Airport Security Vol. 17

Video: Airport Security Vol. 17
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
Alex Stan is interviewing Roco Rita in Airport Security. He has to inspect Roco's bag for contraband and what he finds surprises him, a rubber mask and a metal hook as well as some nipple clamps. They are not illegal, but Alex decides that he must search Roco's person as well. He moves him over to the face the wall and removes his shirt and then tells him to open his jeans. Alex pulls down Roco's jeans and is mighty surprised to find that he has a huge erection in his underwear. He pulls the underwear down and let's the big cock out. It is rock hard as Alex pushes Roco to his knees. Then Alex opens his own pants and releases his dick too. It is also rock hard and he insists that Roco sucks him. When Roco declines Alex grabs his head and slaps his cock against his face. Then he shoves his cock into Roco's mouth and fucks his face. Bradley Cook works in Airport Security. Today he has Fireman Tomas Decastro with him, checking the safety features. Then they go to Bradley's office to complete the paperwork. But Bradley has other things on his mind for the handsome Tomas. He is soon standing before him, with his cock out. He encourages Tomas to suck on his hard cock and it doesn't take much persuasion before the dick is in his mouth. Bradley strips his clothes off as Tomas keeps on sucking on his rock hard cock. Then Tomas gets naked as well and bends over, presenting his gorgeous ass to Bradley. No encouragement is needed by Bradley, his dick finds its' way into the tight ass and fucks it real deep.

Stars: Bradley Cook, Alex Stan, Roco Rita, Tomas Decastro

Thick Dicks

Video: Thick Dicks
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Studio: Pride Studios
Conner Mason is intimidated by the size of Jace Chambers' cock when he joins him for threeway with his husband Cesar Rossi. Nervous first timer Tommy Regan rescinds control to Sean Duran after he promises to be gentle. Eli Lewis tries to fit all 9 inches of Jay Alexander's big thick dick into his tight little butt. Cameron Kincade takes it like a champ when he finally comes over to experience Lex Ryan's well hung dick!!

Stars: Eli Lewis, Jay Alexander (i), Conner Mason, Cesar Rossi, Lex Ryan, Cameron Kincade, Sean Duran, Jace Chambers, Tommy Regan

Scrappy’s Return

Video: Scrappy's Return
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Studio: Boys On Edge
Young twink Scrappy is trying to concentrate on his new book however, his attention is quickly diverted elsewhere. Scrappy puts down his book and picks up the lube, grabbing sensually on his crotch, and un-buttoning his shirt one button at a time in a most erotic manner. After stripping himself and playing with his tight little hole, Scrappy then pulls out his favorite set of anal beads, inserting them into himself and slowly pulling them out. Scrappy reaches his climax from the soft pull of the anal beads and leans back with a final moan shooting hot cum all over himself!

Stars: Scrappy

American Bukkake

Video: American Bukkake
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Studio: Dragon Media
It's too bad that the cast isn't credited here, because they do a great job keeping the interest up (and other things) as they move through three extended scenes of oral action and stroking their cocks. In the beginning, sexy daddy Allen Silver is one of the dudes getting his cock sucked early on as a romm full of dudes watch and stroke their dicks. The younger guy sucking Allen is really into his daddy's cock, and then later Allen is just as into sucking another hot dude's erect meat when he walks it over and shoves it down Allen's throat. Meanwhile, porn legend Spike is getting his dick sucked too, and he ends the action by delivering one of his legendary cum-shots to his suckee's face. It's a massive, spurting load that is shown from different angles, and it flies everywhere. Allen and the other bottom get on their knees and are faced with every other cock in the room, and one by one they get doused in the face with cum, catching the loads on their tongues, licking the cocks clean, and earning every drop of the loads that cum their way by sucking cocks and quite honestly not wasting much of the spunk -- and it's a LOT of it, too. Allen also takes a huge, memorable load from a huge uncut dick that just drenches him (and, it belongs to the other bottom). Best part of all? Watching Allen shoots his load on the other bottom's face as multiple loads of spunk still cling to his gray beard. In the next scene, Allen is at it again, and so are the others, some of whom are actually wearing knee pads (well, it seems like they should!). Allen takes a load from the other bottom early on, and then both he and the bottom get their faces together to take another of Spike's big shots. That first one is just the beginning of sharing. For every load that blows, Allen and the other dude are right there, catching them together and cleaning off the remainder from the spent cocks. They play nicely together, too, there's no fighting over the loads -- although, no reason to, since there is certainly no shortage of cream. In the end, Allen drops his load on the other bottom's face, and then, with multiple loads still clinging to both their faces, they kiss it out.

Stars: Rex Ruben, Allen Silver

Black Cocks White Sucker 2

Video: Black Cocks White Sucker 2
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Studio: Jalifstudio
Get ready for some serious burning hot man on man sex as eight horny studs bang each other senseless. These studs' favorite way to cool off is to lick the sweat from their pecs, ass cracks and ball sacks. They've worked themselves into a fucking, sucking and jerking their big, stiff dicks. Every guy has fantasized about a fat black cock sliding in and out of their tight holes, not only will these boys never go back after going black, they also won’t walk properly again.

Stars: Tyrese, Enrique Currero, Billy Long, JD Daniels, Aron Ridge, Dirty Dee, Diego Sanchez (gay), Ryan Starr, Jonathan Gabriel

Nico’s Torture

Video: Nico's Torture
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Studio: Bob Jones Productions
Watch this six foot three 20 years old Italian stud as he is tied to a metal spider web and tickled with feathers, brushes, hands and ice. Nico is going to try to buck his captor's efforts as tickling him to submission. The verbal dialogue back and forth between master and slave leads to a surprise ending. Co-starring Alex, this video has foot and full body tickling. These scenes are real and unrehearsed.

Stars: Alex, Nico

Str8 Chaser 7

Video: Str8 Chaser 7
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Studio: Reality Dudes
Reality Dudes proudly resents you STR8 CHASER 7!!! This installment is even better with prowling the streets for straight dudes who are willing to try out what it's like to be fucked by a hard cock for the first time! These studs pound harsh and fast until they shoot their load all over their partners! This guy fucks straights guys' hot asses before shooting an epic load.

Stars: Cody, Aston, Aiden (M), Dietrich

Bound Gods – Hot Cop Captured & Tormented By The Twisted Sex Crimnal Wolf Hudson

Video: Bound Gods - Hot Cop Captured & Tormented By The Twisted Sex Crimnal Wolf Hudson
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Officer Daniel Lament is hot on the trail of the twisted criminal Wolf Hudson. Looking to avenge his partner, Officer Hunter, who Wolf violated in his jailbreak, charges solo into the secluded warehouse where Wolf lurks. As Lament peers through the dark corridor, Wolf leaps from the shadows and captures him in harsh fashion. The Officer finds himself hanging upside down as Wolf taunts and shocks his body. In his sick way, Wolf works an erection from Lament as he positions him into a vertical 69 and delivers a hornet's nest of shocks. Wolf then hogties Lament over an old crate and offers Lament a more excruciating dose of electricity-- TENS electrodes on his ass checks. Lament shrieks in pain from the current running into his ass while he blows Wolf's uncut cock and worships his feet. Broken and humiliated, Lament gets tied to a rusty staircase and flogged mercilessly before Wolf rams his huge cock up into Lament's hole. Wolf jerks a load from the officer before spraying his face in hot cum. Lament trembles as Wolf leaves him for his brothers on theforce to discover.

Stars: Wolf Hudson, Daniel Lament

Raw At The Beach

Video: Raw At The Beach
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Studio: Skyn Men
Ft. Lauderdale is a gay mecca, beautiful ocean, plenty of sun and heat and no shortage of hot men. It's also hot inside with Roman Chase and Jimmie Slater heating up the couch. When Matt Stevens awakens to find Michael Derek making coffee, the only thing that's boiling is their passion for each other. Alessio Romero's cock is huge, but Braxton Smith isn't intimidated as he takes it all in including his hot load. Overlooking Ft. Lauderdale Beach muscle stud Sean Duran takes newcomer Dalton Pierce for a ride he isn't soon to forget. Starting out in the hot tub, and ending up on the bed Dalton rides Sean like a pro.

Stars: Roman Chase, Braxton Smith, Michael Derek, Jimmy Slater, Alessio Romero, Sean Duran, Matt Stevens, Dalton Pierce

Jacob Durham – Bareback Edition

Video: Jacob Durham - Bareback Edition
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Every man has an opinion on what makes a man sexy! But Jacob Durham has that charisma that makes every one go crazy for him and crave his tight ass! Jacob Durham - Bareback Edition provides you 5 extremely hot explosive scenes of young, hot and horny guys getting down in dirty with steamy rounds of bareback sex!

Stars: Donny Forza, Tristan White, Kyle Edwards, Blake Barnes, Sam (M), Isaac Hardy, Jacob Durham, Nicoli Cole