Real Men 45

Video: Real Men 45
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Studio: Workin' Men Videos
For those who prefer amateur homemade gay porn, this gritty look at real men jacking off is well worth considering. These 8 videos were filmed by a guy who likes harsh, ragged and hairy men. Gay, straight, bisexual, curious, or confused, all have one thing in common. They are everyday hard working blue collar guys, who are trying their best to navigate through life...

Stars: Chris, Cobra, Dave, Jeremy, Nick, Raymond, Tattoo, TJ (M)

Dick Swap

Video: Dick Swap
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His room mate slim Nikko Russo isn't using it, although tattooed cutie Theo Ross wants to receive his dick wet. Muscular Theo purchases a 3 d dildo sexdoll although they could off watching him ride an idea and swaps places with the ring if Theo takes it off to answer the doorway. Slip his cock, and he puts himself at precisely exactly the exact same spot using his dick, and begs in the future straight back.

Alex Mecum and Jeremy Spreadums love to roast their buddy Colton Grey for being a total slut, but even they are starting to get curious about the limits of his promiscuity. The two horny hunks set-up a classic fake-cock-in-the-bed trap, which the athletic

When Mac Savage spots his neighbor, Johnny Rapid, practicing his blowjob skills on a rubber sex doll, he decides that watching the action isn't good enough. The mustached hunk lures Johnny away from the toy, and when the hard and horny twink isn't looking

Stars: Alex Mecum, Colton Grey, Dirk Caber, Jeremy Spreadums, Johnny Rapid, Mac Savage, Nikko Russo, Theo Ross

Dutybound 56

Video: Dutybound 56
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Studio: William Higgins Productions

Sexy and cute str8 guy Alan Hemar is at the mercy of Leo Dinar. They are in the dungeon and Alan is gagged and shackled as the hooded Leo slaps his and gropes him. Alan writhes around and moans as he feels the harsh hand pulling on his dick and his hair. He also feels Leo's whip and has his nipples pulled as well. Alan moans loudly as hot straight guy Leo really works on that sexy body. All his works arouse Alan whose cock gets very hard. Then Leo's big, hard, the cock is out of his pants and Alan's gag is lowered so he can suck the rigid tool...

Our sexy Jan Nurad is gagged and shackled, with his naked ass on show. He is soon being agonized by Oleg Hubert who is hooded as he feels all over Jan's hot, naked, body. He whips Jan's sexy ass using his hole too. Then Oleg has a dildo on a pole which he slides deep into Jan's hot ass hole. Jan moans loudly as he tight hole is fucked deep by the dildo. That hole gets a real good work out before the dildo is removed. Then Jan's ass is spanked too as he keeps up his moaning. He turned over, still gagged and shackled, to feel Oleg's big, stiff, dick deep in his ass.

Alan Hemar is hooded, shackled and wearing just his underwear, in which his cock seems very hard. Milan Neros arrives and finds Alan ready for him. Milan stands behind Alan and runs hands all over the sexy chest, pulling on the nipples. Alan wriggles around as he feels hands and then mouth on his chest as his cock is rubbed in the underwear. Milan gropes that underwear and pulls Alan's cock out. He pulls on the balls and slaps the cock as Alan moans...

Stars: Milan Neros, Alan Hemar, Jan Nurad, Leo DInar, Oleg Hubert

Matt Fucked By Kamel

Video: Matt Fucked By Kamel
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Matt Limou is awaiting the arrival of the sexy stud, Kamel Crunch. If his ear-to-ear smile isn't enough to indicate how eager he is, maybe you'll be convinced by how quickly he dives to tickle his tonsils with Kamel's meaty fuck-stick! Once he's rock hard, Kamel readies Matt by rimming the back door before dick diving balls deep in doggy position. The horny pair go at it hard only to end with a shared masturbation session that leaves them both covered in cum.

Stars: Kamel Crunch, Matt Limou

Black Jackin

Video: Black Jackin
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Studio: Rockafellaz Entertainment
These hot and fit chocolate men love showing off their big schlongs on the camera, modelling posing and jerking off. Alex Drake is a horny bottom who loves some anal play to reach the point of climax so he sticks a dildo up his ass and then releases his hot juice all over the couch and so do his other friends!

Stars: Alex Drake (i), Christopher Cole, Dreezy Longwood, Syncere Whyte, Tonio Fox

Load Up My Ass

Video: Load Up My Ass
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Studio: Breed Me Media
Hot jock bottoms love to get their ass barebacked and loaded up deep and us Tops agree that is what they were born for! Pheonix Fellington, Trey Turner, Dusty Williams and Teddy Bryce all beg their tops to load up their jock ass and mark their territory. What top can say no to that offer?

Stars: Dusty Williams, Hans Berlin, Mason Lear, Pheonix Fellington, Teddy Bryce, Trey Turner, Tyler Reed

Young Raw Savages

Video: Young Raw Savages
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Studio: Black Rayne Productions
Get ready for two hours of bareback Black brothas in action: Ciroc Nasty and Gio; Ali Savage and Brayden; Ciroc Nasty and Day Day; and a hot threeway starring Knight, Kyd Foster, and Mr. Buck!

Stars: Ali Savage, Brayden, Ciroc Nasty, Day Day, Gio, Knight, Kyd Foster, Mr. Buck

The Evolution Of King Memphitz

Video: The Evolution Of King Memphitz
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Studio: Raw Dreamz
The Evolution of King Memphitz is an introduction to a new era of adult entertainment: The films cinema & its star actor, King Memphitz are visual masterpieces that displays never scene before performances & skill-sets, guaranteed to cause shock & awe throughout the adult entertainment world. With major Caribbean charm & urban swagger, Memphitz Creamer escapes from the bullshit of the oldschool gay sex film industry and becomes King Memphitz; a new & improved, more exciting, enticing, adventurous, kinky & as freaky as they come. King Memphitz has energy and passion that the world has been lusting for. The Evolution of King Memphitz is an urban adult sensation, delivering the kinkiest and fetish filled, jaw-dropping sex on film.

Stars: Holliwud, Memphitz

American Bukkake – Military Grade

Video: American Bukkake - Military Grade
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Studio: Dragon Media
Men in the military get horny all the time and with no women around they turn to their buddies for some stress relief so they can drain their balls that have been filled with cum for a long long time, and who else to spill it on than their military buddies?!

Stars: Andrew Fitch, Austin Ryan, Billie Ramos, Franco Scott, Hans Berlin, Johnny Hazzard, Josh Kole, Josh Stone (i), Rodney Steele, Seth Knight, Tony Dazzle

Day For Bareback

Video: Day For Bareback
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Studio: Raw Euro

Gerasim Spartak is a sexy hunk taking his shower and wanking it a bit. He's just horny all the time so he had to pull one-off. As he was doing so, Sammy Trakuza, the aroused bastard was spying on his ass. He was as silent as a mouse but still was enjoying the show. Once Gerasom left the shower, he was pleased to see Sammy since now, he has a hole to place his erect schlong. Once they finish with their foreplay, the dudes start sucking each other off. Gerasim was even so kind to lick up Sammy's dick but it was his ass that was about to get it. He flipped Sammy into a doggy style position and parked his pecker as deep as it could go. They fucked in a couple of positions and finished both in a missionary one, with goo dripping from their meaty pipes.

Luke Ward is a hunky looking dude lying on the bed waiting for his masseur Will Kade to come along and take care of his sore back muscles and probably buttocks. Will mounts his lower back and pours body oil so he can start the massage but already, this bastard is thinking about sucking Luke's prick since he's a stud like no other. Will of course, once Luke rolled over on his back, his dick was up for grabs. In no time, Will was stroking it, just so his mouth can stuff its whole length into his deep throat. Luke undressed Will as he was getting blown and now, Will is mounting that prick to get fucked. Once on top of the pleasure maker, they went at it hard, where Luke was fast to reach his pinnacle since that tight hole was way too hot for him. He came before Will's eager twink face!

James Huck just woke up and still has a raging boner that won't go down. It's bothering him. He walks into the kitchen where Pedro Ramos is just chilling. The moment James walks in Pedro notices that bulging boner that's hiding in his pants. He got the tingles by just imagining it. To make things better, they start making out deeply, setting the mood for the very raw experience. The guys take their shirts off first, then the pants and it's James who starts sucking Pedro off first. They switch, and this is where James gets horny as fuck making his dick hard like iron! The guys take it to the living room where Pedro rides James cowboy style, then reverse, then doggy before James busts his nut all over Pedro, his impeccable love toy!

Bjorn Nykvist is chilling out on the bed, completely laid back and with his manhood already out and in his hands. Those big and firm hands fit so beautifully with that really big and really thick cock of his. So while he's loosening up and stroking it off, his super hot lover Alex Morgan decides that it's time to join in and does it in style! The nipple pierced bottom sucks on Bjorn's already aroused man meat with real devotion, but Bjorn isn't someone who forgives favours, so he returns the amazing blowjob to his boyfriend along with a deep ass licking session as well! Now that is a clear signal that it's time for the real action to begin and it starts off with doggy style! Bjorn penetrates Alex from behind and starts raw pounding his almost virgin ass! The bottom cutie moans out loudly in every single position that they change and welcomes the warm cum load with a smile on his face!

Stars: Alex Morgan, Will Kade, Bjorn Nykvist, Gerasim Spartak, Pedro Ramos, Luke Ward, James Huck, Sammy Trakuza