Dark Solos

Video: Dark Solos
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Studio: Monster Big
Kick back and watch the ebony banjee boyz of Dark Solo's work their pieces of choco love into mad-ass frenzies as they stroke and rub 'til they pop a nut all over. Cover model D-Unit's unit is the worker. It's good to be the king. These hot black studs get their thick cocks hard easy, and also are great at spilling a huge load for us!

Stars: Miguel, Rodd Williams, Ass-olute, D-Unit, Kid Maverick, Milan (male)

Men On Edge Josh West Ties Up And Begging To Cum In The Wood

Video: Men On Edge Josh West Ties Up And Begging To Cum In The Wood
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Studio: MenOnEdge.com
You've seen him as a tough top on Bound Gods , renowned for the size of his huge cock. Now Josh West is here on Men on Edge to be bound, flogged, and dildo fucked. Josh is tied to a tree and the anticipation gets his cock hard right away. We tease him with the vibrator and put nipple clamps on him while he's manhandled. We tie him again near a forked tree and flog him hard and fuck his ass. Another edging makes Josh beg to cum, his voice echoing through the forest as his huge cock throbs. Fully suspended he can take no more and finally blows his load but his massive cock still must endure the post-orgasm torment.

Stars: Van Darkholme, Josh West

Cum With Me

Video: Cum With Me
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Studio: Bare
Talk about winning the lottery with your very first ticket – it’s new boy Ryan Torres’s first ever scene for STAXUS and here he is teamed up with the truly terrific pairing of blond demi-god, Carl Ross, and studio exclusive, Pyotr Tomek! What more could a young, horny newbie possibly wish for? What’s more, our two regulars are very clearly in the mood for a little playfulness; positioning themselves on either side of their new buddy and squirting chocolate sauce all over his torso, which they promptly lick up with their tongues. It’s a deliciously gorgeous bit of fun, but it’s never, ever going to be enough for any of these horned-up mates; and soon all three are positioned in a dick-munching triangle, feasting away on every hard, uncut inch that’s now on offer. Then attention finally begins to turn to the main focal point of this jizz-inducing escapade, with Ross rimming Torres’s ass-hole, before finally plunging his thick, aching schlong deep into the fellow’s pucker! Cue a fantastic display of twink-on-twink rutting, made all the more intense by the fact that Tomek positions his face just barely millimetres from the action so that he can intermittently slurp on Ross’ cock! After which the lads switch roles so that Torres can bounce up and down on Tomek’s love-stick; before Ross returns to hammer the youngster’s rump, whilst Tomek slurps away on Torres’s knob. It’s more than enough to get even the most hardened porn-viewer to a sticky climax; but the sight of Torres getting his face jizzed by both his mates will make that conclusion a fucking certainty! Edward Fox and Troy Vara are clearly in the mood for a little bit of kinky fun with their sleepy fuck-buddy, Tom Nutt – bounding onto his bed, blindfolding the fellow and playing that age-old game of “guess whose cock you’re sucking”! Any pretence of disinterest on Nutt’s part, however, is undermined by the fact that the young blond has a hard-on in his pants like a fucking tent. Indeed, both Fox and Vara seem to understand that their pal is well up for action; and it’s no more than a minute or two before Nutt has removed the blindfold and is very eagerly devouring every meaty, uncut inch that his mates are able to thrust in his direction! What’s more, it doesn’t seem to take all that long before the fellow has positioned himself on the bed with his legs almost wrapped behind his ears, so that Fox and Vara can take turns to rim his gaping ass-hole. Clearly this is a boy with a whole lot of sex on his mind; and it seems to come as almost something of a relief when Vara finally plunges his joystick into the fellow’s hungry pucker, still jutting proudly into the air in a very open invitation to his over-sexed pals. No question about it, Vara takes full advantage, mercilessly pummelling the kid’s man-cunt to full effect; whilst Fox takes a somewhat more gentile approach, allowing Nutt to ride his dick cowboy-style – a method that Vara himself replicates shortly afterwards. Not that Nutt seems the kind of boy to care how he’s being fucked – so long as he is! – and the copious stream of jizz that he takes full-on in the face only underlines his total-slut credentials! How many plastic chairs can you fit on the end of Dick Casey’s dick? Yes, well maybe that does sound a bit of an odd question to ask, but it will make a little more sense once you’ve seen Roman Smid and new boy, Ray Mannix, fooling around during the opening minutes of this splendid threesome. Needless to say, the little game that this trio are engaged in proves the perfect excuse for Casey to showcase his magnificent butt-picker to his two young companions; and it’s no surprise that Mannix and Smid are soon totally entranced by the magnificent beauty that is now standing proud of the fellow’s shaved crotch. That said, it’s not long before attention has been switched to Smid’s handsome ramrod, with Casey and Mannix taking it in turns to slurp off the uncut schlong; before Mannix’s previously untouched ass-hole becomes the focal point of the action. Who’s to say whether this beautiful, pert rear has ever been mastered before? What we can be certain of, however, is that it won’t ever be quite the same again now that it’s had Smid and Casey giving it the once over. Indeed, neither of these lads shows any restraint as they fuck the tight little hole one after the other; culminating in the lad riding Smid cowboy-style like a total whore! It’s wild, it’s uninhibited, and it’s absolutely no fucking wonder that neither top can wait to splatter Mannix’s cute face with the contents of their heavy cum-sacs! Leaving Mannix himself to jerk out a fine wad, whilst snowballing his two mates! Given his reputation as a top, it might surprise you somewhat to discover that it was Sam Williams who initiated this scene in the mind of director, John Smith – a multi-guy fuck-fest in which the fellow gets fucked by pretty much everyone! Not wanting to throw the dark-haired stud in at the deep end, however, Smith made the rather sensible decision to split the performance into two halves – one featuring Ryan Torres and Roman Smid, two young labourers who seem to take exception to Williams’ errant ways, the other adding Jace Reed and Lukas Leung into the mix. As a result, it’s probably best to pace yourself when appreciating what turns out to be a truly top-notch escapade; though given how horny our fans are there’s undoubtedly every expectation that your appreciation may not be limited to just one creamy eruption! However, it’ll be a hardened fan who can hold back when seeing Williams getting spit-roasted by Smid and Torres – the stud writhing on all that hard, uncut cock in much the same manner as so many young twinks have gasped and groaned on his own dick in the past! But perhaps not surprisingly, the atmosphere in the room goes stratospheric once the trio has spawned into a no-holds-barred five-some; with Reed’s mammoth member proving a definite draw for Williams, who by this point seems to have quite literally transformed himself into a newly discovered cock-bitch! Suffice it to say that it’s not long before the quartet of horned-up buddies are creaming Williams’ face; leaving the bottom to jerk off as they fight to lick the spunk from his lips!

Stars: Roman Smid, Pyotr Tomek, Jack Reed, Edward Fox (i), Lukas Leung, Carl Ross, Tom Nutt, Dick Casey, Ryan Torres, Sam Williams, Troy Vara, Ray Mannix

Surfer Fucked Another Surfer

Video: Surfer Fucked Another Surfer
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No matter who you are, we all have those lonely nights when your mind seems to wonder how your perfect boyfriend would look like...Watch this deviously delicious scene about the dream of hot young boys who get cock hungry , they have insatiable desire for dick and when they finally they get it, they get it good and hard! Stroking each other's big, beautiful smooth dicks with a sly smile on their faces lets their partners know they're hitting all the right spots!

Married Men

Video: Married Men
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Studio: Men.com
Diego Sans is married but sexy stud Tommy Regan doesn't seem to mind. When Tommy sees the outline of Diego’s cock while lifting weights in the gym all he wants is to provide the attention it rightly deserves. Tommy takes every inch of Diego’s big dick inside him as he bounces his cute ass on it before being drilled hard, doggy style. Erik Andrews knows just how to land straight married men. When he spots the ring on Jack King he plays his cards just right to get in bed with the straight stud. Erik’s effort is rewarded with Jack’s tongue and then big dick all the way in his hole. Chris Harder has a hot and married client he's been showing properties to. It took some time but Alex Mecum eventually falls for new digs as well as his agent's sweet ass. Alex drills Chris nice and hard before blowing his huge load all over his sexy face.

Stars: Chris Harder, Alex Mecum, Tommy Regan, Diego Sans, Erik Andrews, Jack King

Nicoteen 2

Video: Nicoteen 2
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Studio: Boys Smoking
Ten hot and horny smokers, six raunchy scenes, all in just one DVD...NICOTEEN 2! For once, a sequel is even better than the original! Open up a fresh pack of sigs and light yourself one before watching these young studs tear through each other, sucking and fucking aggressively as they chain smoke through pack-after-pack!

Stars: Noah Brooks, Alexander Greene, Dustin Fitch, JD Phoenix, Austin Ried, Damon Archer, Timmy Clark, Ty Frost

Who’s Your Daddy?

Video: Who's Your Daddy?
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Studio: Pride Studios
When step daddy John Magnum punishes Chase Young for coming home late, the angry boy prefers to stiff him on the yard work, and takes a licking instead. When gardener Jaxton Wheeler gets caught swimming in his client's pool, Marco Montgomery promises not to tell his daddy, if Jaxton agrees to let him take a dip in him. After Sam Arthur dares to deliver the paper to the scariest house on the block, oversized homeowner Bryan Knight invites Sam inside for the scoop on his big uncut cock. When sexy step brother Taylor Reign seems depressed during a visit, concerned step brother Lance Hart finds a way to perk him up with a blow job and some ass fucking.

Stars: Chase Young, Lance Hart, Jaxton Wheeler, Bryan Knight, Sam Arthur, Taylor Reign, Marco Montgomery, John Magnum

Jack Buddies 109

Video: Jack Buddies 109
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Studio: Gemini Studios
Hot Damn...and hot video, too! Handsome, sexy straight Trey Foster and Link get together in a fuck session that sizzles. Both guys are 22, tanned, nice bods, facial hair and big dicks. Link is more experienced and takes the upper hand guiding the newbie through his first man-to-man fuck. Of course, we know Link likes to kiss guys, suck dick and get fucked, so we know he'll do a great job teaching Trey. And he does. The guys make out with lots of tongue before Link goes down on Trey's big dick. He lavishes attention on his cock and balls and then lets Trey feast on his big meat. Trey must do a great job, cause Link is rock hard as they 69. Link sits on trey's dick and rides it, but it goes too deep, so they switch to doggy. The site of Trey's 8' thick cock disappearing between Link's milk white buns is too hot. But when Link flips over on his back and takes every inch of that dick while jacking his own cock, the screen almost bursts into flame! Of course Link cums while getting fucked, and Trey shoots on Trey's tanned chest and then they head to the shower for some more kissing and clean fun! Today's video is a great way to start the new year. Handsome sexy straight Trey Foster takes a cock up his very tight ass. We find Trey in his room getting ready for bed. But he isn't quite ready for sleep so he begins playing with his tight hole with his finger. This leads him to experimenting with a vibrator until his hole is stretched enough for the big red butt plug. Trey is happily stroking when Link comes in to say good night. He always thought Trey was a top and the sight of him with his legs spread focusing on a red plug surprises him. If Trey can take that plug, he can take Link's big cock! Trey is game and what follows is some very painful fucking with Trey writhing in pain as he gets fucked.

Stars: Link (M), Trey Foster

Naturally Naked

Video: Naturally Naked
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Studio: Sharpshooter Studios
Amidst breathtaking natural backdrops and locals, watch desert bikers, river boys, swimmers, divers, moutain men, and beach boys sensuously show off their lean tan bodies. Intimately view these six male wonders pose, play, and athletically preform for you- all buck naked in the great outdoors. So come outside and see what these young hunks do best- get naked, naturally!

Stars: Atom, Bill Scott, Jeff Johnson (white), Kris Ericson, Rip Cunningham, Michael Vavrin

Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction

Video: Drew Sebastian's Raw Seduction
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Studio: Lucas Entertainment
It’s possible for any man to fall prey to “Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction.” In his debut Lucas Entertainment film, Drew Sebastian seduces is his real-life boyfriend, Dolf Dietrich: their chemistry makes this versatile bareback encounter worth every viewing minute. Additionally, Rocco Steele returns to show Logan Moore the rougher side of lovemaking. Lucas Entertainment’s newest exclusive Leo Alexander penetrates Tomas Brand deep and raw. And Joey Pele fulfills the bottoming desire of Craig Daniel.

Stars: Logan Moore, Leo Alexander, Tomas Brand, Rocco Steele, Drew Sebastian, Joey Pele, Dolf Dietrich, Craig Daniels