Rex Wolfe & Liam Troy Part 2

Video: Rex Wolfe & Liam Troy Part 2
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Studio: TopAlphaMen
Liam Troy gets a good pounding after being found jerking off and using his roommate’s toys. Rex Wolfe punishes Liam’s hole with both his own dildo and his nice big cock. Cute little Liam can almost not handle being fucked by the real thing. He overcomes the discomfort to cum on himself and then enjoys being sprayed with Rex’s nut!

Stars: Liam Troy, Rex Wolfe (i)

Working Stiffs

Video: Working Stiffs
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Studio: TitanMen
The day drags on, the stress rising as things get harder. You need to release the tension, and what better way than by taking advantage of the Working Stiffs in front of you? Join TitanMan exclusive Hunter Marx as he and his co-workers come to blows with each other in an office unlike any other. Taking a break to ease the ache in his crotch, Thomas watches porn…and gets caught by boss Adam Russo, who happily offers him the real thing. After cleaning up a project, Jimmy Durano can’t keep his eyes off Justin Beal’s ass—which soon becomes his reward for a job well done. The boardroom heats up when executive Landon Conrad exerts his authority—only to have subordinate Hunter Marx come out on top.

Stars: Justin Beal, Jimmy Durano, Adam Russo, Landon Conrad, Thomas (i), Hunter Marx

Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends: Episode 7

Video: Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends: Episode 7
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Studio: Hollywood Sales
As soon as Rai and Luke spot each other, there is no denying that there’s only one thing on their mind…a scorching round of bareback fucking! Watch as these muscled hunks start off in the shower with some tantalizing blowjobs. Once they both are hard and ready to go, they take turns stretching each other’s holes with their huge uncut cocks until they explode!

Stars: Ondra Matej, Vlado Tomek

Thugs and French Arabian Boys #3

Video: Thugs and French Arabian Boys #3
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Studio: Comme des Anges
In the third installment of the series, the hot and heavy action is sexier than ever with this horny group of bad boys that love helping each other get off. From open fields to abandoned buildings, watch as smoking hot thugs and Middle Eastern studs whip out their enormous cocks and pound tight hole, deep and hard, until they explode!

Stars: Pierre Borowski, Gael O'Connor, Youcef Al Nour, Marwan Macoub, Jordan Costla, Alban Mercier, Ken Zahir Babir, Heliot Cooper, Christophe Alevi, Fabien Palazanni, Michael David, Geoffrey Kwiatkowski, Maxxime, Jason Lamy, Leo Helios, Taddeu Vincenti

Don’t Tell My Roommate

Video: Don't Tell My Roommate
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Studio: Pride Studios
Circle Jerk Boys has these straight guys trying out cock. Just Don't Tell My Roommate! And like the title says, they hope the other guy doesn't tell on them. It might make things a little awkward. We've all seen them... those incredibly hot straight guys. What would you give to be a fly on the wall in their bedrooms as they strip naked, stroke their dicks, and shoot their massive loads all over? It's a nice dream but never a reality... until now! Circle Jerk Boys all amateur 'straight' guys stroking alone and together. Come inside to see them do for you what they've been doing in private for years.

Stars: Brenden Pierce, Kyler Benz, Kyle Knight, Devin Adams, Hayden Richards, Blake Savage, Brian Bonds, Chase Young, Tyler Sweet (Male), Johnny Murad

The Very Best Of Anthony Reeves

Video: The Very Best Of Anthony Reeves
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Studio: FoersterMedia
Anthony Reeves is a sexy brunette twink with a versatile love for hardcore pounding…and lucky for you, FoersterMedia is bringing you 10 of his all-time best scenes in one place, at one time! Whether he’s playing the top or position, Anthony isn’t afraid to indulge in any chance to suck, fuck and rim—watch him get down and dirty in the woods, by the lake and in the hot tub!

Stars: Thomas, Justin Beeker, Niels, Jack Adam, Anthony Reeves, Chrissy (M), Tabian, Gianis Adonis, Mario, Nick, Tom

Barebacking With Jack Surf

Video: Barebacking With Jack Surf
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Studio: SX Video
Check out Jack Surf pump his thick, fat, throbbing raw dick like a jackhammer into these hot and bothered bottoms! The SX Exclusive Jack Surf is featured in 4 new rip-roaring scenes! He's one stud you want to breed and there is no other like him in the stables. He pokes, prods and rams them bareback until the loads EXPLODE. Featuring cockboy Brad Slater in a passionate tryst with our hero and 4 additional hot men with that craving for a hard cock deep inside! One scene even has Jack fucking Kelly Madison while Kelly fucks Jonathan. When Kelly blows his load, Jonathen eats it all up!

Another great bareback title from the leader ... SX Video!

Stars: Pete, Jack Surf, Brad Slater, Kelly Madison (i), Fyerfli, Jonathen Cummings

Zone Interdite 2

Video: Zone Interdite 2
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Studio: Clair Production
'Clair Production introduced its cameras into a military camp of the Soviet ex-empire. Built well and well-gifted, our Russian soldiers show how much they like sex. Bareback -- very hot.'

Tonsil Czecher

Video: Tonsil Czecher
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Studio: Kaliningrad Kum Whores
This young, blonde Czech has a rock-hard uncut poker that’s ready to fuck a wet mouth and tight hole…and he’s about to find exactly what he’s looking for! Watch as two hornballs settle their hormones with some serious oral action followed by hardcore bareback pounding, in a variety of opinions! And to top it all off, the scene ends with a thick creampie that you won’t want to miss!

Suit Sluts

Video: Suit Sluts
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Studio: Cazzo Films
At one glance, these horny hunks appears to be all business, well-dressed in their fancy suits—but as soon no one is looking, they whip out their huge monster cocks and are ready to put in work on their co-workers tight holes! With SEVEN must-see scenes, see what happens when Cazzo brings every gay office fantasy to life!

Tim Krugar is in a board meeting trying not to let his mind wonder while Nicholas Torri waits under the desk with a hungry mouth. Soon Nicholas works up the courage to wrap his lips around Tim’s huge bulge while the meeting commences. Afterward, Tim sticks on a rubber on his huge schlong and reams Nicholas across the desk. Scene two features Jeff Stronger is in the mood for a cigarette when bearded stud Spencer Reed walks into the break room. After one look at Spencer’s thick bulge, Jeff is down on his knees. Horny Spencer whips out his cock, fucks Jeff’s face and rims his big, round ass. Then he gives Jeff’s ass a rough fucking on the kitchen table and shoves a cucumber from the fridge up Jeff’s asshole. Spencer shoots his load all over Jeff’s furry face! Christian Wilde appears in scene five which features three hot men dressed in suits on the way home from the appointment. Boy next door Christian Wilde invites Damian Boss and Tyson Tyler for an aperitif in his apartment. Even before the drinks are served, the pants are down and the cocks are out. Tyson gives the macho-guys in suits head first and then serves them anally. As a reward he gets two dicks as a double-penetration into his tiny hole and the hot cum in his sweet face at the end.

Stars: Ivan Rueda, Spencer Reed, Jay Roberts, Nicolas Torri, T-Bow, Edward Fox, Patrick Schwarz, Christian Wilde, Damian Boss, Ivan Daniloff, Jeff Stronger, Tim Kruger, Tyson Tyler, Jean Franko, Lutz Phoenix, Marko Hansom