Raw Leather Demons

Video: Raw Leather Demons
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Studio: Hairy And Raw

Sometimes you want things you probably shouldn't have, things that will cost in some fashion. We don't mean financially. We're talking about the emotional toll exacted on your soul when you finally get what you want and it turns out to be different than how you imagined. Not better, not worse. Just...different. Take Mason Lear as an example. He's wanted Angel Ferrari for a while now. And let's face it, Angel is the complete package, not only for Mason. Angel is tall, dark, and handsome, with a brooding sensuality and a big cock. And he's quiet. There's just something about that kind of man that makes some quiver with excitement and gets them wet. When Mason finally got what he wanted he knew he was in for more than just a touchy-feely sort of fuck. Angel crawled into Mason's mind, pushing out all thought of camera and crew. Instead, Angel connected with Mason's holes, using them as if they were nothing more than toys to bring him pleasure. From fucking Mason's throat and slapping those big floppy balls in Mason's face, to dumping his seed inside Mason's fuck hole. Is it any wonder he fantasized about what kissing Angel might be like? Or to be allowed to jerk himself off during, and not just after Angel had come? Yes, Angel got a cum facial and ate most of Mason's load but there's just something alluring about catching that elusive selfish lover that brings out the unworthy whore in many of us. Ummm…hello? Angel? Are you there? Damn. Here we go again, sniffing around after some hot sweaty guy with a big cock to use us for his -- and his only -- pleasure. Turns out Angel has his own sexual demons to wrestle. Oh, heart be still!

Hank Aarons and Sean Knight wanted to play together, so we set them up in a dark space with some fetish gear and let them direct themselves. Immediately, bearded and furry Sean went for the blindfold and just waited for Sean to appear. When he did, the beefy fucker suited up and set free his inhibitions. Normally a sweet, fun-loving guy, Hank turned into a sexual dynamo, unleashing pent-up emotions onto Sean and using the bottom hunk as his personal whore. Not that Sean minded. On the contrary. With Hank taking charge of his hairy ass and bareback fucking his hungry hole, all Sean could do was buckle up because it was definitely one hell of a bumpy ride, with Hank spraying his seed all over Sean's hot ass!

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see yourself as you really are? Or do you see something within, yearning to break free? We asked Declan Moore to take a look in the mirror. But not just any mirror. Our mirror. It's a special mirror that shows you your deepest, most innermost passions. We told Declan to take a long, deep, hard look. What he found was darker and edgier than anything we expected, and certainly darker than he'd every gone before. This scene, with Sean Knight, is the result of Declan's introspection. A scene where the thin, tattooed and pierced waif-like Declan is told what to do, all without Sean actually ever being verbal. Declan devours the bearded stud's cock but it's Declan's ass that takes the beat down, pumped full of raw cock, bareback fucked by the hairy, muscled leather hunk. The entire time, Declan is hard as a rock, his stiff cock swinging back and fourth as Sean pumps away. Sean sprays his seed all over Declan's ass then seeding his hole, which only pushes Declan to shoot one of the biggest loads we've seen! Okay, so maybe it wasn't all that far from the things Declan is willing to do but this was definitely one of his fantasies. A fantasy we were more than happy to help him fulfill. For him. For Sean. For us. Now, what about you? What will YOU see when you look in our special mirror. We invite you to take a look. And make sure you stare deep, long and extra hard. Just don't be surprised by what is revealed. Your innermost sexual desire!

There's something about a red convertible sports car that drives many of us wild. The pulse quickens, the cock stirs, and all you can think of is taking those little horses out for a spin. That, and shoving your raw cock balls deep inside a pliable willing fuckhole. Not that we needed to add the car to the mix when we paired thick hung Zachery Rhys and cock hungry Declan Moore. Dressed in leather gear, an unparalleled lust builds between Zachery and Declan, a lust that can only be described as sexual torque. They haven't even left the garage yet! If you've ever received — or given — a blow job in a car, or actually fucked in a hot set of wheels — with a cum-in-hole ending — you understand. The two make out, almost romantically, but the action builds. Zachery gives Declan that big fat cock, fucking him bareback. And he just keeps on fucking, with plenty of horsepower, fucking the jizz out of Declan, who strokes one out while getting pounded. Zachery spews a copious amount of liquid protein all over Declan's balls and freshly fucked hole before seeding him with the last of his sweet nectar. Think of it as filling up the tank. Only with cum. Ready to ride?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to sex. One camp believes it's the top who's in charge, because he's the one fucking. The other camp argues the bottom is in charge, because without the bottom, tops simply wouldn't have a hole to fuck. It's kinda like, which came first, the chicken or the egg. Well, we're not about to open up that can of worms and we don't know if this scene with Atlas Grant and Brian Bonds will finally lay the argument to rest about tops and bottoms. All we know is that Brian, who makes a good top, makes one hell of an aggressive bottom! Clad in boots and leather gear, he's hanging out and chilling in a sling, drinking his head. The scruffy blond sex whore soon calls for beefy, hairy muscle bear, Atlas, to serve him more. But mead isn't the only thing on Brian's mind. He needs cock. He lets out his inner whore — though, truth be told it wasn't that well-hidden — and gives Atlas a rash of commands, bossing him around and getting Atlas to suck his cock AND his hole. Yes, we do mean sucking his hole, not just rimming. You'll be able to tell by the piggy, wonderfully nasty sounds they make. Speaking of sounds, you'll swear Atlas and Brian are doing more than just fucking bareback. They're rutting like snorting, sex-crazed animals, complete with sweat, spit and cum in all the right places.

Stars: (M) Angel Ferrari, Atlas Grant, Brian Bonds, Declan Moore, Lion Reed, Mason Lear, Sean Knight, Zachery Rhys

Aymeric DeVille Creampied by XXL

Video: Aymeric DeVille Creampied by XXL
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Studio: Gay French Bareback Video
Jess Royan picked out these two beautiful men to fuck bareback on camera! Aymeric DeVille and Mister Nours got together since they've been already buddies for a long time they didn't need to get to know each other. And without hesitation, they were down to experience each=-others dicks and asses. They flip-Flop and cum, getting so much pleasure that it's clearly seen on their faces!

Stars: Aymeric DeVille , Mister Nours

Blowing Off Steam

Video: Blowing Off Steam
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Studio: Colby Knox
After a long day of travel, Alex Killborn and Logan Taylor finally arrive at their hotel. Logan is upset because their luggage was lost at the airport and Alex is looking for a way to cheer him up and get his mind off the bags. Alex figures the best way to do that is by putting Logan’s dick deep down his throat. Alex pushes Logan against the bar in the hotel room and they start making out. The over stressed Logan hops on to the bar and Alex kneels on a stool in front of him to slide off his pants. Once his pants are removed, Alex buries his face on Logan’s thick cock. Logan grabs the back of his head shoving his cock down his throat. Logan is happy to get his dick hard and wet in Alex’s mouth before he bends him over to shove that cock deep in his ass. Pushing him against the bar, its Logan’s turn to kneel on the stool and eat Alex’s ass. Using his tongue to get that tight hole wet, he takes his time to open his ass for his cock. He thrusts his dick deep into Alex’s ass with one hard push and that releases a deep moan. Logan gets right into an ass slapping rhythm that has his balls slapping on the back of Alex’s ass as he pounds his cock deep in his hole. Wanting to push every thick inch of his cock deep into Alex, he grabs his shoulders and pulls him back farther on his shaft. Later, Logan is happy to reciprocate a good fucking by bending over and taking Alex’s thick cock deep in his tight hole. They fuck on a table in front of the hotel room’s window for a hot taste of voyeuristic action. Alex is pounding balls deep in Logan’s hole while he sucks on his own finger and begs for him to fuck harder. Alex pulls his cock out of Logan just in time to shoot a huge load of warm cum all over his balls and chest. Logan then stand to give Alex a cum facial bringing a sticky ending to this new gay porn release. These studs learn you don’t need luggage when you spend the afternoon fucking in the hotel room.

Stars: Alex Killborn, Logan Taylor

Toned God Teddy Bryce tied in Rope Bondage

Video: Toned God Teddy Bryce tied in Rope Bondage
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Studio: Kink.com
Young submissive male Teddy Bryce gets restrained in severe rope bondage. A sadistic dominant male beats the front of his body with a stiff leather strap. Teddy shouts out in suffering as a huge zipper is ripped off of his cock and balls. He gags and chokes on his master's massive cock and licks up a huge load of jizz that gets shot all over his face. What a good boy he is!

Stars: Teddy Bryce, Trenton Ducati

Mix Tape Vol. 2

Video: Mix Tape Vol. 2
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Studio: Boom Box
In Mixtape Vol. 2, Boomer Banks is up for round two of hot raw action with some of the best stars in the industry: JJ Knight, Max Adonis, Jack Vidra, and Nate Stetson. Cocks will be sucked! Holes will be filled! This Mixtape is filled with the greatest hits! Lust and passion is the main thing for these men, their fit bodies, chiseled faces and genitals won't leave anyone cold-hearted!

Stars: Boomer Banks, Jack Vidra, JJ Knight, Max Adonis, Mr. Big (i), Nate Stetson

Ride Share

Video: Ride Share
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Studio: Raging Stallion
Hunks all overuse, 'Rideshare' to get them to and from where they need to be. Award-winning director Steve Cruz mans the camera and examines the endless possibilities of random hook-ups with eager passengers and horny drivers in hardcore, sucking and fucking action. When Alex Mecum and Jay Austin end up in a car together, they start making out in the back seat. Jay gets out at Alex's stop and the studs end up fucking in Alex's kitchen, leaving Jay a sticky mess from head to balls. Seth Santoro calls his regular hook-up Sean Maygers, over for some fun. When Sean arrives, the two take turns sucking each other’s cock before Sean slams Seth's hairy ass and fills his mouth with a fresh load. Jay Landford catches his employee, Bruno Bernal, driving for ‘Rideshare’ while on company time. When Jay threatens to fire Bruno, the hunk quickly gets on his knees to service his boss in hopes of saving his job. Jay fucks the cum out of Bruno’s hard cock twice and then pulls out to cover the muscle stud with jizz. Max Konnor accidentally sends his ‘Rideshare’ driver, Riley Mitchel, his dick pic. Riley is upset and knocks on Max's door but when Max answers in a towel, Riley has a change of heart and bends over to get his asshole stretched by the ripped hunk. When ‘Rideshare’ driver Austin Wolf sees Pheonix Fellington and Kurtis Wolfe sucking each other off in the mirror, Austin pulls over to climb in the back seat with them. The three studs alternate sucking cock and fucking ass until each of them ends up with a load on their chiseled bodies. The next time you use 'Rideshare', be prepared for a different kind of ride that will leave you sore and drained!

Stars: Alex Mecum, Austin Wolf, Bruno Bernal, Jay Austin, Jay Landford, Kurtis Wolfe, Max Konnor, Pheonix Fellington, Riley Mitchel, Sean Maygers, Seth Santoro

Helpless Boys – Alen Jackson

Video: Helpless Boys - Alen Jackson
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Studio: Fetish Network Men
Skinny white-boy Alen Jackson is stranded somewhere in the woods. He manages to flag down a plain white van and persuades a sexy Latino driver, Tim, to give him a lift to the nearest payphone. When he reveals that he's got no money to pay gas, Tim gives him an ultimatum; sexually submit or get out and walk. Alen relents and soon has his wrists bound with rope and a mouthful of Latin cock. Tim harshly fucks poor little Alen's ass red then blasts him with a facial cumshot.

Stars: Alen Jackson, Tim, Tim Haines

Big And Bigger 5

Video: Big And Bigger 5
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Studio: Eagle Video
Eagle Video is back with its fifth volume to the series Big and Bigger. Four hardcore bareback scenes and almost two hours. The first scene, they start of jerkin off together and the blonde gets his assed stuffed hard. Face fucking; toe licking and footjobs are in the next scene. A photo shoot turns into a good hot fuck in the ass for these two hotties. Then a threesome with lots of hardcore oral and anal action!

Hidden Cam with 2 XXL Cock

Video: Hidden Cam with 2 XXL Cock
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Niko Rekins is about to get fucked so he sets up a hidden camera, John Scott and Greg Kiff come over and the fun begins! These three French boys are filthy fuckers, Niko loves sniffing smelly sneakers and John and Greg get even harder at the sight of that! Niko loves getting spit roasted by those two, moaning hard while pleasure is simply seen on his face and when those tops can't take it anymore they cum on Nikos pretty face!

Stars: Greg Kiff, John Scott, Niko Rekins

Anything For Cash

Video: Anything For Cash
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Studio: Gemini Studios

21-year-old Cody is down on his luck. No job, no money, no future. He was walking home when Mark saw him and he begged Mark to let him wash his windshield for $2. They got to talking and after Mark made sure of his age, they went back to the studio for Cody’s first XXX shoot. After a revealing interview where we learn about his life and sex history, he is eager to get naked. We see that he is a beefy dude, fairly smooth with a thick patch of pubes. His cock looks meaty and his balls look heavy. He jacks off on a thick rug shooting a load of thick white jizz on his belly. As we watch he takes a hot shower.

Two days later he wants to work again but make more money. Mark explains the pay scale in the gay4pay industry and Cody listens intently. Though he may do more, later, right now toys sound like his thing. He gets naked and positions himself so his beefy ass is accessible. Mark fingers him first and then Cody slips a digit deep into his ass for the first time. Jacking his thick cut cock as he does, Cody seems to like the feeling. After fucking his virgin hole with 2 fingers, Mark gives him a bullet-shaped vibrator and Cody tries to put it in. He can’t quite get it, so Mark steps in and slides it all the way in jacking Cody’s meant to distract him. He likes the vibration and continues to play with his cock which seems to get bigger as it gets harder. Mark shows him a big red butt plug and Cody agrees to try it. He can’t quite get in far enough, so he tries the glass plug. He can’t get it either but gets the red one firmly in place ion his second try. Once the latex toy is in, he likes it and says he’s going to cum quickly. And he does. Cody repositions himself and the movement makes the plug hit his “spot” and he shoots 6 spurts of thick cum as the lug flies out of his ass. He is amazed and can’t quite grasp the experience he just had. How could putting something in his ass give him the best orgasm ever? How indeed! When he’s recovered he takes a hot shower and again we get to watch.

Stars: Cody