Daddy Cums

Video: Daddy Cums
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Studio: Big Rig Studios
If you venture into the woods today, you might be in luck and find three hot daddies, licking, spitting and sliding their wooden poles into each other's expectant holes with gusto. Some daddies think that taking their bikes on the road is the most exciting ride they can have, but for two guys, riding each other against the bike gives them an even bigger thrill! Either way, when Daddy Cums there's always another to lick up that sticky saltiness. Watch these studs drop their pants so they can experience what another daddy can do – and they lap it up! It's a full-on body slam as big daddies get together for some heavy mutual satisfaction! Everyone is a contented daddy as they all take it in turns to chug down twitching cocks and nibble on cum laden balls as a proem before pinched holes are stretched, gaped and filled with phallus! Watch these daddies suck, fuck, sweat and grunt their way to a sticky climax!

Stars: Joe Cooper, Sean Dixxon, Guy English, Johnny Miles, Scott Locke, Marc Angelo, Bear Steven, Jeffrey Huntwell, Ricky Rick, Christian Mitchell, Neil Foreman, Jack Powers, Chef Bear, Sid Morgan, Andy Williams, Neil Forman

Wank Parties From Prague 26

Video: Wank Parties From Prague 26
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
Czech studs do it raw! This bareback party in Prague stars Martin Muse, Laco Meido, Mike Davis, Mirek Madl, Petr Cisler, Rosta Benecky, Tom Vojak, and Tomas De Castro.These ass pounding raw fuckers hit the sheets totally Bareback in Prague until they each pop a steamy hot load!

Stars: Mirek Madl, Tomas Decastro, Petr Cisler, Rosta Benecky, Tom Vojak, Martin Muse, Laco Meido, Mike Davis (i)

Urban Buttholes

Video: Urban Buttholes
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Studio: Perverzzo
Urban Buttholes has everything you need for a great gay porn DVD Anal of course! Oral sex, big cocks, big balls, all bareback and plenty of cum! With Bareback fucking, arse eating and arse stretching this ones not to be missed! Starting this fuck fest of love meat is Alex and Ken who meet by the river, going home together, they lay on the bed kissing and fondling. Before sucking and wanking each others hard, throbbing cocks. Bending over for some deep arse rimming the boys push as far as they can go, wishing their tongues were longer! Fingering his love hole before sliding in his hungry cock, who just wants to get in his juicy, hairy man hole. Pounding hard and fast before Cumming to a messy finish. More scenes follow filled with stunning hunks sucking cock, fingering and rimming male love holes and fucking the life out of each other. Urban Buttholes is for any horny fuck who likes to watch hunks moan and groan in pleasure while a big, hard, bareback cock is shoved into their arse, one for your collection guys!!

Stars: Nick Daniels, Jimmy Call, Mike Strandy, Marky Whiner, Patrick Iceberg, Alex Camaro, Chris McKay, Johny Speed, Ken Raice

2 Blacks For 1 White

Video: 2 Blacks For 1 White
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These horny black boys can't resist to plant their seed in tight holes! Massive black poles ramming into tight holes! Their dicks are "in" for some exploration! Firstly, they take turns sucking on big cocks, revealing their oral servicing luck! After we get to see hot anal action and finish with a beautiful facial cum shot!

Stars: Scarface, Alan Jones, Mat Newmark

Kyle Gets Worked Over

Video: Kyle Gets Worked Over
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Studio: Gemini Studios
Kyle stopped by for a quick jo shoot so I introduced him to a new battery toy: a black latex bullet that pounds the hell out of a prostate. He was game and was glad he tried it. His orgasm is strong and impressive! To up the ante, he takes a long hot shower with an anal probe firmly shoved up his straight ass!!

Stars: Kyle (Gemini)

Big And Bigger 3

Video: Big And Bigger 3
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Studio: Eagle Video
These twinks all love cum! In their ass or in the mouth, as long as it's thick and creamy! t's the hottest way to have fun: Hot, smooth, tight-holed twinks popping each other bareback. You'll see innocence and experience mixing it up - all in a raw way! These guys spend time sucking on hard cocks and having amazing sex all day and night!

Bound In Public – Bar Whore

Video: Bound In Public - Bar Whore
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Christian Wilde ties up Scout and pulls his dick out of his pants. He takes the tied up boy to the local bar. Scout is made to beg the bar patrons to touch him. After getting stroked by the public, two studs pull out their hard cocks and Scout happily deep-throats their cocks. Passersby smack and abuse this bar whore while he's sucking cocks. Some cum on his face and make him lick the cum off the floor. Finally, he gets gang-banged. Christian and Cole blow their huge loads all over his hungry face. The bar patrons yell and applause in disbelief!

Stars: Scout, Christian Wilde, Cole Streets

Jocks And Twinks Of The South

Video: Jocks And Twinks Of The South
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Studio: Southern Strokes
In life, it seems there's always a separation with a huge divide. Us and them. It's no different on a college campus. There's the Southern jock, and then there's the Southern twink. On campus, never the twain shall meet off campus, however, is a different story. Mark Jacob, Trevor Laster, Genesis, Joey Vox, Tony Newport, Logan Taylor, Nick Holiday, Carson Carver and Tyler Sweet are just some of the jocks and twinks of the south hat goes together off campus for the two things they crave most and the one thing they know how to do best. Cock and Hole. Fucking. This is jocks and twinks of the South!

Stars: Logan Taylor, Carson Carver, Nick Holiday, Austin, Marc Jacobs, Trevor Laster, Joey Vox, tyler sweet (i), Genesis (M), Tony Newport

Cheap Thrills 7

Video: Cheap Thrills 7
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
CHEAP THRILLS VOLUME 7 features some of my favorite no-holes-barred fuckers showing us how it's done in (what I think is) our best CHEAP THRILLS yet. This is some decisive fucking -- raw, uninhibited and wanton -- that'll make your hard dick happy. - - Paul Morris

Stars: The Fucktard, Seth, Brad McGuire, Derek, Jack Allen, Danny Blue, Jake Austin, Ty Roberts

Rentboy’s Dads & Lads 3

Video: Rentboy's Dads & Lads 3
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Studio: Rentboy Films
Watch these daddies seduce their young sex pups and get their hooks into six delectable British twinks. They may be old enough to be their fathers, but that doesn't stop these horny middle-aged guys from lusting after a cute lad! Featuring some of the youngest and horniest boys!

Stars: Matt Lowe, Harry Heaney, Nico James, Jake Smith