Chico And Omar Piss Play

Video: Chico And Omar Piss Play
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You have seen Chico before when he appeared the first time sucking cock and getting pissed on by str8 boy Danilo before he got a load of cum shot in his face. Well, he must have enjoyed his first time because he's back and this time he's with a friend named Omar. Omar is 18 years old like Chico and they both are very horny bi-boys that are up for anything, so get ready for a wild ride! They start out by pissing together, then on each other! Next, a cold beer really gets them in the mood (it's legal at 18 where they live) and they have a lot of fun with that, pouring it on their cocks and spitting it at each other. Now they are both really hot and the feeling of a hot mouth on their cocks is getting to be too much. The pissing continues as Chico and Omar take turns hosing each other down with their hot piss. You can tell that the boys are totally into the piss action and totally into having the other ones hot uncut cock in his mouth! They kick back pissing and sucking while str8 porn is playing on the portable DVD player, and finally Chico can't stand it any longer and busts his nut all over Omar's neck. He then pisses on him one final time, but something tells me this won't be the last time these two hot fuckers share their piss together!

Stars: Chico, Omar

Men On Edge – Pervert Hitchhikers Capture Stud And Edge Him In The Wilderness

Video: Men On Edge - Pervert Hitchhikers Capture Stud And Edge Him In The Wilderness
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Sebastian and Jessie are out on a summer hitchhiking trip through Northern California when they get a ride from Damien Michaels. Damien distrusts the Sebastian's intentions at first— but decides against his instincts. Big mistake. Sebastian and Jessie carjack the stud, gagging and tying him up in his trunk. Damien tries to resist initially, but can't help but beg to cum as he has his beautiful cock teased and edged. The hitchhikers pull off the road and bind Damien to a circle of pines. There, the stud fucks a fleshjack and receives a vibrating dildo in the ass while Jessie sucks him off. With a prostate massager driving Damien to the edge, Sebastian and Jessie finally decide to let him blow a gigantic load. The stud gets a taste of his own cum before his captors take off with his car. He begs to be untied as the massager still buzzes away...

Stars: Jessie Colter, Sebastian Keys, Damien Michaels (i)

Legendary Studs: Brad McGuire

Video: Legendary Studs: Brad McGuire
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
Men love having their cocks worshipped, and when you've got a cock like Brad McGuire's ...“ thick, veiny, uncut, heavy“ ...bottoms literally line up to do it. Legendary Studs: Brad McGuire is devoted to immortalizing the cockstuds of Treasure Island Media is complete cockworship start to finish. All Midwestern beef and swagger, trash-talking tattooed Brad McGuire defines cocky. And when he fucks a man, he isn't just having sex---he's taking ownership. When he pounds in balls-deep, men whimper, vowing their asses to their new cockmaster. Bearded bottoms, hairy bottoms, novice bottomboys with perfect asses beggin' to be bred ... Brad takes charge of them all and gives them just what they need ... his meat and his sperm. No topman has bred as many men as Brad McGuire. He leaves 'em satisfied, their stretched and twitching buttholes smeared with his cum. And then Brad allows them to suck their own funky ass juices off his monster cock.

Stars: Conrad Stevens, Ivan, Jesse O'Toole, Marcelo Masko, Brad McGuire, Damon Dogg, Albert Victor, Chris Neal, Ross X, Franco Dax, Jay Ross, Lee Clifford, Tom Sawyer (i), Billy Wild, Toby Shelby, Dick Damonson, Shane West, Jerry Stearns, Judd (M), Ben Archer, Ian Jay, Steve Gregor, Erik Venture, Toby James, Will Bottoms, Dawson, Robby Lopez, Christian, Javier deCerdo, Johnny Redd, J.C. Cole, Alan Gregory, Austin Shadow

Str8 Up The Chain of Command Pt. 3

Video: Str8 Up The Chain of Command Pt. 3
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Studio: SpunkWorthy
Str8 military men are always horny and with the promise of easy cash the cammies are bound to come off! Three new recruits bare it all for the camera, alongside two veterans who earn their rank by being stroked and sucked on their way up the chain of command!

Stars: Landon, Neal

Duty Bound Vol. 37

Video: Duty Bound Vol. 37
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
The 37th installment of Duty Bound is bringing the kinky action like never before...and you don't want to miss a single moment! With THREE scenes of sexy studs being dominated and punished with no limits, this one will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

Stars: Marion Anel, Alex Stan, Mirek Ceslar, Tom Vojak, Matej Borzik, Kail Kopec


Video: Pop!
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Studio: UKNakedMen
You won't be able to resist these SIX super sexy studs in these cum-bursting solos! After brief interviews, watch these ripped, gorgeous, and hung studs whip out their stiff cocks and beat their meat until they shoot massive loads!

Stars: Tom Long, Jasper (Gay), Daniel James, Alex Graham, Shay Cruz, Josh Milk

The Voyeur

Video: The Voyeur
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Studio: Bonus Hole Boys
Cyd St. Vincent is in the director’s chair this time, while Lucas Knight auditions for the role of America’s Next Top Cock. It isn’t very long after the interview starts that Lucas is stripped down, with his measurements in Cyd’s hand. Watch this scene of hot power play with deep throating, FTM dick worship, multiple orgasms and raw fucking leading to cum feeding.

Stars: Lucas Knight, Cyd St. Vincent


Video: Service
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Studio: Joe Schmoe Productions
Hard, pulsing cocks get serviced until they finally spurt their creamy load! Well at least our first ballsy fella. It seems the sexy black man in scene two just could muster up the nerve to feed the daddies. It’s all good though, they’re happen to have a dick in their mouths anyway!

Stars: Joe Schmoe

Knocked Out Jerked off 4

Video: Knocked Out Jerked off 4
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
Totally straight, never touched by a man. But because they're out cold, I can explore their sexy bodies. The don't see it coming, but they know what they're getting!

Stars: Christian, Troy, Johnny, Max, Diego, Bryan

The Best Of Rob Cryston

Video: The Best Of Rob Cryston
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Studio: Catalina
Catalina is bringing you the very Best of Rob Cryston--all in one place! Don't miss out on some of the best moments from this gorgeous, classic bottom star! Includes scenes from - Brief Encounters, Voice Male, Bodymasters, Down Bi-Law, and Single White Male.

Stars: Rob Cryston, Randy White, Randy Mixer, Kurt Manning, Aiden Shaw, Brad Erickson