Filled With Raw Cock

Video: Filled With Raw Cock
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Studio: Raw Rascals
These hot rimming twinks with round asses and hard cocks give it and take it like the real guys they are! Sticking tongues in deep for licking good taste. The film provides you 5 extremely hot scenes with one orgy and huge loads! All they need is hard as rock cocks buried deep inside their tight assholes! They're constantly horny and seeking like-minded buddies for hot, frantic, raw sex.

Castillo Up Close

Video: Castillo Up Close
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More Castillo dick, ass and cum! Latin guy takes his big shaft in his hands and plays with it until he is good to splash his goo everywhere. First, Castillo strips naked on a couch and stars working up a stiff one! He delivers the stimulation he needs to get rock hard and ready, horny Latino strokes his hard cock and soon his warm cum is all over that smooth belly and chest! The look of satisfaction from this hot boy is absolutely priceless!

Stars: Castillo

Elder Ence

Video: Elder Ence
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Studio: Mormonboyz

Elder Ence has been a real trouble-maker since he began his Mission; He has never played by anyone's rules

He had always reacted badly to the idea of being subservient, submissive, or meek. He was his own master. He didn't know what to call it, but around the other missionary boys he thought of himself as an alpha male. He wanted to be in charge.

But everything gets turned upside down when he learns about the secret priesthood order, and the steps of initiation into a Higher Priesthood. Elder Ence begins to realize that when it comes to the Brethren of this secret fraternal order, giving up control is exactly what he wants.

Stars: Elder Ence, Elder Sorensen, President Nelson, President Oaks

Daddy’s Secret

Video: Daddy's Secret
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Studio: Brad Kalvo Presents
When young Timothy thought he was all alone at home he called his friends and invited them to a party. Surprisingly for little Tim his stepdad Brad was also at home and overheard his conversation. Brad agreed for him to have a party but in return he had a favor to ask. Tim had to work on Brad's daddy cock. Little Tim gladly gave the favor using his mouth, hands, hole. He sucked every inch of that thick daddy cock to which daddy repaid him by licking Tim's boy pussy and banging it afterwards.

Stars: Brad Kalvo, Timothy Drake

JackBuddies 113 – Dalton & Kyle Flip Fuck!

Video: JackBuddies 113 - Dalton & Kyle Flip Fuck!
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Studio: Gemini Studios
Gemini Studios presents "Jackbuddies 113," starring Dalton Mitchell and Kyle. As a warmup, the very handsome Dalton Mitchell is introduced in a solo scene. He lays on the bed with his anal plug inserted perfectly into his young ass and strokes his cock. It isn't long before he's given some assistance by and unseen handsman but then he's right back to stroking himself. He plasters himself in cum. What a mess! Now it's time for him to get it on with Kyle, who's been waiting in anticipation. Dalton gets right down to business when he starts sucking Kyles cock right before he fucks his ass. But then it's Kyle's turn as he returns the favor and cums all over Dalton's asshole. A very horny Dalton finishes himself off and drops a load of his own on Kyle's chest. Talk about reciprocation!

Stars: Dalton Mitchell, Kyle (Gemini)

Keep Watching

Video: Keep Watching
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Dante Colle has found himself caught up in Damien Stone and Aston Spring's kink fantasy. Gagged and eyes taped open, Dante has no choice but to keep watching as his beefy captors begin this bareback fuckfest. Dante's own fantasies are fulfilled when he is invited to create a steaming 3 way jizz fest. In next scenes hot hunks are paired up for some one on one action.

Stars: Aston Springs, Brad Banks, Damien Stone (i), Dante Colle, Devin Vex, Izaak Aziz, Tobias (i), Xavier Ryan

Cesars Pleasures

Video: Cesars Pleasures
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Studio: VictorCodyXXX
In the spring of the year 48 BC, Roman Emperor Cesar Xes has come into a position of great power and influence, and Senator Sextus burns with jealousy toward Cesar. Sextus has just been informed that his boy Jizzian, whom he loves fucking most in all the world, has been defiled with the cum of Emperor Cesar. This 5 part series takes you to ancient Rome. It is a time of decadence, hardcore barebacking orgies and sexual rivalries. Enjoy this mix of drama and erotica, brought to you by the studios of Victor Cody.

Stars: Cesar Xes, Clarke Kent, Dalton Dawg, Ethan Palmer, Travis Woods

Airport Security Vol. 20

Video: Airport Security Vol. 20
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
Jakub Smolik has been detained in airport security where Nikol Monak punishes him for his crimes. He rips his clothes, pins clamps on his nipples and spanks him prior to fucking the sexy ass of his. In the second scene we have a simular situation only this time it's the guard who's getting banged. Viktor Adam grabs the opportunity to seize Laco Meido, ties his hands and releases the dirty fantasy he has been saving up for him.

Stars: Jakub Smolik, Laco Meido, Nikol Monak, Viktor Adam

Ali Richardson Fucks Fraser Jacs

Video: Ali Richardson Fucks Fraser Jacs
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We've got bisexual Ali Richardson back in the studio for his first duo; luckily for him, sexy and furry Fraser Jacs is here to break him in gently! Fraser swallows Ali's cock, even gagging himself, before the two get into a sixty-nine. Although Ali has experimented with some bottoming activities, we had him top Fraser this time around. He does a bang up job, too, fucking the cum right out of Fraser before firing off himself!

Stars: Ali Richardson, Fraser Jacs

My Dentist Is Good Fucker

Video: My Dentist Is Good Fucker
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Kamel Crunch did a dentist training for 3 months and it was enough for him to proclaim himself a Dental Surgeon. He moved to Toulouse and his first guest/ patient arrives…Sunny Blue who is very good looking and also very horny. While Sunny waits in the dentist chair Sunny begins to jerk off until Kamel walks in and takes good care of his patients cock and ass.

Stars: Kamel Crunch, Sunny Blue (Male)