Norbert Brill, Chris Stone (ll)

Plantin’ Seed

Video: Plantin' Seed
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
It's the primal urge. It's the drive a man has to shoot his load deep inside another man. That's what PLANTIN' SEED is all about: "Don't pull out, man; shoot it inside me!" The need to inseminate, the need to breed.

Our blue-ribbon prize bull Jesse O'Toole and Brad McGuire are joined by raw-studs Steve Parker, super-hung Kevin Slater, Jacob Scott and "Bull-balls" Jake Ryan to deep-breed three hot 'n' willin' cumslut bottoms!

Stars: David, Jesse O'Toole, Jake Ryan, Scott Christensen, Jonas, Joey Sommers, Tom Sawyer, Chris Collins (i), Brad McGuire, Dick Ranger, Antonio Vela, Tony Erikson, Jacob Scott, Paul Gator, Billy Wild, Don Daniels, Steve Parker, Joey, Nate Bruno, Jacob, Kevin Slater

Tour Guide

Video: Tour Guide
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Studio: Sauvage
Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic and (as all gay porn fans surely know) the home of some of the hottest, horniest twinks ever to grace the world of celluloid! It’s little wonder, then, that so many cock-hungry buddies should head to this wonderful city to enjoy the delights that this ancient city holds, in the hope surely of being a part of the spunk-draining action. Dick Casey, Shane Hirch and the ever-fabulous prince of fresh-faced fornication, Noah Matous, make this one holiday romp that no-one’s ever gonna forget in a hurry!

Stars: David Sky, Dick Casey, Shane Hirch, Lukas Watkins, Noah Matous, Ruben Bart

Can’t Stop

Video: Can't Stop
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Studio: All Worlds Video
This is one action-packed collection from All Worlds Video that you definitely won't want to miss! With a plethora of solo scenes featuring hung, sexy Euro studs, hardcore man-on-man fucking, and threesomes, you won't be able to turn away!

Stars: Lukas Fil, Bill, Kamil Misl, Libor, Rene Rap, Stefan, Petr Strom, Jim, Josef Cernan, Ondra Mol, Jarek, Karel Rok, Tony Montana (Gay), Michal, Jan Lasto, Tommy, Tomas Patrik, Martin, Lukas Cerny

Guzzle That Cream

Video: Guzzle That Cream
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Studio: Cum Pig Men
Tristan Mathews guzzles down the cream of 8 hot guys. This thirsty boy just can't get enough of that man milk. Watch him work on some horny guys and work out their lusty loads!

Stars: Rave, Tristan Mathews, Chubbs Locklear, Damon Andros, Mason Lear, Cody Filthy, Skyler Starr, Danii Devine, Damien

Daddies And Piss Boys

Video: Daddies And Piss Boys
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Studio: Dick Wadd
Aarin Asker is sitting in his tub dreaming of drinking piss from some hot muscle men. Holy crap his dream comes true and he gets piss from every direction. Drinking it up as fast as it comes at him. Six little piggies in the Dick Wadd glory hole makes for some hot action. Lukas Cipriani is getting his cock sucked by Aarin when a huge dick comes through the glory hole. Soon another cock comes through the other glory hole and it starts pissing all over both Aarin and Lukas. The two pigs swallow every drop. Shay Michaels steps in and takes a huge leak on Nick Roberts’ boots. Aarin gets on his knees and cleans those boots with his tongue, being sure to get Nick’s boots perfectly clean. After the men have emptied their bladders, it’s time to start fucking. Nick uses his big cock to fuck Lukas through the glory hole while Aarin services the other guys’ cocks with his mouth. Nick plows a load into Lukas’ tight hole and Ray Dalton is more than eager to lick up the cum dripping from Lukas’ well used hole. Aarin and Lukas are taking turns drinking piss while sitting in the piss tub. This gets the rest of the pigs amped up and wanting more. They turn their attention and cocks to Lex Antoine’s furry ass. Ray, Nick, Shay and Lukas all take their turn fucking Lex. Ray gets the final fuck and dumps his nut deep inside Lex. Aarin is a happy little piss pig, just sitting in the tub taking piss from 5 hot men. When the piss runs out, it’s time for some hardcore ass stretching. Ray Dalton is one sly daddy. He’s in the mood to collect some hot loads, so he recruits some o’ the hottest men and boys this side o’ the Mississippi to lay him out and load him up

Stars: Ray Dalton, Nick Roberts, Shay Michaels, Lex Antoine, Aarin Asker, Lukas Cipriani

Seductive Fuckers

Video: Seductive Fuckers
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Studio: Macho Guys
With bodies this ripped, cocks this huge, and faces this gorgeous, no one is safe from being seduced by these sexy fuckers...and if you have any doubt, tune into any of these FIVE explosive scenes for proof! You won't want to miss a single moment of the steamy man-on-man action!

Stars: Korben David, Mark Summers, David Castan, Stefan Colby, Lucas Sartori, Isaac Jones, Tyson, Kriss, Dean Monroe, Fred Faurtin

Raw Underground: Paris

Video: Raw Underground: Paris
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
The only thing Eric of EricVideos.com loves more than shooting porn videos is starring in them himself. Continuing our tradition of bringing you the biggest, the best, and the most real hardcore fucking the world has to offer, Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media are proud to present Raw Underground: Paris, the self-documented sexploits of the hungriest cumslut pig in France! This is raw footage shot by Eric Paris. It's not the usual T.I.M. standard of production--it's amateur, and the camerawork and lighting leave something to be desired--but the hardcore ass-pounding and delirious cocksucking make up for that. It's raw. It's dirty. It's a fuckfest you don't want to miss!

Stars: Dimitry, Rudy, Hellboy, Eric Paris, Handsome Tommy

Mickey And Bruno – An Annoying Roomate

Video: Mickey And Bruno - An Annoying Roomate
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Studio: Boys On Edge
Mickey has a little tighty-whitey addiction, and he cant help it. Bruno confronts his roommate Mickey about the theft of his underwear, and of course Mickey denies it. The two argue back and fourth until, in frustration, Bruno takes a nap. Later in their dorm, Bruno wakes up and begins masturbating, staring at Mickey’s chiseled body. Deciding to finally go for it, Bruno slowly creeps up to Mickey’s bed and slowly begins to explore his catch. He pulls down his underwear and begins to suck Mickey off. Mickey begins to stir in his slumber and the intense pleasure causes him to wake up. Now fully into what is happening, Mickey decides to suck Bruno off. After polishing Mickey’s cock, he hops on top of Bruno and shows him how it’s done. Mickey rides Bruno's cock for a while then Bruno flips Mickey and starts fucking him on his back. Bruno, not able to hold it in any longer, blows his load all over Mickey’s thighs and ass. Bruno so into his cum on Mickey’s body then licks his cum off of him.

Stars: Mickey O'Brien, Bruno Torrence