Ambush Massage Vol. 62

Video: Ambush Massage Vol. 62
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Studio: William Higgins Productions

Scene 1) Viktor Adam is one very hot and handsome guy. He has a great body too and lays on the bed ready for a massage. The masseur arrives and takes some oil and then massages Viktor's shoulders. The hands work on the shoulder for a while and then down the back. As he works the back the masseur's hands slide into Viktor's underwear, onto his sexy ass. The underwear is removed revealing that sexy ass. More oil is used as the hands work on that sexy ass and down the thighs as well. Oil is dripped onto the ass and the hands rub it in, slding up and down the ass crack onto Viktor's balls. His cock pushed back between his legs is rubbed too and swells nicely. A hand takes hold of the fat cock, gently wanking it as the other hand rubs over the sexy ass. Fingers rub into the ass crack, and one slips into the tight hole. Viktor is moved onto his knees and the finger keeps gently fucking in and out of his tight hole. His cock is wanked too. A toy appears and is pushed into Viktor's tight hole, opening it up well as his cock is wanked. The toy fucks the hot ass and is then swapped for a thicker one. That really stretches Viktor's hole but he takes it well. It goes deep into his ass as his cock is still being wanked. The toy comes out and Viktor turns onto his back. His big cock is wanked and then the masseur leans over and sucks it. We see that it is the sexy Alan Carly doing the work and he sucks that dick so well. The fat cock is rock hard as Alan sucks and wanks it, rubbing Viktor's chest at the same time. Then Alan wanks the cock hard and fast. Viktor's balls are tight against the shaft of his fat dick as it shoots a big load all over his belly.

Scene 2) Adam Kader is a very hot guy. He looks good as he walks in and lays on the bed for a massage. The masseur arrives and takes some oil and then starts to massage Adam's back and shoulders. Adam is so relaxed as the expert hands work down his back. The hands slide under the waistband of the underwear, pushing it down off Adam's hairy ass. More oil is used to massage into that sexy ass. The cheeks are squeezed as the hands roam all over them. Then Adam's underwear is removed and his cock is pulled down between his legs. The hairy ass cheeks are parted, showing his hole, which opens up nicely. A hand rubs over Adam's cock too and more oil is dripped onto his ass. Adam moves onto his knees and one hand wanks his stiff cock as a finger from the other slips into the hot hole. The finger goes in so deep and fucks the hole as Adam's rock hard cock is wanked. Then two fingers work deep into the hot hole. The two fingers go in right up to the knuckles as Adam's cock stays rock hard. Then his hole gets fucked by a toy too before he turns over for his chest to be oiled as his big, fat, cock is wanked again. The hand is wrapped tight around that big cock and wanks it until it releases a big, creamy, load onto Adam's belly.

Scene 3) Jan Bavor is in for a massage. He is a great looking guy and has a wonderful body. He lays on the bed, wearing only his underwear. The masseur arrives and kneels next to Jan to begin work. With his hands oiled he massages the back and shoulders. Jan relaxes as the hands work all over his back and down to his sexy, underwear clad, ass. He raises that ass for the underwear to be lowered some, teasing with a little glimpse. The hands slide into the underwear and over the ass cheeks. Then the underwear is pulled down to give better access to that sexy ass. Soon the underwear is off and Jan's legs are parted so the hands can rub down to his cock and balls too. That sexy ass looks great as oil is dripped onto Jan's stiff cock and his balls. The hand rub over the cock and then spread the cheeks to show off the tight hole. A finger slides deep into the hot hole as the other hand reaches to wank the hard cock too. Jan raises his sexy ass as the finger works his hole. His cock is rock hard too as it is wanked down between his legs. Then a toy is shoved deep into Jan's tight hole as his cock continues to be wanked. The toy fucks his ass deep. Then it is removed and two fingers fucks the hole some more. Jan turns over and lays on his back. The masseur, Alan Carly, wanks it and then leans forward to suck as well. As the wanking gets faster and faster Jan's balls tighten and his cock releases the creamy cum onto his rock hard belly. Alan milks every last drop of cum from the stiff cock after a very good massage.

Stars: Adam Kader, Viktor Adam, Jan Bavor

Arjo & Alex

Video: Arjo & Alex
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Studio: Twinky Feet
Alex is in the bed waiting for Arjo to cum home after a long, hard day. Upon arrival, all Arjo wants to do is unwind with a little toe sucking and footjob action! Alex, of course is up for the kinky to action; but he's not stopping there. Watch him deep throat Arjo's throbbing cock before he offers up his tight little ass! Alex is reamed in every position before this lusty couple takes turns lubing the soles of each other's pretty feet in a climactic ending you have to see to believe.

Stars: Alex, Arjo

Gym Rats Catch a New Victim

Video: Gym Rats Catch a New Victim
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Kyle Kash is working out in the gym when suddenly two predators, Sebastian Keys and Jessie Colter appear and start creeping Kyle out. And just in a moment Kyle is being groped and restrained by his new masters, undressed and fingered while his sweaty jock strap is strapped to his face... Kyle's Masters nearly make him cum, but they know they aren't done yet so they play with his aa just a bit more and only then make him spew his cum!

Stars: Jessie Colter, Kyle Kash, Kyler Ash, Sebastian Keys

Straight Boy Stroking in the Sun

Video: Straight Boy Stroking in the Sun
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Studio: Zack Randall
Since he shared his first cock sucking session with Caleb this handsome straight boy has been getting a little more curious about things. He had a great time tasting his first cock, cumming over and over again with his new buddy, but this time it's all about the good-looking new guy enjoying his own throbbing boner in the sun. He's already jerked off a couple of times (he jerks his dick a lot) but you know he can cum and cum again and he doesn't disappoint his fans in this sexy delivery.

Stars: Lucas Daniels

Nick Danner – Topped Twink

Video: Nick Danner - Topped Twink
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Studio: BoyFun

Tommy Hunter is trying to play it cool when he spots gorgeous young Nick Danner in town, but it soon becomes clear that these two are both looking for the same thing - a whole lot of horny BoyFun! Tommy invites the young man to come with him and within minutes they're back at his gorgeous apartment, making out on the bed and revealing their smooth naked bodies for each other. Barely a word has been exchanged between the two as far as we know, but the language of cock lust speaks for itself and within moments their delicious young cocks are out for them to stroke and suck. Their appreciation for a hard boner is matched suck for suck while the two trade blowjobs, the clear juice seeping from their rounded helmets while they swap lengths and pleasure each other with skill. Of course, delivering excellent oral is not the only thing these two are skilled in, a fact soon proven when Nick eases his naked hole down on the long member Tommy offers. The boy is in heaven, pleasure rushing through him, making his own uncut tool dribble precum. Tommy prods slowly up inside the boy, hitting his prostate and sending jolts of bliss through the boy's lithe young body while he rides. Tommy can't pass up the chance to get a taste of the boy's leaking cock when they pause their fucking for a little more head, but soon enough he sliding right back in to take them both to the edge, finishing with a shared wank off as each spews his cream. A little kiss to end their encounter and the two are parting ways, perhaps to meet again for another round when their balls are full once more.

Sweet BoyFun lads Casper Ivarsson and Nick Danner have been enjoying a lovely day out on the river, but when the weather changes and a chill arrives the sexy young duo decide to head indoors for a little fun that's sure to warm them up. The lovers waste no time once there, their lips meeting in a sensual embrace, which soon becomes more urgent. With growing erections straining in their underwear smooth and slim Nick releases his buddy’s long and solid cock to suck on, lovingly licking and slurping his uncut tool with a familiar skill. With his near 8-inch dick wet and twitching with pleasure, Casper is more than eager to return the favour, hungrily engulfing the impressive erection his friend presents, lapping at the swollen tip and savouring the flavour of Nick's shaft. Bent over the end of the couch young Nick shows his smooth young hole, ready for every raw inch of his lover's length. Casper takes aim, slowly pushing past his snug pucker and filling his boy with his turgid erection, his foreskin back as his rounded tip slides deep into him for an incredibly sensual fuck. After taking the boy from behind and making his twink lover moan with pleasure, Casper thrusts up inside him on the couch, stroking his cock for him while he pumps his dick in and out in and out in urgent thrusts that never fail to hit the spot. Nick's tight young hole feels so good around Casper's impressive cock the boy has to slow down a little to stop himself from flooding his lover's ass with cum; they want to see those gorgeous dicks erupting hot white cream while they both stroke themselves over the finish line. Casper takes position over his buddy, stroking his gorgeous length, his balls churning and quickly pulling up closer to his body as jets of warm goo spew from his tip and rain down over Nick's smooth frame. As his lover's cum splashes he can't stop his own thick dick from pumping cream, sending squirts of semen lashing out over his smooth stomach. As the aroma of fresh jizz fills the air around them the bareback boyfriends kiss once more, already looking forward to their next session.

Jerome James and Nick Danner are competitive boys, so you can probably predict that a game of Foozball between these boys has the potential to become a horny session of BoyFun. Of course, when you're eager to get some cock with a buddy a simple game like this can quickly become a game of strip-Foozball, and it soon becomes apparent that slim young Nick is losing. In a very short time his long cock is out of his underwear, but although he lost the game he's definitely winning in the dick play department. Jerome doesn't waste a second, making out with his friend and grabbing that big cock for some stroking, his own long and delicious tool hastily revealed. With both stunning young men naked and on the couch the shared sucking begins, two horny young men craving cock and servicing each other with eager abandon. It's not just dick that needs licking, which soon becomes clear when Nick offers his smooth little hole for Jerome to slip his tongue into. It's a delicious treat for both, but it's merely hinting at the bareback fun to come when Jerome takes aim at that dampened pucker and eases his length into the boy. Nick gets it good from behind, his own cock swinging and oozing precum, but after some tastier oral from his top pal, he's getting it even deeper when he takes a ride on that naked boner, straddling his friend and sliding up and down Jerome's dick. The pleasure of that erection in his ass while the boy is on his back is what eventually gets their dicks gushing, Jerome splashing his cream out over his friend and triggering Nick's own load to add to the messy conclusion. That's a great goal if ever I saw one!

Boys will be boys, and right now horny boy Vitali Kutcher is enjoying his own cock in the bedroom, stroking his hard young dick and working on getting the creamy goodness pumping from his glistening tip. Of course, any horny boy like him would love to have some company while working on his jizz load, and he gets exactly that in the form of sexy and slim you BoyFun favourite Nick Danner. The young man has been roaming around the city seemingly lost, but it's a good thing he didn't stop to ask some hunky local for directions and lose his load before stumbling across this horny masturbator in the middle of his "me time". Nick just strolls right in to catch sexy young Vitali rubbing his boner on the bed, apologizing for the intrusion but quickly accepting the invitation to suck on his pole. Vitali is so happy for the company, feeding the slim arrival his rigid length and sucking on his new friend's equally tasty shaft in return. The loving cock adoration picks up the pace as the boys move around the room, licking and sucking their new best friend with the kind of hunger you would expect from two incredibly cum-laden boys. Nothing could possibly stop them or interrupt their mutual pleasure, especially not when Nick offers his new pal his snug rump to slide that naked pole into. Vitali eases his tip into Nick's pucker, following it with every inch of his steel-like shaft, humping his length in and out while Nick wanks himself off and moans with appreciation. Taking pole position, our slim little bottom twink hops up and slides down onto that deliciously rigid dong, his heavy balls hanging between his thighs while he rides his buddy, their moans of pleasure growing in volume. With their cum loads very nearly ready to splash Nick lays back and lets Vitali steer them both to their messy finish, giving his boy some final deep thrusts before pulling out and splashing his juicy mess over the boy's smooth and pale body. Nick isn't far behind, unleashing a big splashing eruption of semen as his climax flows through his slender frame.

Stars: Casper Ivarsson, Jerome James, Vitali Kutcher, Nick Danner, Tommy Hunter

Daddy’s Boy

Video: Daddy's Boy
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Studio: Pride Studios
Michael Roman is having Ryan Kroger clean up his pool but instead, he fell asleep and starts dreaming of Mr Roman naked and them kissing. Michael fucks Ryan all over the bedroom until the both explode. Right after, Ryan wakes up to a voice yelling at him to get up and clean the pool. Stepdad Josh Andrews tells Brandon Wilde that he’s leaving, but once Brandon hears that he tells him that he would do anything to keep him here. They start to kiss passionately while Josh takes his clothes off revealing his hard throbbing. Nick Fitt is renting a room from Brad Kalvo and he thinks he is a really hot Daddy type bear but he doesn't think Brad would be into him. While he’ telling that to his friend, Brad hears everything. He mentions he is very interested and soon after Nick is down on his knees worshipping his Daddy. Dolf Dietrich has been training Robbie Caruso for months now and they have grown fond of one another. Robbie can't resist his urge for his sexy trainer any longer. Dolf face fucks Robbie, who is in heaven, as he is manhandled by his trainer.

Stars: Brad Kalvo, Brandon Wilde (i), Dolf Dietrich, Josh Andrews, Josh Andrews (i), Michael Roman, Nick Fitt, Robbie Caruso, Ryan Kroger

Fun at the Hotel

Video: Fun at the Hotel
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Flo Adams, Justin and Ethan are horny friends who love having threesomes together. They got together at the hotel and started having fun, after some foreplay they were already sucking on each other's dicks and rimming the bottom, getting his hole wet and ready for some action! Bottom enjoyed getting one dick but he wanted more so he got double penetrated till everyone came!

Stars: Ethan, Flo Adams, Justin

Boys Do Toys

Video: Boys Do Toys
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Studio: HotDicks
Carlos and Leo want to have sex with each other, so they get down fast. They kiss, undress and take turns on sucking each others’ cocks and do some anal sex, then they proceed to stroke themselves with some sex toys. And once neither of them can take it they jack off and cum all over themselves.

Stars: Carlos, Leo

Up and Cumming

Video: Up and Cumming
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Studio: Raw
What do Andy Watson, Peter Polloc, Ken Rollins and Ethan Wilder all have in common? Well, they’re the up and cumming new faces of Staxus, who have each arrived at the studio offices in the hope of undressing to impress. And boy do they put on a show. Teamed up with some of the biggest names in the biz – Beno Eker, Colin Horner and mega-hung Joel Tamir – they’re soon putting in their all to secure a regular place in the team. A quest that secures some of the hottest, horniest rookie sex imaginable, complete with a whitewash of spunk!

Stars: Andy Watson, Beno Eker, Colin Horner, Ethan Wilder, Joel Tamir, Ken Rollins, Peter Polloc

Big Black Cock Attack 2

Video: Big Black Cock Attack 2
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Studio: French Connection
The second instalment of Big Black Cock attack from French Connection offers us everything we ever wanted to see! Big black cocks, thirsty assholes and loads and loads of cum... These men live for fucking! Their fit chocolate bodies slamming against each other look sexy especially when they're sweating from the action. White or black, doesn't matter, those tight thirsty holes will be stretched out and cum will be spilled!