Video: Vicente
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Studio: Latino Guys Porn
"I met Vicente in 2016. We were in a club, he was with some girls. Me? well, you know, with guys. We looked each other several times but did not have the chance to talk. Too many girls around him. A few months later I saw him again at the metro station. This time we talked. We exchanged numbers and from that moment our relationship evolved from chats and phone calls to some kind of "rare affair"... He was instantly down for a porn shoot, where he was solo showing off his big latin dick and spewing cumm all over the place"

Stars: Vincente (LGP)

The Cubby And The Chubby

Video: The Cubby And The Chubby
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Studio: Chubs And Cubs
Frisky, furry, and full-bodied: these are the guys of! Seven newbies bare it all on camera for the first time, horned up and ready to show off to stroke or get stroked off by the cameraman. But you won't find any 6-packs. Why? Because we think those are best left in the fridge.

Stars: Bryce, Joel, Miller, Steven, Tommy, Victor, Myles

European Twinks 4

Video: European Twinks 4
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Studio: Tyler's Room
Watch cute handsome guys from the Czech Republic in their first time on the casting couch. They are young and eager to become a stars in competitive industry, so they undress and start masturbating in front of the camera until they cum on their hairless fit bodies!

Stars: Danny, Jakub, Jakub (Spritzz), Vladimir

Kidd & RayShun Ryder

Video: Kidd & RayShun Ryder
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The icon Kidd has returned and this time he has decided to come on board with Rockafellaz. Been a minute since he has been on the porn scene. While sitting down and talking with Rock Rockafella for a little brief interview Kidd talks a little about what his plans are. Rock offered to help him get his come back off to a kick start with a newbie, Rayshaun Ryder...

Stars: Kidd, RayShun Ryder

Come Home with Me

Video: Come Home with Me
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Studio: Colby Knox
Luke Roman is a sexy young stud that Colby Chambers met while out having drinks at local bar. Luke was serving shots in a pair of tiny white briefs that hugged his ass perfectly and Colby’s was immediately captivated. After a few drinks, Colby worked up his courage to ask if Luke would be interested in coming home and making a video for the site. Luke figured he was going to fuck Colby tonight anyways so might as well make some money doing it. Colby was thrilled to hear that Luke was down and told him they could do it the following morning, but for now, they had big plans to party all night. The following morning was a little harsh at first but after some juice and toast the boys were ready to fuck. Once Colby had Luke one on one in the ColbyKnox bedroom, he was eager to eager to film another adult gay porn video with his new sexy friend. Luke's buff body felt amazing pinned under Colby's weight as he rubbed his hands up and down his body breaking the ice. Colby’s attention was quickly drawn to that bubble ass that he began to taste and finger, prepping it to take his hard thick shaft. Colby moved behind him and pushed his thick cock inside, using multiple positions to drive his dick deeper inside while watching Luke’s expressions as he gets plowed. It’s been a while since Luke has ridden some thick cock and Colby’s throbbing dick deep inside his ass is met with a mixture of pleasure and agony. With Luke's nervous energy he can't help but giggle when he wants to scream and that turns Colby on even more. Soon Colby has Luke's ass positioned perfectly and he has worked his cock balls deep inside this young stud’s tight hole. This stud was up for a good time and his eagerness to let Colby take charge and move him into multiple positions allowing for deeper penetration is demonstrated by the look of sure pleasure on his face. Colby takes his time using this tight ass but it’s not long before he shoots a huge warm load of cum all over his well-used ass.

Stars: Colby Chambers, Luke Roman

The Ranch Hand

Video: The Ranch Hand
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The Ranch Hand Part 1: Allen Lucas is the new ranch hand and his first task is giving Sean Maygers a proper blowjob and a good fuck.

The Ranch Hand Part 2: John Magnum requests a quick meet with his main ranch hand Sean Maygers, and how fitting since he just so happens to need that hand...and mouth...and maybe even some ass.

The Ranch Hand Part 3: Allen Lucas isn't feeling his new job as a ranch hand and wants to quit but John makes him an offer to stay on that he simply can't refuse.

Stars: Allen Lucas, John Magnum, Sean Maygers

Brothers Like It Raw

Video: Brothers Like It Raw
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Studio: Next Door Raw
With his latest fuckbuddy set to come over later, Mark Long asks step-brother Roman Todd if he's interested in a little tag team action. Roman is always down but he asks him if his dude, Ty Thomas, will be into it. Mark tells Roman to just wait until they start and then to join in. So when he hears the sounds of pounding ass, Mark joins them in the action. Roman silently directs him to switch places. Finally home after a long day of running errands, Quentin Gainz and boyfriend Luke Reed barely make it to the sofa before their passion for one another explodes. Quentin throws Luke down onto the couch and they kiss long and hard as both of them clumsily work their way out of their clothing. After knicking the back while trying to give himself a haircut, Princeton Price asks roomie Alex Grand to do some damage control, but instead, he catches Alex checking him out in the mirror. Alex leads Princeton back to his room, deciding to let his hair down and follow his desires. They kiss hard and Princeton pushes Alex back onto the bed.

Stars: Alex Grand, Luke Reed, Mark Long, Princeton Price, Quentin Gainz, Roman Todd, Ty Thomas

Daguy & Mowli

Video: Daguy & Mowli
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Studio: Latino Guys Porn
DaGuy has invited Mowli over to his place for some fun. Mowli loves visiting Daguy because he's not only a passionate lover, but a rough one as well and Mowli absolutely loves the versatility Daguy brings to the bedroom. They begin with a very hot and steamy makeout session before Daguy whips out his cock for Mowli to suckle on. Daguy is extremely turned on and it doesn't take long before he's on top of Mowli, pounding away!

Stars: DaGuy, Mowli

Grease Monkey Dominates a Yuppy Customer

Video: Grease Monkey Dominates a Yuppy Customer
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Seamus O'Reilly is waiting for his car to get fixed, but mechanic D. Arclyte informed him that it will be delayed, that's when Seamus got irritated and started complaining so the Mechanic had to grope him and remind him who's the boss. A garage isn't a place for whiny slaves, Seamus must endure all the agony mechanic is putting on him so he can get a sweet release and cum all over his face!

Stars: D. Arclyte , Seamus O'Reilly

Str8 So Cal Jizz

Video: Str8 So Cal Jizz
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Studio: SpunkWorthy

Horny str8 guys are all over the streets and beaches of San Diego, always looking for ways to make a quick buck. All it takes is a little smooth talk before they’re peeling off their clothes for the SpunkWorthy cameras! Three newbies make their porn debuts while horned up veterans come back to get stroked and sucked with the help of a guy for the first time! Their girlfriends wouldn’t want to find out, but we get to enjoy that sweet So Cal str8 boy jizz.

Robby had it in the back of his head about doing porn for a while, but just recently decided to take the leap. A bit of a late-bloomer, he lost his virginity at 18 y/o and, since then, has hit the ground running.He came across as stand-offish once the cameras were pointed at him; first time nerves, no doubt. So, I asked him what his friends would think if they found out he was getting naked for the world to see."I don't know," he said with a shrug. And then adding, "They would probably laugh."It was a bit of surprise to hear that Robby wasn't a jock growing up because he's got the bod that would say otherwise. Rather, he was a skateboarder, and is currently touring around with his reggae band, obviously hitting the gym in between all that.Robby has quite the healthy jerk off regimen, going up to five times a day with periods of "abstinence" up to a week. Sex may have come later in life, but Robby started pulling his pud before he was even a teenager.What was impressive was that Robby kept his hands out of his pants for a whole five days before showing up for his shoot. And it was lucky that I had the camera ready as quickly as I did once he got the thumbs up for his big finish. Within seconds he grabbed his cock and was ready to blow his thick load.

When Oliver heard about the massage shoots, he was all about doing one. As he put it, he likes happy endings, so why not? His girlfriend, when she heard he was coming back, wasn't quite as enthusiastic.It wasn't too much a surprise to hear that he'd never gotten an erotic rub-down before, not even in foreplay. But he hadn't even gotten a regular massage, despite his years of playing soccer. We were checking off a couple new experiences for him that day. Speaking of soccer, all that running paid off by giving Oliver his bubble butt. With him laying face down on the table, it was hard to not spend the whole time rubbing down his ass. When my hands did find their way to his crack, Oliver lifted his hips slightly, giving access to his tight hole. Oliver's cock peeked out from between his legs. Giving his front side a turn, Oliver's cock was already halfway hard. Letting my hands glide by and giving it a few teasing tugs, he was getting harder by the second. I pushed his legs open and slid a finger between his ass cheeks which brought him up to a full raging boner. I slathered more oil on his cock and balls, letting it drip to the hand fingering his hole. Slowly ramping up the stroking, Oliver's body responded by clenching up; his hips thrusting into my waiting hands. Oliver gave one last gasp, saying he was about to finish, and a thick load of cum erupted and oozed down my hands.

Fitz is a So Cal transplant from the Midwest. He and his brother decided to move to San Diego a few years ago somewhat on a whim. He's been adapting well, describing himself as "somewhat of a beach bum," and actively pursuing the female population.When I asked how long he'd been thinking about doing porn, he joked that it had been in the back of his head ever since he'd started watching it, but decided to get serious and make the leap just recently. He didn't tell anyone about it and said that most of his friends would probably be surprised about him shedding his clothes for the world to see. Fitz played just about every sport he could growing up and kept himself in good shape, but only in the past handful of months made his mind up that he wanted to start really hitting the gym. Unlike a lot of guys, though, he said that he normally wears baggy clothes to hide his physique."It gives an extra bonus when I do hook up with someone and they see me naked," he explained to me off camera. I'm sure his thick 7-incher is an even extra, extra bonus! When the cameras were fired up, it took a minute for Fitz to get warmed up to them. But you can almost see when the switch got flicked and he let out his inner pornstar. Check out how he tried to hold back the smiles when he really got going. Fitz was definitely having some fun showing off his bod. Fitz said he normally jacks off 2-3 times a day, sometimes getting up to six on his days off of work. He didn't say how long it'd been before the shoot, but the load was a healthy one that shot up to his chest.

When I hit Barry up about coming back for a happy-ending massage he barely batted an eye before saying he was down for it. Not only is he an open-minded guy, but a considerate one -- he got his girlfriend's approval before sending a text about setting up the shoot. Barry had gotten a rub down once before. A couple years ago by a girl he paid at a massage parlor. He shrugged it off as a, "Why not?" experience. This time, of course, was a little different. The cash waiting at the end might have been a motivating part, but something told me that he was a little excited about trying something new and having a guy do the honors. A big clue was that be was already halfway hard by the time he unwrapped the towel from his waist.No sooner was Barry face down on the massage table than his cock was swelling up from between his legs. His furry ass was too much to resist. And Barry was glad to lift his hips up to give his hole some attention.Rolling over onto his back, Barry's cock was flying high. With every pass of my hands it got harder, and his facial expressions grew more and more intense. After a few last rubs down his hairy chest, I grabbed his rod with the finish line in mind.Slowly working his cock at first, I picked up the pace, bringing Barry up to an orgasm that left him quietly gasping as his cum left its traces across his happy trail.

Nolan is somewhat of a recent transplant to San Diego from one of the southern states. He was out practicing his skateboarding maneuvers when I spotted him. And he was pretty good, so I struck up a conversation to compliment him which, of course, led to my own "How'd you like to do porn?" maneuver.It took a second to sink in, but Nolan's eyes lit up once it did. "For real?" he asked in his southern drawl. Like a lot of guys, he'd always thought about it, but had no idea how to get started.A couple days later, Nolan showed up to make his big debut. He hadn't told any of his friends about it and said they would probably be surprised since he's kind of the shy one among them. Not that he's got much to be shy about. His dick was already getting hard as soon as we started doing the photos. And even halfway there it was looking like a thick one.He's a leaker, for sure. Nolan said he never usually uses lube because he precums so much. It was hard to resist reaching in to get a handful of his dripping dick. When the measuring tape came out, the big glob of precum at the tip was all the reason I needed to rub it in. Nolan barely flinched and gave the green light to finish him off.With two days of cum stored up in his balls, Nolan was ready to blow in no time. As he writhed on the bed, he whispered, "Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck," until a thick load was dribbling down my hand and onto his pubes.

Oliver, I'm finding, is one of those guys who is ready to try just about anything once. After his massage scene last time, he briskly asked me, "So, what's next?" When I told him he could come back for a blowjob, he was pretty much on board immediately.Even so, when he showed up a couple weeks later there was an edginess to him that seemed to be a slight bit of nerves showing through. At least at first when the cameras started rolling, but that all quickly went out the window as soon as my lips were wrapped around Oliver's thick cock. His head rolled back with a look of ecstasy on his face, and his dick was hard in about 20 seconds flat.I've mentioned Oliver's butt before, but it's worth mentioning again. All those years of soccer paid off with an ass that deserved some attention. He'd never been rimmed before and wasn't sure how he was going to like it. Once my tongue plunged between his crack, though, I'd say his mind was clearly made up. Oliver was nearly crawling up the wall with his eyes rolling into the back of his head at the sensation. If you've watched his other scenes, you'll know that the build up to Oliver's "finish" (as he calls it) are always intense. And this one is no exception. It took some work to get him there, but by the end he was writhing in the chair, "Okay, now. Right now!"

Stars: Barry, Fitz (M), Nolan, Oliver, Robby