Sporting Spunkers

Video: Sporting Spunkers
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Studio: Sport Ladz
Whether they’re at the gym or in the showers, when these young and sporty guys are in the mood, nothing will stop them from getting their needs handled! Starring Zac Powers, Darren Rider, Ruslan Brodovich, indulge in FIVE hardcore scenes of twinky jocks sucking each other’s huge cocks, rimming tight holes and pounding until they explode!

Stars: Nick Daniels, Anthony Corbett , Ruslan Brodovich, Damian Brass, Clode Volf, Michael Jay, Fred Terry, Jesse Shaw, Darren Rider, Zac Powers, Alan Craft, Jacob Bishop, John Hill, Pelo Passo

Raw Twink X

Video: Raw Twink X
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Studio: Whistleblower
These baby-faced twinks are hungry for a little raw action…and they’re not ashamed to satisfy their appetites! Watch as they whip out their uncut monster cocks and get right to action—sloppy blowjobs, hardcore threesomes and hot bareback action that can only end with loads upon loads of sticky cum explosions!

Stars: Jerry, Simon, Garry, Ricky (Male)

Deep Sea Drillin

Video: Deep Sea Drillin
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Studio: Joe Schmoe Productions
Even out and away in the middle of the sea, nothing stops Joe Schmoe and his horny comrades from getting down to business! While on the boat, join Joe, Black Joe and Redneck Daddy as they suck each other’s thick cocks, 69 and fuck completely raw until they can’t hold off their major cum loads!

Stars: Black Joe, Joe Schmoe, Redneck Daddy

Auditions 6 – STR8 So Cal Recruits

Video: Auditions 6 - STR8 So Cal Recruits
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Studio: SpunkWorthy
They aren’t from the military, but these straight guys from Cali are ready to stroke until they shoot their loads in front of the camera! Mike is the first up to bat and shows no shame in his game when he whips it out, strokes fast and furious until he spews a hot load. He had so much fun he came back for another scene with his faithful fleshlight! If you love to watch a man take matters into his own hands then this is the DVD for you with eight hardcore self-serving scenes that’ll drain you to the last drop and panting for more!

Stars: Seth, Zack, Nathan, Thiago, Mike Gold, Cal

Off Duty

Video: Off Duty
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Studio: Iron Horse
Ever wonder what cops do after work? Off Duty satisfies that desire to know just what cops do after work! Starring Vince Siciliano, Rob Jones, Anthony DeMarco, Jake Russell, Joe Russell and Nick Dibona. You will definitely want to be put under arrest by one of these hotties!

Stars: Joe Russell, Vince Siciliano, Rob Jones, Anthony DeMarco, Jake Russell, Nick Dibona

Meet Spike

Video: Meet Spike
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Studio: Hammer & Sickle
For these guys, the kinkier, the better when it comes to sex—and they’re definitely going all the way! Adorned in leather in spikes, watch this horny, masked top shove his thick cock down the throat of his submissive bottom that can’t wait to be dominated. From there, they fuck completely raw in a variety of positions that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of!

3 Degrees Of Humiliation

Video: 3 Degrees Of Humiliation
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Studio: TitanMen
Stuffed and whipped with a giant dildo: Mean top Doug Jeffries spies tough bottom Michael Vista peddling the flesh in West Hollywood and decides to take him back to his party place.

2nd degree finds Will Clark "accidentally" dropping some skin mags in front of gardener Rick Allen. While attempting to engage in small talk, Allen calls Clark a pig and fucks him in the garden

Third degree is the hottest with Cole Tucker and Robert Black. Tucker brings Black to his playroom, gets him in the sling and treats him like a pup complete with doggie dish! WOOF!

Stars: Cole Tucker, Robert Black, Rick Allen, Mike Vista, Doug Jeffries, Will Clark

The Last Resort

Video: The Last Resort
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Studio: Bad Boys
Taking some time off to go to a resort can be relaxing - especially when there are plenty of hard cocks to suck on and tight twink butts to fuck! A trip to the weight room can be penetrating, but it can't top the twink-on-stud threesome. You name it; it's in this movie. Do you need a weekend off?

Stars: Kevin, Walid Khalifa, Antoine Lambe, Marc Lefort, David Roig, Julien Slupianek, Olivier Le Grand, Matrix (M)

“For Men Only” A Hot Classic Scene






The loop “For Men Only” produced by Falcon Studios and now part of the “Huge 1” collection from Bijou Classics is the tasty dessert of a four course feast for the eyes. Re-mastered from celluloid, this film radiates with the raw anonymous passion of yesteryear. Starring Lee Ryder, Matt Stoker, and Rick Jensen “For Men Only” is the gas station fantasy three-way you’ve dreamt about CUM to life.

Lee Ryder, whose impressive cock will remain an icon in itself, stars as a fine looking, blonde yuppie sporting a classic green Lacoste polo. Pulling into the gas station in his fancy schmansy (I don’t know cars but possibly it’s a Nova) automobile and instructs the tall blonde attendant to “put in ten bucks” which in his world might equal close to seven and a half gallons which is about a half a tank worth; hey, the guy’s got on a Lacoste and a nice watch, he can afford it. Crude inflation calculations indicate in today’s world he might have been able to get about three gallons which means if it is a Nova he’s driving, in 1982 he would have been able to travel 87 miles vs. today’s 35 miles. I’m glad he doesn’t have to drive far… that car only gets 11.6 miles per gallon, but I digress.

*Let’s have a look at Lee…


Of course Lee has to take a piss, or rub one out in the station bathroom and it looks like the attendant does too. Inside we will find a commodious restroom of generous proportions and very little privacy decorated in the fashion of the day (glossy white paint over cinder block, blue trim on the stall, and a standard porcelain wash basin with simple mirror. This ain’t Versailles you know!). The soundtrack to this scene is nice, and you will soon find out, the dubbed voices are kitschy Kool too.

After a peek of what’s going on over the hardly private stall wall, gas station attendant guy pulls out his own impressive fuel nozzle of which Lee goes down on with relish! While these two are going at it we’re introduced to MY favorite player in this scene.

* I have no clue who this guy is, he could be either Rick or Matt, I’m not sure? Bijou or Falcon, if you’re reading this, help an Otter out.

Looking fine in his black tank and tight denim (they leave little to the imagination) our dark haired friend is cruising the streets, no doubt lookin for some dick. What better place to find what his quivering boy hole is looking for than the local gas station?

Entering the restroom (notice the lovely exterior veneer of cast stone) our new buddy spots some movement in the stall. Ok, it’s not like the thing even has a door, he would have spotted Lee sucking off the station attendant instantly, but it’s cute how he gets on his tip toes and peeks over to see what the guys are doing before he too strips down.

*To be noted, I like some nasty stuff, but there is no way in hell you are ever going to get me to take off my shoes and go barefoot in a gas station restroom… I will keep my boots on though.

Lee’s getting sucked off by the attendant, obviously needing his mouth full again and our brunette obliges him gracefully before face fucking the yuppie stud. (Favorite part of this. When he strips off Lee’s shirt and buries his face in his arm pit. LOVE IT!) Time for things to heat up this cold concrete room!

*Armpit lickin good!

The brunette muscle boy offers up his ass for Lee’s cock with his mouth taking care of the attendant’s fuzzy hole. Rimming away, this little bottom is loving Lee’s cock up inside of him, so much so he releases the first load of the loop!

Now for a position one doesn’t see every day. Lee straddles the base of the toilet while the dark haired boy (Rick, Matt? WHO ARE YOU?) squats down on him bracing himself on the bowl. Meanwhile attendant dude has also straddled the toilet, almost sitting on the tank so our enthusiastic bottom can continue work on his sizable meat.

Our employee of the month is definitely going to be this attendant who rubs out a nice splattering of spunk, I hope no one notices it on his Dickies, then again I’m sure they’ve got plenty of other stains.

Nope, nothin, not even a “Nice to meet you too!” he just walks off after getting off. He got what he came for…

*Honestly I would have liked to see him fuck this dark haired muscle boy, who by the way bears a striking resemblance to Snow White’s prince. Don’t cha think?

*The above image is from a non-restored copy of the loop*

*I myself have always had a thing for Phillip… He’s so tall and handsome…

*And kinky!

*Much more fun than Prince Charming, although I bet Ty Roderick could put that cock hungry twink in his place. Just sayin.


Anyway, our aggressive bottom continues riding Lee both reverse cowboy and traditional cowboy until he cums a second time. (There are some nice shots here of Lee’s beautiful full set of balls.) This time though, he gets his sloppy dick in Lee’s mouth to taste his creamy goodness… I bet it was marvelous.

For a finale mister dark hair dismounts his steed as Lee strokes his mighty meat, spattering himself with juice from his aching balls. Our brunette eagerly licks the cum off of Lee’s fingers and still rock hard dick like an insatiable little sex monster I would totally fuck.

Now, upon writing this blog and adding my images to the post, I believe I may have identified Rick Jensen as the sexy gas station attendant (by a patch on his shirt that reads Rick) leaving my dark haired crush to be Matt Stoker. Hopefully this mystery has been solved! Make sure to check out “Huge 1″ on C’mon! Follow me on Twitter @Otter_Holt and on Facebook too!

-The Otter

Live By The Sword

Video: Live By The Sword
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Studio: All Worlds Video
Dirk Yates has his jarheads getting down and dirty in this military fuckfest. And as an extra bonus, it features the return of hungry, blond bottom Jake Cannon. The film starts with two fully dressed Marines, Sgt. Sledge and Austin. As Austin fantasizes, he pictures his commanding officer naked with a big hard-on. The two men then caress and stroke their erect stiffies. The two then grab each other's cocks and jerk off Then the C.O. barks a command and the young jarhead snaps out of it. Next three guys are complaining about the sergeant and what better way to relax than a filthy hot three way! Austin and Cody are on leave and don't have to worry about being caught; they dive on each other's massive tools, and fuck until they release their hot loads. Finally, a new commander and his hunky aide arrive to whip Sledge into shape. These three power suckers and fuckers don't let up until they're all milked dry!

Stars: Danny, Cade Devilin, Sledge Sawyer, Austin Brooks, Jake Cannon, Cody Davidson, Beer Can Steve, Walt Walters, Jake