Cory Sharp Solo

Video: Cory Sharp Solo
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Studio: Pegasus Studios
Cory Sharp sure has one humungous penis and he also loves to show it off. This fit white boy oils up his dong and strokes it like no one’s watching. He plays with his balls while working his dick. He churns his cock until his man butter spurts out. This guy sure knows how to make love to himself and the camera!

Stars: Cory Sharp

A Gushing Load From Gorgeous Scott

Video: A Gushing Load From Gorgeous Scott
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Finally, the sun decided to shine again and as soon as it did the totally HOT Scott S jumped on the train! Ever since we first met he's been real keen to have a ride on my big throbbing machine - and when it came to jerking off at sea Scott's big, fat, uncut dick sure was at full mast ;-) Starting out in his swimming trunks and basking in the summer warmth, Scott's cock is quickly on display and being lovingly stroked... I think the pictures tell a pretty good story of how horny this fella is and looks out on the water so I'm going to keep this write-up short. He wanks his dick in his own casual manner - sometimes fast and other times nice and slow... but he always made sure we could capture it and his hot defined body perfectly! And he was also real good at keeping an eye out for pirates ;-) Gushing his spunk all over the boat's windscreen, I thought we had drained Scott good and proper. But I was wrong... there's an "interesting" little bonus film with this one - for some reason I just had to pick up the camera after we had finished shooting to capture this spunky fella... um... well, you'll just have to watch and find out because I'm not confessing to it in writing :-)

Stars: Scott S.

Cock Sucking Edging Session

Video: Cock Sucking Edging Session
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Studio: Twisted Media
Reece was in a real cock sucking and cum edging mood when he found Josh bound and hanging from the metal scaffolding. His big uncut cock and that snug ass was just too tempting, and after feeding the boy his own big dick he really got to work playing with that ass and working that erection until Josh couldn't hold his cum in!

Stars: Josh Jared, Reece Bentley

Men Of Montreal Vol. 11

Video: Men Of Montreal Vol. 11
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Studio: Men Of Montreal
In the 11th installment of the Men of Montreal series, indulge in SIX scenes full of huge, sexy, bulging muscles and powerful masculinity that will blow you away. In this special edition, Christian Power bottoms like a cha,p, tops like a pro, and even flip flops with the delicious Tyson Tyler. We can't get enough of Christian, and neither will you, in this steamy amateur film hosted by Marko Lebeau.

Stars: Alexy Tyler, Ben Rose, Hayden Colby, Tyson Tyler, Christian Power, Felix Brazeau, Bruno Miles

Splash Shots 3: To The Hilt

Video: Splash Shots 3: To The Hilt
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Studio: Falcon Studios
In the third installment of Splash Shots, it’s time again to dive into the pool and get soaking wet…in more ways than one! With a cast led by Josh Harting, Matthew Rush, Tommy Brandt and more, these ripped, hung and horny studs can’t contain themselves when they get a peek at each other’s sexy bodies after taking a dip in the water…and they’re doing something about it!

Stars: Josh Weston, Roland Dane, Robert Collins, Justin Dragon, Derek Cameron, Charlie Moore (M), Brad Benton, Josh Harting, Jason Hawke, Joe Foster, Daniel Montes, Matthew Rush, Tommy Brandt

The Summer Of Scott Noll

Video: The Summer Of Scott Noll
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Studio: HIS Video
The Summer of Scott Noll could also be called the summer of cum! This boy sure gets around and loves every second of it. He and his pals go from house to house just living it up the gay way! They just can’t get enough and neither can their big-dicked lovers!

Stars: Marc Todd Smith, Nick Jarrett (HIS), Scott Noll, Jeff Star, Lee Culver

Masturbation of 2 Straights

Video: Masturbation of 2 Straights
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While hanging out in the living room, see what happens when two straight buddies are checking out some porn together…the mood strikes and they have to get their needs handle! Side by side naked, indulge in these guys’ washboard abs as they stroke their thick, throbbing cocks until they shoot huge loads all over their bodies!

Boots n’ Recruits Part 2

Video: Boots n' Recruits Part 2
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Studio: SpunkWorthy
In the second installment of 619 Venture’s Boots n’ Recruits series, two more gorgeous hunks have arrived to strip and show you what they’ve got! In this edition, join Fin and Tory as step in front of the camera to give you a peek at their toned bodies, throbbing cocks and huge loads of creamy white cum!

Stars: Finn, Tory (male)


Video: Limits
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Studio: Mustang

Limits marks the directorial debut of Leif Gobo for Mustang. Gobo is an accomplished fetish director in his own right, but Limits exceeds all expectations with four scenes of extreme sex that put all limits to the test. Each expertly crafted scene takes the viewer on a different fetish journey.

Scene one pairs Daddy Brendan Davies with Boy Jake Dakota. Jake submits to Brendan's every whim like a good boy, even servicing Brendan as he goes for a ride on the "Joy Ride" - a device that needs to be seen to be believed.

The second scene features the return of Kristian Alvarez, paired up with Trey Casteel. The two, wearing latex wrestling singlets, wrestle each other's hulking bodies before Kristian fucks Trey.

The third scene is an exploration of submission. Steve Trevor ties Steve Carlisle up with ropes while Brett Mathews watches on, before the three begin an marathon fuck-and-suck session that comes complete with use of substantial dildos.

For the last scene, we find Brendan Davies dominating Steve Cruz and Park Wiley. Brendan even shaves Steve's head before they engage in an unforgettable - but fun - fuck session.

Stars: Trey Casteel, Steve Cruz, Brett Matthews, Kristian Alvarez, Park Wiley, Steve Trevor, Jake Dakota, Steve Carlisle, Brendan Davies

Sex Love And Bareback

Video: Sex Love And Bareback
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“Love, Sex and Bareback” are the three things that these hung studs just simply can’t do without! I mean we know the love a rock hard cock, they love the sex that a rock hard cock can give them…but what they love even more is that thick, throbbing pole gaping that tight hole completely RAW! They’re far from fools – and they don’t cover their tools, but that’s what makes it all the more pleasurable. So cum join the fun, leave all your inhibitions at the door and get ready to get creamed like never before with these four bareback scenes that will keep you cumming back for more!

Stars: Jared King, Vance Crawford, Donny Forza, Dalton Pierce, Maxx Fitch, Bo Nash, Lane Larson