Gay Casting Couch 11

Video: Gay Casting Couch 11
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Studio: Drive Shaft
Here we are again at gay casting couch, in this eleventh instalment we visit now famous, Armond Rizzo, Dylan Knight, Liam Harkmore and Zachary Perry whose assholes have been tested by Tyler Saint's big cock. These boys are thriving to reach the top and are ready to do everything for it. It's amazing to see how far they've cum, but it's better to see where they came from!

Stars: Armond Rizzo, Dylan Knight, Liam Harkmoore, Liam Harkmore, Tyler Saint, Zachary Perry

Massive Muscle Aussie Bulked Up Bodybuilders

Video: Massive Muscle Aussie Bulked Up Bodybuilders
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Studio: Australian Amateurs Do It
If your a lover of Aussie beef and muscle then this Sydney Australia shot amateur movie is gonna, please. With two rugged Australian men, one a top, one a bottom and its all about the deep anal action in this video shoot. Nothing is left of the list, with some very hungry mouthed rimming action and some serious meaty uncut hung cock fucking with doggy style being the preferred fuck position of the day, as Drew bends over and Andrew guides his big uncut cock into the target. Mmm, can't you just feel that huge cock inside you as Drew moans and Andrew goes deeper and deeper

Stars: Andrew Bear, Drew Ler

Ebony Lust

Video: Ebony Lust
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Studio: 80 Gays

This collection explores the encounters and fantasies of those who dare to be gay in a country where sex between males is forbidden. The action is explosive and raw, as these horny and defiant young Africans release their pent up sexual desires in steamy bareback fucking encounters. Some are only able to beat off, with the fantasy of having another young man in their arms. Others can't resist the touch of another male and risk everything for a brief encounter with raw ecstasy. If you can't get enough of slim young guys with silky smooth ebony skin, this collection of solo and hardcore scenes is a must have.

Emma is a skinny and smooth black African twink, and we get to watch as he strips naked and beats his big meat. Parked on his bed, the young man slowly removes the clothes and takes hold of his growing cock. By the time he is undressed the boy is sporting a big boner. A long stroke show follows that has Emma jacking off in several positions before finally lying on his back and splattering warm cum all over his tummy.

We look in on Emma and Johnson, two slim and smooth black Africans, who can't wait to get naked and play. Each enjoys a nice long taste of the other's big cock, before Johnson plants his deep inside Emma's young ass. A long bareback fuck session follows, as these horny guys try every position they can think of. Finally, the two lie side-by-side as Emma helps Johnson stroke out a cum gusher that splatters his belly.

Alex is a young black African that's horny and wants to beat off. Stripped naked, from the waist down, the slim and smooth young man takes hold of his uncut dick and starts working on a stiff one. Once he's boned up, Alex pulls off the shirt, gets up on his knees, adds some lube and starts stroking with determination. It isn't long before cum is spewing from his cock and splattering the sheet.

John is a super skinny young man and we get to watch this horny black African jerk off. Kicked back on the bed, he pushes his pants down just enough to release his cock. Once he has a stiff one, John pulls his shirt up and pants off before getting down to some determined stroking. Heading toward climax, the young man closes his eyes and enjoys his fantasy of sex with another guy and that takes him over the cum pumping edge.

This black African boy lets us watch as he strips naked and hops in the shower. Then Johnson sits on the toilet and begins working up a stiff dick. Once he's got that big cock of his boned up, a little lube is applied and he gets to work beating off. Johnson strokes that dark meat with determination and eventually pumps out a cum gusher that splatters the toilet seat between his legs.

Black African twinks Joseph and John are seated on a sofa when lust takes over and the boys start kissing. It isn't long before Joseph has a stiff cock in hand and then goes down on it. An oral exchange follows before John slides in and barebacks Joseph, legs in the air. After enjoying a piece of ebony ass, John gives his up for Joseph to fuck. This flip fucking raw romp comes to an end when both boys stroke out their cum loads.

Joseph is seated on a sofa and watching porn on his computer when he strips naked and lubes up. The black African twink quickly gets hard, as he strokes with one eye on the porn that's playing. The young man really gets into himself and soon he's approaching the point of no return. Then he abandons the porn and relies on his own fantasies to reach the climax he's chasing. It isn't long before this horny ebony boy is spilling warm cum onto his smooth belly.

Young black Africans Paul and Alex are in the bath room stripping each other naked, when we look in on them. Once the two are out of their clothes, Alex goes down on Paul. An oral exchange follows that has the boys sucking under the shower, before moving to the bed. After both have enjoyed a good taste of the other's cock, Alex takes Paul from behind and bareback fucks his ebony ass all over that bed. Finally, the two kick back side-by-side and stroke out their cum loads.

Stars: Alex, Emma (M), John, Johnson, Joseph, Paul

Hook Line & Sinker

Video: Hook Line & Sinker
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Studio: Raunchy Bastards
" It’s a lot easier being a creeper than one might think. The hardest part is getting them physically in the door, but once that’s accomplished, it’s easy pickings. You play on a guy’s vanity enough, and he’ll be peeling off his underwear with a smile on his face. Oh, and the better looking and more in the shape they are, the easier it is. This is a nice phenomenon because as a professional creep I get to fuck some of the best looking teens and twenty-somethings around. The next step, of course, is getting their mouth around your cock. Unless they are total cock crusaders, generally this takes a bit more skill. But with enough practice, it’s not too difficult. Sure, the straight guys might push back at first, but only about ten per cent of the time. And then they will cave. Why? Because it’s as if the minute they are completely naked, their brains stop functioning. They are like deer in headlights, just waiting on me to pounce. I also know that if a guy will let me eat him out, he will let me stick it in. But, like I said, getting them in the door is the hard part."

Stars: Billy Saint, Carter Michaels, Clay (i), Danny Alvarez, Danny Luca, Guy Mannion

No Way He’s Straight

Video: No Way He's Straight
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Studio: BoyFun

Sexy Seth Sanders is feeling horny, but he's got just the friend in mind for a little BoyFun in the evening. Blond Tommy Blake arrives prepared, with a long pink cock in his pants ready to be serviced and a hot little hole demanding some dick. All pretense is quickly gone, it might have seemed like an innocent invitation at the start but the moment they come into contact their lust for sex takes over. With a little wine to get things moving along the two are soon getting naked and making out on the couch, Seth's incredible black cock freed from his tight white undies for his blond friend to service. It's a gorgeous length of dick that any guy would love to spend plenty of time playing with, but Tommy has his own pink dick for his friend to taste. The cock slurping fun only heats up when the two head for the bedroom and get more comfortable, gradually working their way up to the full-on anal pounding Tommy so obviously needs. Kneeling on the bed with his pale little ass up Tommy gets every inch of that incredible cock deep inside him, moaning with pleasure while his buddy pounds away at his pucker. The orgasmic bliss only becomes more intense when Tommy is on his shoulders, his butt up for a proper deep pounding, with Seth's incredible schlong pumping in and out of his tight opening, brushing his prostate and generating waves of pleasure inside him. With his stomach splashed with Seth's thick load Tommy gets a hand over the finish line, his jizz stroked out of him.

Tyler Moore isn't very convincing with his denials, while he might be adamant that he's not into dudes, gorgeous jock buddy Zeus Michael knows exactly how to find out the truth. It's probably not in the least bit surprising that with a little smooching and groping young Tyler is following his handsome pal to the bedroom for some BoyFun, entirely abandoning any pretense about his sexuality. Then again, maybe Tyler was straight? I find it hard to believe even a straight guy would be able to refuse the opportunity to at least get some friendly cock sucking with this sexy young man! Tyler gets far more than just some oral, but the sight of them both revealing their cocks and sucking on each other's incredible dicks is enough to have any viewer stroking along with them. The contrast of their sexy bodies is a delight to see, milky pale twinky skin against tanned and toned jock muscle, but it only gets hotter the hornier the two become. The mutual dick slurping the boys share leads to a little hole play for Zeus, showing he's ready to get that hard young meat up his ass. For a dominant looking jock he sure knows how to ride a young man's cock, backing up onto his younger pal's length and getting it all the way to the hilt. His ass might start out incredibly tight, but after a little thrusting he's soon opening up and getting it good in a variety of positions, fucked all over the bed and riding his friend until both their incredible dicks are ready to start splashing out hot milky cream over themselves in a shared jerk off. If he wasn't gay before, he's definitely at least bisexual now!

Carter Michaels is like a lot of horny straight college boys, he might be all about the ladies in public but behind closed doors he's a little curious. None of this friends know he likes to see guys enjoying their dicks on the internet, but you just know they would all love to explore with him if they had any idea! The thought of enjoying some proper BoyFun with another guy might not be at the forefront of his mind, but when his twinky buddy Robbie Allen catches him procrastinating and stroking to some solo jerk off action he's far too into it to say no when his friend offers to blow him. Robbie knows a thing or two about sucking a tasty boner, working the swollen head in his mouth, stroking the shaft and giving his pal the kind of introduction to gay action that's likely to have him hooked. After getting his stiff jock dick sucked on the couch and discovering how good it feels he follows Robbie to the bedroom and dares to get his first taste of delicious shaft in return, exploring the sensation of giving another guy some oral, and seemingly enjoying it. The thought of fucking another dude in the ass might be hard for him to grasp, but when Robbie offers his pucker for that throbbing boner to slide into he takes the leap and doesn't hold back, banging his student buddy from behind on the bed, pumping him on his back and making Robbie spew a sticky thick mess of jizz from his dick. Carter might not be used to fucking other guys, but that hole definitely does it for him and after sliding his dick out and jerking off he splashes Robbie with a big sprinkler cum shot! I get the feeling these study buddies might not be getting a whole lot of work done from now on.

Harper White is looking for his girlfriend, but when he gets the chance to hang out with her brother Clay Sanders things get a little out of control! He might be straight but when he gets the chance to explore things with Clay it seems he's a little curious about things. To be honest, Harper looks like the kind of boy who would be down to fuck, as long as it feels good why not get that dick out and explore a little BoyFun? With some making out and groping of the growing dicks in their pants the two inch their way to the bedroom where Harper is slowly stripped. His incredible cock is soon out of his underwear, a long and thick shaft of hard and straight fuck meat that Clay quickly gets between his lips. Sucking on the head and bobbing up and down he has his sister's boyfriend moaning with delight within moments. The sucking Harper gets seems to already have him convinced that the old saying is true and guys really do know how to pleasure another guy better than any girl can, but that's only proven more when Clay turns his attention to the guy's virginal ass and starts lapping at his hole. No straight boy can deny how good rimming is, and while he might be new to all of this he can't help himself when he gets the chance to suck on his first cock. Clay has an equally impressive dick to share with the guy, long and pink, throbbing and wet with precum. The straight boy might need a few more lessons in sucking dick before he can be considered a pro, but he sure has some natural skills when it comes to gobbling boner! While it might be considered traditional for the straight boy to top his gay friend in his first time fuck, Harper isn't the kind of guy to do things by half. Not only does he get his bare boner between the smooth ass cheeks of his new friend but he submits to his first time bottoming too! The guys swap their shafts and pound each other, in every position, their moans of pleasure filling the bedroom as their cum loads rise to be released. By the time Harper is splashing cum from his gorgeous straight boy boner and decorating Clay's face with his load we're certain this won't be the last time he fucks around with his girlfriend's brother!

Stars: Carter Michaels, Clay Sanders, Harper White, Robbie Allen, Seth Sanders, Zeus Michaels, Tommy Blake, Tyler Moore

Man Cave

Video: Man Cave
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Studio: Pride Studios
Rafael Cruz has to wait on Javier Cruz and since he has time to spare, he starts stroking his big cock through his board shorts. Right as he is getting into it, Javier walks in on and likes what he sees. Sitting on the couch, Adrian Suarez decides to watch some porn when Donny Forza arrives and joins him. He reaches out, starts stroking Adrian's cock and pulls out his own so they can both have fun. David Austin and Mars Rousseau bummed because they want to be at the beach, but instead, they are told to head back to the beach resort. Once naked and on the bed, David starts out sucking Mars's hard cock. Vadim Black makes a move on Derek Reed and decides they should get laid. He wastes no time before dropping to his knees and sucking Vadim's beautiful cock.

Stars: Adrian Suarez, David Austin, Derek Reed, Donny Forza, Javier Cruz, Mars Rousseau, Rafael Cruz, Vadim Black

Forbidden Instincts

Video: Forbidden Instincts
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Studio: OTB Video

For your viewing enjoyment, we present 6 adorable twink couples doing what youth cannot resist. These Latin boys are what wet dreams are made of, as they suck big uncut cock and pound tight little ass until their cum starts gushing. If you have a passion for skinny and smooth Latin twinks, in their sexual prime, this selection of bareback romps is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, with one hand busy.

These two Latino jocks have stripped to their shorts, as they go for each other's monster cock. Naked and in a sexy 69, the uncut dick sucking and ass rimming continues until bottom boy gives it up for his team mate and gets bareback fucked doggie. Miguel and Fabio show off their athletic skills, as they fuck until it's time to drink some warm Latin boy cum.

We find Latin twinks Hernan and Nelson naked on a bed and sucking each other's uncut dick. A little ass rimming gets the bottom in the mood and soon light skin top is barebacking dark skin bottom. The anal exchange has these two Latinos fucking in some hot positions, including one that has a foot up on the wall. We leave the boys with cum dripping off their lips and smiles on their face.

Skinny Latin twinks Gerardo and Alfredo have planned a romantic evening that includes candles burning and rose petals on the bed. Naked and sucking uncut cock, it isn't long before both boys are rock hard and enjoying a sexy 69. Then monster cock finds skinny little ass and the two enjoy a long bareback fuck. When this passionate romp is over, bottom boy has cum dripping out his ass and running off his smooth tummy.

In the locker room, Latin twinks Sebastian and Franciscon can't ignore their lust for each other and soon they're kissing as the clothes are stripped off. A bench makes the perfect platform for the boys who go to work on each other's uncut dick. Cock sucking turns to ass licking, before these two flip fuck each other in as many positions as their youthful stamina will allow. By the time these horny boys are done barebacking the smell of sweat and fresh cum fill the air.

Young Latinos Deivi and Samir are all about getting into each other's pants and once these horny twinks are sucking on each other's big uncut cock the only thing they have not stripped off is their socks. Cock sucking turns to finger fucking and ass licking, as the guys get each other warmed up for a nice long bareback fuck session. By the time they are finished, each has the taste of fresh cum on his tongue.

Uber drops his pants to give bottom boy Mauricio access to his uncut dick, and it isn't long before both Latin boys are butt naked and sucking cock. A little ass fingering is followed by hard cock and little Mauricio gets a barebacking that uses every inch of the bed. Uber pile drive fucks the cum out of his twink bottom and by the time they are done Mauricio has it running down his smooth belly and dripping off his tongue.

Stars: Alfredo, Deivi, Fabio, Francisco, Gerardo (M), Herman, Mauricio, Miguel, Nelson, Samir, Sebastian (i), Uber

Real Men 42

Video: Real Men 42
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Studio: Workin' Men Videos

This selection of videos was produced by a guy who likes his men hard, ragged and mature, with a preference for hairy. Most are hardworking blue collar types that have lived a hard life, and it displays prominently on each of their faces. It's a mix of gay, straight and undecided, who want a little extra cash and are willing to show off their stuff on camera for it. If you prefer reality over perfection, this amateur homemade video compilation is a must grab.

What a pleasant person this guy is to be around. He's 42 years old, 6'7"and 220 pounds. Right now Dan is working construction, but wants to continue his education and become a psych nurse. He loves women, but is also very curious. He's even had a few experiences with men. Hopefully he'll have a few more.

Troy and Tim are two good old North Georgia country boys, both married with kids. When this pair leave home and to go to their jobs together, a lot more happens than just work. Over the years I've learned that this sort of thing goes on a lot more than most people would ever imagine.

Dillon is a 40 year old, 5' 7", 145 pound house painter, who also cleans houses when the painting jobs are scarce. Bisexual, this hairy man is open to doing a lot of things a lot of the straight guys won't. Friendly and outgoing, Dillon is a nice fellow.

John is a 29 year old, 5' 8", and 165 pound ex-navy man, who makes his living working in a body shop. He hopes to someday work in the field of nano technologies. He seems intelligent enough, and should go far. John is somewhat quiet and reserved, but very pleasant to be around.

According to Richard, he's the best in the world at everything. I have to give him credit for his spirit. This 43 year old, 5' 8", 166 pound race car driver/boxer/ex-marine believes he can sing just like Willie Nelson. I didn't ask for a demonstration. I'm not sure what direction he'll go in next. In any case, he's a great looking guy.

This is Conor's buddy. He's also engaged to Conor's sister. Josh is 30 years old, 5' 7", and 155 pounds. He is originally from Southern California, where he surfed every day, and, like Conor, enjoys the water. His profession involves industrial construction.

Conor and his buddy Josh are a couple of great guys. Conor's sister is engaged to Josh, and they are both good friends. Conor is 25 years old, 5' 11", and 170 pounds. He works in a restaurant, but wants work that takes him near the water. I have no doubt he will be successful with his life goals.

Matt is a great looking man, with a sexy muscular body. We had a bit of a hard start, but things are much better now. He is 39 years old, 5' 8", and 165 pounds of pure hunk. This forklift driver says he's an adventurous and carefree type that likes to laugh and have fun. I hope to see more of him.

Stars: Conor, Dan, Dillon (General), John, Josh, Matt, Richard, Tim, Troy

Hole Abused by Delta Kobra

Video: Hole Abused by Delta Kobra
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Delta Kobra is back and this time he's tracked down with Romeo Courtois to suck and fuck. He goes delightfully over the top in this scene, really savoring every minute of it! This video highlights two mens' passion as horny top first plays with his favorite toy to go deep in Romeos' ass. Delta truly took the opportunity to improvise a scene itself.

Stars: Delta Kobra, Romeo Courtois

Spunk Shootin Scholars

Video: Spunk Shootin Scholars
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Studio: Bare
It’s always good to secure an all-round education; and believe us when we tell you that the boys at this STAXUS academy are hell-bent on making the most of every opportunity to do just that, as they engage in a plethora of afterschool activities to explore each other’s bodies. All of which – not unnaturally, given that they’re all complete whores! – involve rampant displays of hard, uncut dick and a white-out of hot spunk. Bjorn Nyvist, Ron Negba and Adrian Bennet are just three names on the register in a highschool where pretty much any filth goes!

Stars: Adrian Bennet, Bjorn Nykvist, Lior Hod, Ron Negba, Steve Joyce, Zist Stevens