Angel Rock & Ray Han

Video: Angel Rock & Ray Han
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Studio: Pegasus Studios
Masseuse Ray Han is giving his client Angel Rock a nice rubdown...but as he caresses Angel's muscular body, he can't help but get turned on. It looks like Angel has the same plans in mind, quickly finding his thick uncut cock being serviced by Ray's anxious lips. From there, Angel pounds Ray's hole deep and hard, right there on the massage table, until they both can no longer hold in their loads!

Stars: Angel Rock, Ray Han

Raw Society

Video: Raw Society
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Studio: Oh Man! Studios
Give me that dick as raw as possible. Yes, we fuck each other. We breed each other as long as we get a raw dick. That's us: Raw Society. Michel is hitting the showers. He lathers himself under the the streaming water; paying extra attention to his thick, swinging meat and his perky bubble butt. He's joined by fellow Brazilian, tatooed Danilo, who starts washing his back and quickly plants a kiss on Michel's full lips. Michel returns the favor by washing Danilo's cock for him. Young farm boys eager for their first male-to-male experience, Arthur and Bartek have their tongues deep in each other's mouths, passionately experiencing physical love. Arthur drifts down, licking every inch of Bartek's youthful torso until his mouth is on Bartek's cock. Innocent looking Marcos is fast asleep till his friend Gabo starts helping himself to Marcos' hard cock. Marcos sheds his clothes while Gabo gulps Marcos' meat down his throat. It's a scorching hot day in the desert, and boyish Trevor Hart is desperate to cool off. Lying in his underwear the sun, he soaks himself down with the garden hose. His briefs cling to his growing cock and balls as the heat and wet turns him on.

Stars: Trevor Hart, Marcos, Arthur, Bartek, Danilo Berthalha, Gabo, Michel Platiny

Straight…Not Sure

Video: Straight...Not Sure
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He may have arrived as a straight, big dicked, muscular stud but once he's done with this slender, cock-hungry bottom, he isn't so sure of what his sexuality is! Watch as these cum-filled hunks suck each other off, indulge in rim-jobs and pound until they shoot massive creamy loads!

Stars: Kevin Sportswear, Illy Ria

Fraternizing Forces 4

Video: Fraternizing Forces 4
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Studio: Active Duty Productions
Fresh recruit Bridger bridges the gap between senior officer Quentin and cocky cadet Austin by topping both their meaty asses the same way with his signature hard-pounding style. Rank doesn't mean nothin' when you're bent over like a bitch and moaning for more cock! Plus see both Bridger and Austin's recruitment vids for the first time!

Stars: Quentin, Austin (Active Duty), Bridger

Kinky Buddies

Video: Kinky Buddies
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Studio: Bareback Rookies
For these sex-crazed pals, nothing is off limits...especially when it comes to their naughty desires! And with these FOUR explosive scenes, they are bring every single one to life! From cum-bursting threesomes to wild flip-fucking, these boys are indulging in some serious bareback fucking that you won't want to miss!

Stars: Damian Dickey, Mike Cage, Tim Law, Sven Laarson, Zac Todd, Jaxon Radoc, Adrian Smallwood, Will Sims, Skylar Blue

Miami Uncut 6 – Lost In Paradise

Video: Miami Uncut 6 - Lost In Paradise
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You won't want to miss a single moment of the sixth installment of Flava Works' Miami Uncut! Aye papi, it gets hotter and hotter in here with every hard cock that walks through the door.

Stars: Nathan Summers, Cody Kyler, Jay Lexxx, Cayden Cooper, Randolf JC, Calico (M), Miky Mike

One Big Horny Family

Video: One Big Horny Family
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Studio: Pride Studios
When Lucas and Andy’s dads get married and they all move in together, they seem the perfect family - daddies Nick and Mitch really love each other, and Andy and Lucas have no problem getting along - in fact, if anything they get a bit more friendly with each other than step-brothers ought to be... but other than some problems keeping their hands to themselves, the boys behave wonderfully. But one fateful night, when Andy falls asleep on the couch and his new dad Mitch comes in to check on him, Andy does the unthinkable and leans in to kiss his big, strong father-in-law. Mitch pulls away and for a brief moment Andy is terrified at what Mitch will do, but daddy takes him into his arms and gives his ass a hard, sensuous pounding - all the while unaware that from the corner of the room Lucas and Nick are watching intently! Well two can play at that game, so Nick and Lucas sneak off to have a family affair of their own in the bedroom. The next day everything goes back to normal, but Nick and Mitch can’t shake the fact they’ve fucked each other’s sons - something that turns them on even more as they think about it during their own lovemaking session. Meanwhile across the street, muscled hunk Trenton gets to live out his fantasies of fucking a younger guy when he reunites with his neighbor’s son Joseph. Five tales of forbidden fruit, as these horny dads and sons cum together to make one big horny family! A PrideStudios original series.

Stars: Nick Capra, Mitch Vaughn, Trenton Ducati, Lucas Knight, Joseph Rough, Andy Banks

Tag Punished

Video: Tag Punished
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Studio: Bound & Gagged
Tag Adams, the world's hottest bottom, is back in Master Doug Jeffries' dungeon, this time awaiting punishment for all the crimes and misdemeanors he committed in Tag Tied. Cute Sean Patrick, the slave of Doug's buddy Mario Ortiz, is being slave-sat for the weekend locked in Doug's puppy cage. In the course of Tag's punishment, which consists of steel head-caging, flogging, spanking, hot waxing, dildo-ing, gagging and more, Mario returns from his travels and joins in the fun. And there's lots and lots of fun for the two Masters, maybe because they don't really care if the slaves are having a good time.

Stars: Mario Ortiz, Sean Patrick, Tag Adams, Doug Jefferies

Guys Who Came In My Ass 3

Video: Guys Who Came In My Ass 3
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Studio: HotDicks
Things are getting creamy and messy in this FIVE scene collection! Carl gets multiple loads of cum in his ass and deposits his own loads, sometimes. You get to watch it up close and personal as it drips out, then again, in slow motion.

Stars: Dean, Carl Hubay, Jude Marx, Carl T, Rob

Str8 to Gay 2

Video: Str8 to Gay 2
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Gentlemen prefer blondes, according to Girth and Philip. Christian thinks he can do it better than Jesse. Phoenix and Justin go straight to bed. Strapped for cash? We have a solution… taking care of a friend on the rebound. A friend in need is a friend indeed and these boys are about to get closer than ever!

Stars: Parker London, Jessie Colter, Riley Price, Cameron Foster, Justin Jameson, Christian Wilde, Phillip Aubrey, Phenix Saint, Girth Brooks, Gavin Waters