Dick Danger 2 – Return of the Dick

Video: Dick Danger 2 - Return of the Dick
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Studio: TitanMen
Do you like danger? Dick Danger? You can never keep a good dick down, and as corruption envelops the Hollywood Hills once again, a hardened man comes to the rescue. Join TitanMen exclusives Liam Knox and Hunter Marx as they go undercover in Dick Danger 2: Return of the Dick! Tristan Jaxx has a hard drive that Adam Ramzi needs. They quickly reach an agreement to please both parties, swapping oral info before Tristan takes his payment. Fresh out of the slammer, Hunter Marx is sent on a mission to please agent Hans Berlin after a deal goes south—taking the big German sausage up both his fuzzy holes in a flip fuck. Suspicious of each other, Liam Knox and Adam Ramzi text about their oral exploits—Liam with Micah Brandt, Adam with Derek Maxum—before stroking out their own loads. Dick always comes out on top—but Liam Knox can’t resist bending over for tall Dakota Rivers, who shows how he always has his bud’s back.

Stars: Adam Ramzi, Dakota Rivers, Derek Maxum, Hans Berlin, Hunter Marx , Liam Knox, Micah Brandt , Tristan Jaxx

Big Is Better

Video: Big Is Better
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Studio: Bareback Monster Cocks
How many times have you heard someone say that size doesn’t matter? Well we hate to shatter illusions, but that’s not an adage that we entirely agree with at STAXUS. Fact is, size does matter – not least of all to our legion of cock-mad twinks, who know from experience that they’ll never be satisfied until they’ve serviced the biggest dicks around. Boys like Angel Lopez and Lucas Drake, who know that big is not only fucking better but is an absolute must; and who aren’t happy until every last drop has been drained from those oversized beauties!

Stars: Angel Lopez (M), Justin Fisher, Jaro Stone, Vitali Kutcher, Lucas Drake, Mark Fontana, Mike Fontana

Cheap Thrills 2

Video: Cheap Thrills 2
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
More hand-picked never-before-seen scenes... Treasure Island Media presents the second video in the Cheap Thrills series, featuring three never-before-seen, cum-filled power fuck scenes hand-picked for your pleasure by Paul Morris himself. Thee beautiful men love fucking and cum more than anything, that's why they do it bareback and slurp every drop of cum that cums out of them!

Stars: Blaine, Brad McGuire, Calvin, Cory Koons, Derek Anthony, Jessy Karson, Lucca Mazza, Ray Dalton, Sage Daniels

Gentlemen 17: Oral Office

Video: Gentlemen 17: Oral Office
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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Stop by for a visit to the “Oral Office” in the seventeenth installment of Lucas Entertainment’s Gentlemen series. Brandon Wilde plays out his boss/employee fantasy with Dylan James in his bareback premiere. Emerson Palmer and Sergeant Miles work overtime on each other’s raw hard cocks. Sean Xavier puts his new intern, Alexander Volkov, to work on his 10-inch black dick. And Jacen Zhu gives up his ass to his manager, Devin Franco. Are you ready for your bareback interview at the “Oral Office”?

Don’t be fooled by Brandon Wilde’s sweet, boy-next-door face. He might look like an adorable all-American guy, but behind that face he’s a sex-hungry porn star skilled at servicing dick. For Brandon’s bareback sex premiere, he plays out a fantasy of working in an office with a tall, strong, and dominant boss that uses his body after hours. Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Dylan James is more than happy to play out Brandon Wilde’s fantasy. Brandon is versatile, but his sexual skills shine when he’s servicing a big alpha dick with his mouth and hole. Dylan takes control of Brandon -- showing off his tattoos and muscles along the way -- and claims ownership of Brandon’s throat before turning him around and busting his raw cherry. Dylan has a really big dick between his legs, so I hope Brandon is ready for raw meat of that size. Dylan has a lot of stamina, and he fucks extra hard when his bottom is as cute as Brandon.

Devin Franco is a young professional with a strong libido. He’s always horny, even at his demanding white-collar job. He stays after hours one evening, but it’s not to work. He allows his perverted side to take over and he starts jerking his big dick to porn on his office computer. He doesn’t realize his suited colleague Jacen Zhu is still around -- but he isn’t offended by Devin. He’s turned on and starts rubbing his hard black cock. Jacen joins Devin and they stroke together. But the longer Devin looks at Jacen’s hard-on the more he wants to taste it. The blowjob leads to the guys stripping off more of their suits and fucking each other in the ass bareback. At 22:50 you’ll see Devin completely naked, but Jacen still has his dress shirt and tie partially on -- revealing action-figure stomach of Jacen Zhu as he pumps his dick in Devin Franco’s tight ass.

Sean Xavier is working as a high-end real estate agent selling a New York property to international businessman Alexander Volkov. When the papers are all signed, Sean and Alexander celebrate with some hardcore bareback sex. Sean Xavier worked for Alexander Volkov to find him the perfect apartment, and now it’s time for the Russian beefcake to break a sweat and work for Sean. There’s an incredible shot of Alexander at 07:15 sucking on Sean’s famously huge black cock. Do you think Alexander can handle taking Sean’s dick up his ass? He’s sure going to try, and it is ass-splitting action. Check it out at 20:15.

Emerson Palmer has a crush on his business associate, Sergeant Miles, but he has yet to break the professional boundary and make a move. There’s been flirtation, but that’s the extent of it. There’s no denying Sergeant looks awesome in a suit, so we can empathize with Emerson’s feelings. But if Emerson Palmer knew how easy it would be to get Sergeant Miles on his dick, he would have tried a lot earlier. It begins when the two white-collar executives are working overtime in the office one weekend. Sergeant opens up Emerson’s suit and starts sucking his cock after some small talk. This leads to Sergeant taking a seat on Emerson’s raw cock. When Sergeant gets his heat up and strips off his suit, he wraps his sports coat around Emerson’s throat and fucks him until he’s red in the face. See for yourself at 20:50!

Stars: Alexander Volkov, Brandon Wilde (i), Devin Franco, Dylan James, Emerson Palmer, Jacen Zhu, Sean Xavier, Sergeant Miles

Naked Kombat – Nikko Alexander Takes On DJ

Video: Naked Kombat - Nikko Alexander Takes On DJ
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Studio: Kink.com
Sexy ripped NK powerhouse DJ has a reputation for hitting his opponent hard and fucking him even harder. With a hot body and some mad wrestling skills, cocky stud Nikko Alexander is quickly becoming a phenomenon to be reckoned with here on Naked Kombat. These two fighters will push each other to the limit on the mat and then push each other over the edge with a suck and fuck session in the end. Total domination leads to total humiliation and a cum covered facial to finish.

Stars: Nikko Alexander, DJ

Internal Specialists

Video: Internal Specialists
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Studio: Hot House Video
The Doctor is in…inside his patient’s ass. These ‘Internal Specialists’ take their work seriously, and while they’re stand up professionals, sometimes they’re attractions and urges take over. They know it’s wrong, but it feels so right to do everything they can to thoroughly assist their patients and coworkers in taking care of their sexual needs. Nick Foxx and Tony Dimarco deliver medical office fantasies where the patients, doctors and assistants are delving deep inside each other and specializing in getting off with maximum intensity. Woody Fox visits Dr. Dorian Ferro for a physical, but Dr. Ferro is the one who gets deeply probed by Woody’s hot cock. The sexual tension between patient Asher Devin and physician’s assistant Skippy Baxter grows so immense, neither man can ignore it, so Asher puts Skippy’s legs in the air and fucks his brains out! Armond Rizzo needed a new doctor, and his friends all had rave reviews of their “experience” with Dr. Austin Wolf. After Dr. Wolf administers his cock from the front, from the back, and even upside down, Armond is yet another fully satisfied patient! With a sore back, Landon Mycles needs some special attention, and Dr. JJ Knight knows just the trick to work out his deep aches: an intense pounding with Dr. Knight's humongous dick. Medical assistants Adam Bryant and Jacob Peterson are the only ones left in the ‘Internal Specialist’ office, and they can’t wait to fulfill some fantasies of their own. After they strip off their scrubs, Adam delivers a powerful and satisfying fuck to his coworker’s eager ass. Visit these ‘Internal Specialists’ and you’ll be in for a medical ejaculation like you’ve never experienced before.

Stars: Adam Bryant, Armond Rizzo, Asher Devin, Austin Wolf, Dorian Ferro, Jacob Peterson, JJ Knight, Landon Mycles, Skippy Baxter, Woody Fox

Dongs For Dongs

Video: Dongs For Dongs
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Studio: Gay Adult Deluxe
Everyone has one friend who comes over and starts joking around and gets touchy... What if you followed them, responded the same way. What could go wrong? Nothing. But what could go extremely right, vision is right in front of our eyes. These boys had the same situation that leads to undressing, blowjob, rimming having vocal sex and topped with oozing cum explosions from both sides. They definitely won't take it as a "joking around" anymore.

Stars: Liam, Mike

Winter XXX Games

Video: Winter XXX Games
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Studio: Bromo.com

Bo Sinn is back! And he's ruling the slopes of this resort with his icy stare and rock hard dick. When Jack Kross encounters him he's hell bent on getting his manpussy plowed by Bo's monster cock. Watch these two create their very own 'opening' ceremony out of Jack's ass.

Gunner & Ashton Hawk top off a thrilling day of shredding the slopes with a hot bareback session that's sure to steam up the windows of their cabin. These two prove that snowboard tricks don't actually require any snow! All playing aside, it's always a pure delight to watch a beefcake like Gunner get his ass owned properly.

The guys have a bit of time to kill before the competition. When Alex Neveo admits to Bo Sinn & Ryan Bones that riding snowboards makes him wanna ride cock, his fate is sealed. Can he take on two sex beasts at the same time? You're about to find out just how hard and deep Bo & Ryan can go before loads start to fly.

Stars: Alex Neveo, Asher Hawk, Bo Sinn, Gunner, Jack Kross, Ryan Bones

Guys I Butt Fucked 15

Video: Guys I Butt Fucked 15
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Studio: HotDicks
Carl Hubay fucks five guys of different body styles and ages. He loves fucking those bottoms and eating their cum after they are driven to maximum pleasure, over and over. Carl loves cum, keeping it in his mouth, swallowing anything that has to do with cum, Carl will love it. Condoms are used in some of the scenes.

Stars: Carl Hubay, Danny Boy, John, PJ, Toby, Tommy Boy, Jenna (Trans)


Video: Rudelficken
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Studio: gerMEN
Germans are really filthy fuckers. They love leather, latex, masks, bondage and fucking in abandoned dungeons. This is literally a dream for anyone who loves anonymous cock/ass, a little bit of bondage and sound of latex rubbing... Deepthroating and fucking with condom is no problem for these boys, so join them and witness the real power of German men!