The Return Of Nimrod & Brian

Video: The Return Of Nimrod & Brian
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Studio: Joe Schmoe Productions
Nimrod and Brian are back...and they're ready to be serviced! Watch as they whip out their throbbing cocks before being sucked off and pleasured like never before! Things end with huge creamy loads that you won't want to miss!

Stars: Brian, Black Joe, Joe Schmoe, Nimrod (M)

Latin Loads

Video: Latin Loads
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
Latin Loads gives you men showing off what they got between their legs and what they got you're gonna like! These studs will satisfy your longing for Spanish heat with their thick and spicy Spanish meat.

Stars: Douggy Fresh, Johnny P., Joshua Cruz, Antonio Marquez, Phoenix Sanchez, Miguel, Alessandro, Dominic Pacifico, Aaron Valenciaga, Amaro Reyes

Young Lads With Monster Cocks

Video: Young Lads With Monster Cocks
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Studio: Fucked
Ridiculously well endowed and horny as hell these young lads need to find some relief, and what better way than fucking their mates right then and there? Monstrously thick and ludicrously long cocks are rammed into tight boy holes much to the pleasure of willing young bottoms!

Stars: Tom Stein, Zaho Sebastian Mann, Alex Pain, Mike Staford, Andrew Shut, Niki (M), Tommy Haine, Paul Aurel , Max Schneider, Marco Parelli, Philippe Delvaux, Jan Amron, Phil Reflex, Leo Rosch

Carl’s Best Blowjobs 29

Video: Carl's Best Blowjobs 29
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Studio: HotDicks
Carl and friends suck a bunch of cocks and swallow some huge loads in this video. Contains five scenes with young and old guys, and even a tranny!. Carl is one cum loving freak and he will never get enough spunk to satisfy his primal urge to eat semen!

Stars: Dean, Paul, Trever, Russell, Carl Hubay, Dallas (Male), Robbie (T)

Prisoner Of War

Video: Prisoner Of War
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There's a new type of interrogation for Prisoners Of War, and we think you'll like this new approach... SEX. These sex deprived guys are taking their sexual aggression out on the ready and willing. Sure they may say otherwise, but their balls will say it all in the end…. When they unload!

Stars: Allen King, Alex Brando, Gabriel Vanderloo, Damien Crosse, Paddy O'Brian


Video: Reckless
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Studio: TitanMen
'You're working. You know it's wrong. But you can't resist the tight and muscular temptation in front of you, the ache throbbing harder as your conscience breaks down. Go ahead and get Reckless with Jessy Ares and Hunter Marx, who get distracted on the job and bring their cocky co-workers down with them.

Taking a break, blue collar worker Hunter Marx relieves himself as handsome Stany Falcone sneaks a peek. The bearded Stany moves in for a kiss, dropping down to work up Hunter's big cock-deep sucking him as spit strands droop from his mouth. Hunter snaps his beast onto Stany's face: 'Like that?' he asks with a wicked smile, Stany grabbing Hunter's hairy pec as he continues to suck. Hunter returns the favor, rubbing Stany's defined stomach as he slurps. The two kiss, their pulsing cocks touching. Hunter tongue fucks his bud before slowly poking his dick inside: 'Fuck, you're tight! You want me to go deeper?' Hunter's cock bobs up when it's released from Stany's hole, the top reaching down for a kiss. Hunter mounts the table and sits on Stany's meat, riding as his own monster stays rock hard. 'Play with my cock,' he demands as Stany strokes it, the two kissing again. Hunter gets on his back, jacking as he yells at Stany to 'Punch it!' The top fucks him hard and fast, the sound of flesh on flesh getting louder. Hunter unleashes a white-hot wad as he's fucked, the tight-abbed top following suit as the two kiss.

Bursting out of his tank top, supervisor Jessy Ares compliments the work of tall and dark contractor Ford Andrews. Jessy grinds against the stud's bod as their cocks and scruffy chins connect. Ford devours Jessy's thick pistol, hot side shots capturing the action as he opens wide and spit slides down the shaft. Jessy steals a kiss, then spits into Ford's mouth before sucking face again. Jessy bends Ford over the desk and buries his beard in the sub's hole: 'Twitch your ass!' He slips his rod inside and fucks Ford as low shots capture the deep penetration, Jessy getting sweatier as the bottom's ass ripples. The two kiss before Ford gets on his back, taking it like a man as Jessy slides all the way in and out. Spit drips out of Jessy's hot mouth as he grunt fucks the bottom, who squirts a huge load onto his hairy bod before Jessy makes him wetter.

Deliveryman Devin Adams arrives with a package for beefy Brad Kalvo, who's strapped for cash. 'Is there any other way I can pay you?' asks the hairy Brad, guiding Devin down and taking out his cock as the smoothie sucks down to the bushy groin. The sideburned Brad then has Devin lay back and enjoy, beautifully working the moaning stud's big dick. Devin places his hand on Brad's head, holding him down on his cock as he rub's the sucker's bod-Brad's huge chest, shoulders and arms filing the frame. 'Suck that shit!' says the jock-voiced Devin, whose balls get worked over. Devin smiles as his cock gets stroked while Brad's fingers enter his ass, warming it up and teasing it. Devin snaps his cock as he talks dirty. 'Beautiful ass!' compliments Brad, who soon fucks Devin doggie style, the bottom showing off his stiff shaft as he gets rammed. On his back, the bottom gets it some more-his body soon coated in both of their loads.'

Stars: Stany Falcone, Devin Adams, Brad Kalvo, Jessy Ares, Hunter Marx , Ford Andrews

Hard Labour

Video: Hard Labour
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Studio: AlphaMales
Working with wood all day can be boring, but for these musclebound hunks, there’s always another kind of wood to hand, one that’s a lot harder and a lot more fun to play with. Taking their minds off the job at hand, they get busy with each other, filling their mouths and butts with the stiffest, biggest dicks ever seen in the workshop! From famed fucker Kayden Gray ploughing the handsome Logan Moore to Spanish stud Antonio Miracle fucking the life out of fellow tattooed musclemen Jason and Russ, the workshop soon fills with the scent of sweat and spunk as well as sawdust as balls are emptied and the sweat drips off the men mid-fuck, leaving everything scorching hot and soaked in the tastiest spunk ever delivered.

Stars: Jason Domino, Logan Moore, Bruno Fox, Kayden Gray, Antonio Miracle, Nick North, Russ Magnus

HoloTwink Trifuckta P.O.V.

Video: HoloTwink Trifuckta P.O.V.
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Studio: HoloTwink
You choose the model - You choose the action! The ultimate point of view experience! Featuring twinky stars like Ethan Black, J.R. Adams, and Riley Summers!

Stars: J.R. Adams, Ethan Black, Riley Summers

Bring It On Bareback 2

Video: Bring It On Bareback 2
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Studio: Cocksure Men
In Bring It On Bareback 2, Alex Bach is looking at his favorite porn web site, Cocksure Men (of course), when co-worker Sean Robson walks in. Sean sees what's on the Macbook and lets Alex know it's his favorite site, too (of course). Before long the two are groping, kissing and sucking each others' cocks, and then Alex is pounding Sean bareback. The moral - if you want to turn downtime at work into fuck-tastic fun, watch Cocksure Men on your computer and see what happens! Luke is a ripped muscle stud with chiseled abs and massive biceps. Jake Dante is a young, small, lean man with a cute face and a great ass. Nothing in common you say? Well when Luke starts fucking Jake raw and doggy-style, they suddenly have a lot in common. Beware of kissing. As bobby Gest and Dick Keissie demonstrate, kissing can lead to more intense sexual behaviors - great blow jobs, mouth fucking, ass eating, and yes, bareback sex. Don't say you weren't warned. Old pals Tristan Baldwin and DJ Mann hook up and it doesn't take the fuck buddies long to resume their old habits - Tristan eats DJ's ass and then drills it into submission, then they flp and it's DJ pounding Tristan. They flip again and Tristan's plowing DJ before the big finish. Nothing like having a good old friend to share mind-blowing sex with!

Stars: Tristan Baldwin, DJ Mann, Dick Kessie, Luke Ward, Bobby Gest, Sean Robson, Alex Bach, Jake Dante

The Best Of Adam Grant

Video: The Best Of Adam Grant
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Studio: Catalina
Attention all Adam Grant lovers--this is the collection for you! In scenes from Head of the Class 2, Sailor in the Wild 2, Billboard, Men with Mouthfuls of Tasty Meat, this is one classic flashback that you don't want to miss!

Stars: Joey Stefano, Ted Cox, Chris Dano, Cody Foster, Beau Beaumont, Chris Ladd, Brian Hart, Adam Grant, Greg Hauser, Jeff Dickson