Basic Plumbing 3

Video: Basic Plumbing 3
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Studio: Falcon Studios
One of the most beloved and successful franchises in Falcon's history is back! And yes, Chase Hunter returns! The Falcon legend, who debuted in 1993's Basic Plumbing, is back for the third chapter in the blockbuster series - looking bigger and better than ever.

Stars: Ari Bond, Trent Atkins, Chase Hunter, Christian Owen, Trevor Knight, Derek Brodie, Roman Heart, Cort Donovan, Erik Rhodes

Up Your Alley Part II – Takin’ Charge

Video: Up Your Alley Part II - Takin' Charge
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Studio: Club Inferno
The Dore Alley Street Fair may be over, but the hot action keeps going in this continuation of Up Your Alley Part I. The action is so hot that no footage was left on the cutting room floor and everyone gets off in front and behind the camera. This is true "reality porn" at its best.

Scene 1: Up Your Alley Part 2 brings you back to the after-the-street-fair-sex-party and picks up with more fist-fucking-frenzy. Jeff Allen pries open Aaron Tanner's ass for Russell Pachman's camera, Michael Soldier fists Rik Jammer in the corner and Matthew Green puts down his camera to fist Sky Donovan on a fuck bench. Donovan writhes at the end of Green's fist, jerking off until he shoots a huge load all over himself and the floor behind him. Then Donovan turns the tables by throwing Green down and fucking him hard in the ass. But it isn't until Donovan puts his fist in his ass that Green comes. Next to pop is Jeff Allen who pulls out of Aaron Tanner and shoots his load across the room! Donovan and Green jump into the action while Allen fists Tanner until he gets his nut.

Scene 2: All of the guests are back up on the fuck benches, asses in the air. Leif Gobo puts his camera down and lubes up his fists, doing the line of guys, two at a time. He's a great handballing top and very verbal, telling Rik Jammer "Yeah, wink your hole" and ordering Aaron Tanner to "Back up on it!" Bryce Pierce stands on the other side of the fuck bench getting his multi-pierced cock sucked by the line of hungry mouths.

Scene 3: In the next scene new arrivals Max Grand and Buck Phillips take turns handballing Sky Donovan. Donovan's hot, turned-out hole pushes further down Grand's arm as he jacks off, shooting a hot, creamy load up on his chest. Scott Samson gets on all fours on the corner of a fuck bench and prepares to be worked over by the whole group. Max Grand steps up first and shoves his fist deep in his ass and sucks Michael Soldier's cock. Donovan reaches over to put his hands inside Samson only to be joined by Grand! Samson's gaping cunt opens wide and takes both of the studs' hands deep up his hot gash.

Scene 4: Next, Soldier and Phillips punch fuck Samson while Donovan jacks off unto his chest. Soldier stands over Samson and jacks off while Samson tweaks his nipples, finally blowing a thick white load all over Samson's upper body. Donovan steps up to bat with a huge dildo that he shoves in and out of Samson's ass until Samson blows his load four feet into the air.

Stars: Max Grand, Rik Jammer, Sky Donovan, Buck Philips, Matthew Green, Michael Soldier, Bryce Pierce, Scott Samson, Russell Pachman

Up Your Alley Part 1: Pitchin’ In

Video: Up Your Alley Part 1: Pitchin' In
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Studio: Club Inferno
On the last Sunday of every July, San Francisco hosts the infamous Dore Alley Street Fair. The Hot Hand Production video crew decided to hold a party after the fair. They set up the studio with slings, fuck benches, cameras and lights. They filmed the entire party and were so amazed at the result that they decided to make it into an actual video. This video is presented basically unedited -- you'll see the camera men and the lighting guys get in on the action. They've not deleted minor errors and have made edits only when absolutely necessary. In short, this is "reality porn" you just gotta own!

Scene One

The action begins with a close-up of sex-pig Rik Jammer who's lying in a sling getting his big, round ass eaten by Aaron Tanner. He tugs on his own giant, rock-hard nipples and moans as Tanner switches to sucking his cock and working his fingers into his ass, one at a time. Jammer gets that look of concentration all serious handball bottoms get as three, then four fingers go in. All of the moaning attracts the attention of Michael Soldier who comes over and starts sucking Jammer's fat cock. As Tanner's fist punches his ass, Jammer throws back his head, now covered in sweat, while the look of concentration gets replaced by one of pure ecstasy!

Meanwhile, the cameras have been showing some of the other action in the room and move on to Jeff Allen and Scott Samson. Allen is on all fours on the corner of a fuck bench getting punch-fucked by Samson. Samson relentlessly works one fist, then the other deep into Allen's ass. Cameraman Matthew Green (who's in chaps with his cock hanging out) catches the action, working the camera and his dick at the same time.

Scene Two

The action switches to the next stage of the orgy where all of the guests are lined up on the fuck bench, squatting down on huge dildos. Party hosts Michael Soldier and Bryce Pierce move along the row of hot, hungry holes, plowing them with the huge rubber cocks. Cameraman Leif Gobo grabs the bulge growing in his jeans as he films the scene.

Scene Three

Next, cameraman Matthew Green gives you a unique firsthand perspective as he shoots from the sling! The group forms a circle-jerk around the sling and takes turns licking his ass, sucking his cock and handballing him. You can here someone say "stop hogging him, spin him around this way." Green turns the camera over to Pachman who zooms in on his ass. An unidentified fist fills his ass with Crisco and begins to fist him. The action reaches a boiling point as the guys stand around cheering while Green takes a fist to the elbow shouting "Give it to me you fucker!"

Scene Four

The camera spins into a blur and we join the group in the middle of what can only be described as a free-for-all. The men have all switched partners and are handballing, fucking, sucking and making out like crazed dogs in heat. No hole goes unfilled as these horny handballers flip-flop-fuck and fist-hop from one end of the room to the other. Your head will spin trying to keep up with the cameras in this one!

Stars: Rik Jammer, Aaron Tanner, Sky Donovan, Leif Gobo, Matthew Green, Jeff Allen, Michael Soldier, Bryce Pierce, Scott Samson, Russell Pachman

Let The Bareback Begin

Video: Let The Bareback Begin
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Studio: Asia Boy
This group of sexy Asian twinks are preparing their cum-filled cocks and hungry holes for bareback action unlike any that they’ve experienced before…there’s no holding back or going easy on each other! With SIX explosive scenes, watch these boys go at it in this raw fuckfest that you don’t want to miss!

Stars: Chew, Jonat, Dave, Tom, David, Albert, Jame, Johnson, Robin (M), Non, New (M)

Sebastian Kane Strokes The Cum From Oli Jay

Video: Sebastian Kane Strokes The Cum From Oli Jay
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Studio: Twisted Media
Oli Jay is tied down to the table with his naked body vulnerable to the massaging hands of cock stroker Sebastian Kane. He loves to make boys wiggle and Oli's chubby dick is soon becoming a hard shaft of uncut meat for the dominant master to milk. He really gets off on making a cock explode a cum load!

Stars: Oli Jay, Sebastian Kane

The Secret Pledge

Video: The Secret Pledge
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Studio: Pride Studios
In this scorching SIX SCENE collection from, embark on the wild adventures of a group of college students that can’t seem to stay away from indulging in non-stop sticky fun! This volume features a swim team newbie and a horny older member, a roommate getting caught with gay porn, a new young couple sharing their first gay experiences, a curious new gay, and a team letting off some steam after a hard game. Watch these men in real gay scenarios sharing their first gay experiences. A PrideStudios original series.

Stars: Blake Stone, Duane Fontana, Steve Stiffer, Andrew Collins, Dylan Drive, Jamie Del Rey, Scott Cage, Ian Ticing, Benn Heights, Mike Chambers, Jason Ackles

Eric Solo

Video: Eric Solo
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Studio: Pegasus Studios
With his irresistible good looks, smooth and slender body and thick, throbbing cock…who could resist Eric? Just take one look at his seductive solo scene from Pegasus Studios and you will soon find out the answer! Watch as he cums out of his clothes to beat his rock-hard meat until he shoots a massive load all over himself!

Stars: Eric

My Sister’s Husband

Video: My Sister's Husband
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Studio: Next Door Studios
It's human nature to want most what we can't have. For Mike Gaite, what he wants more than anything is his brother-in-law, Luke Milan. A strapping man with broad shoulders, rock hard pecs and a huge dick (or so Mike's sister tells him), Luke is the whole package - except that he's straight. Every family visit is awful, as Mike sits inches away from the perfect man and can't do anything about it. Until one day, when his sister's out shopping and Luke's fresh out of the shower, Mike finally gets the courage to make a move. Connor Maguire, Owen Michaels, Drake Tyler, Mark Long, Andrew Fitch, Sean Blue, and Dante Martin co-star in five fantasies about getting your hands on that perfect, unattainable straight man in your life. The guy at work, the friend you grew up with, the buddy sitting side-by-side with you on the couch... When the one closest to you seems the farthest away, sometimes all you've got to do is reach out and touch him.

Stars: Mike Gaite, Mark Long, Connor Maguire, Luke Milan, Sean Blue, Andrew Fitch, Owen Michaels, Dante Martin, Drake Tyler

Wide Open 3

Video: Wide Open 3
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Studio: Man Royale
These meat-hungry power bottoms are in the mood for rock-hard cock…so much that they are on their backs and open…and they’re about to get spread like never before! In the third installment of the series, Leo Sweetwood and Connor lead this hardcore fuckfest that you won’t want to miss!

Stars: Brandon Moore, Connor, Angel Rock, Matt Hart, Dylan Drive, Jay Cloud, Leo Sweetwood, Santiago Figueroa, Anthony Verruso, Jason Maddox

Simon Splendid

Video: Simon Splendid
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Meet Simon Splendid—a young hot Latino stud with a big, meaty cock and juicy bubble butt. And lucky for you, he definitely isn’t camera shy…watch him show how he likes to spend his alone time! While watching porn, Simon beats his thick meat and plays with his hole for nearly an hour, until he’s ready to shoot a gigantic load all over his face!

Stars: Simon Splendid