Screen Test Vol. 4

Video: Screen Test Vol. 4
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
William Higgins introduces the fourth volume to this series “Screen Test” Four hot scenes with eight young guys that give a brief question and answer and then it’s a tender kiss then their mouth is on each other’s uncut cock. Sometimes there is rimming and anal play before the top puts on that condom and they fuck hard. They love the taste of that warm cum.

Stars: Martin Dajnar , Miro Mendel, Maro Madl, Pavel Modelon, Marek Streda, Tomas Majorcak

The Diary

Video: The Diary
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Studio: Bijou Classics
Starring an adorable Jake Stryker at the tender age of eighteen, “The Diary” follows young Jerry’s journey to seduce and win the heart of schoolmate Cliff. Jerry records his thoughts, fantasies, and the sexual conquests of his private diary, giving viewers an uncensored look into the lives of boys in the early 1980’s. Cute boys and innocent, uninhibited sex make this film one of the most sensual ever produced, featuring lots of kissing and cumming, blow jobs and fucking.

Stars: George Conover, Blake Dawson, Jake Stryker, Richard Senix, Eric Christiansen, Terry Connors, Chevy Williams

Vince Solo

Video: Vince Solo
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Studio: Pegasus Studios
Vince Santiago is a good looking guy. When he’s takes off his pants, wow what a cock! Even when it’s not hard it’s big. When he’s starts to masturbate and its get harder the heat really cranks up. He’s uses some lube and really seems to enjoy jerking off in front of the camera. Sometimes he uses both his hands and watch as he fucks his one hand so vigorously. Did I mention he’s got a great ass! Vince cums with pure self satisfaction.

Stars: Vince Santiago

Cadets In Contempt

Video: Cadets In Contempt
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Studio: Regiment Productions
Fresh, hot and horny cadets away from home. They find themselves surrounded by other hot and horny cadets- you know the sparks are going to fly. Whether they're gay or not- doesn't seem to matter in this one. You know what they say, that a stiff dick has no conscience. These cocks are standing at attention !

Stars: Rocky Billy, Tripp Castro, Damian Ford, Corey Winters, Spike Pierce, Blake Taylor, Erik Jansen, Johnny Lopez

Sinful Seductions

Video: Sinful Seductions
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Studio: TwinkBoyMedia
For these sexy, hung and horny twinks, temptation has never been harder to resist—and they can’t fight it off any longer! Once they spot each other, the fire is lit and they’re ready to shoot their loads! With FIVE scenes of non-stop blowjobs, rimming and hardcore fucking, Twink Boy Media brings you explosive boy-on-boy action that you won’t be able to deny!

Stars: Felix Kraft, Mike Strandy, Omar Daza, Francisco Paccini, Sebastian Vasco, Flavio Elios, Alan Carpier, Lucky Taylor, Tomas Dyk, Kriss Stahl

Rope Reality

Video: Rope Reality
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Studio: Lavender Lounge
LEO FORTE - CHRISTOPHER DANIELS Hunky Leo Forte, master of Japanese style rope bondage, gets bondage virgin Christopher Daniels surprisingly excited about being restrained. Leo’s rope configurations are as beautiful as they are functional; he creates intricate, unique designs, changing and adjusting them at his own pleasure.

The rope bondage changes in between rounds of rimming and sucking, allowing Christopher to be comfortably suspended off the floor with his hands tied behind his back.

After removing the rope bondage from Christopher Daniels, and with Leo Forte still in complete control, the guys are completely horned up and ready for a good fuck. Christopher Daniels is like putty in Leo's hands, giving himself over to complete submission. Leo is free to do anything to his obedient slave, knowing that Christopher loves anything Leo dishes out. He even submits to breathe control exercises, first by a suffocatingly deep kiss while covering his nose. As the rimming, sucking and fucking intensify, Leo pushes it even further to the edge by choking Christopher around the neck. While still light headed from lack of oxygen, Leo pounds his ass forcefully in the sling.

NICK MORETTI AND CHAD BROCK Chad has a bit of cowboy fetish, mostly because he looks so goddamn hot in Western wear. But to tease him a bit while in bondage, Nick and his devious mind concoct a plan to humiliate Chad by binding him in ropes in the dungeon with a ridiculous looking kid sized cowboy hat. Noting the absurd irony of a Chicago native acting out his cowboy fantasies, Nick verbally teases him while using a riding crop to inflict some stinging stimulus to his tits, ass and balls.

Nick blows him, then helps Chad to his knees so he can get his own big curved dick sucked by the rope bound faux cowboy, eventually moving on to rimming his ass. When Nick determines that Chad is more useful with his hands untied, we watch him as the rope expert releases the restraints and puts Chad in the sling for a good fucking. Chad is a pliable and active participant who loves having Nick's big dick shoved in his face from the comfort of the sling, moaning with pleasure throughout.

Stars: Chris Daniels, Nick Moretti, Chad Brock, Leo Forte

Bailando Tango

Video: Bailando Tango
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Studio: Jet Set Men
GAYVN hall of fame director Chad Donovan is proud to present to you viewers at home Mr. Gay Argentina – Max Schutler himself like you’ve never seen him before! The Latin beefcake is featured with eight more handsome, masculine South American studs as they do Argentina’s own native dance. They say it takes two to tango – well that’s no lie when these hung and horny studs unleash their pent-up passions and unleash the lust in four ass pounding, ball draining scenes!

Stars: Nacho, Michael Amerika, Juan Pablo, Tobias Bianco, Max Shutler, Romanio Silva, Bruno, Lucas, Pierre

Twink Jizz

Video: Twink Jizz
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Studio: Diamond Pictures
Close your eyes and imagine a hung stud with the body of a Greek God stroking himself off until he spews just to please you. If this sounds like your kind of party then get comfy watching Zane Lewis, Drake Maguire and Alonso Mc’Vay do just that to get your cock standing at full attention and spewing a load or two of its own! You won’t’ be able to resist stroking your own throbbing shaft when you get a gander at these muscular men stroking long and slow until they can’t help but to jerk that meat quicker and quicker until either you bust or they explode…these boys don’t mind a first cum, first serve situation!

Stars: Zane Lewis, Drake Maguire, Alonso Mc'Vay, Dorian Mc'Leod

Internal Affairs: A Bareback Love Story

Video: Internal Affairs: A Bareback Love Story
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Studio: Raw Entry Club
The boys are sexy, the cocks are massive and the passion burns bright in this Stephane Moussu production…prepare yourself for a love story unlike all others! While away at a beautiful resort, a group of gorgeous young studs can’t seem to resist one another. Teaming up for a steamy threesomes, blowing each other off in the woods and pounding tight hole, raw, until the point of explosion, these twinks are full of lust and aren’t fighting it!

Stars: Martin Steven, Jan Vuta, Milan Crib, Babou, Luke Anders, Sacha (M), Joseph Secic, Youri Vasidov, Franck Vovack

Inexperienced Boy Gets Owned

Video: Inexperienced Boy Gets Owned
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Studio: Twisted Media
Sweet-faced Brett is just as an innocent as he looks—and Sebastian and Aaron want to be the ones to change that! They start taking turns jerking and sucking his uncut cock while he's tied up. As he gets hard, they kick it up a notch and bring out hot wax and ice cubes to continue the extreme sensations that shoot through his body. Without a doubt, it’s a first time experience that Brett will never forget!

Stars: Aaron Aurora, Sebastian Kane, Brett Wright