Sneaker Sex Fuckers 2

Video: Sneaker Sex Fuckers 2
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Studio: UKNakedMen
Those sneaker sex fuckers are back for more sneaker sniffing, cock sucking and hard fucking. Directed by Jonno, this FIVE scene collection features Gabriel Phoenix, Isaac Jones, Killian James and more!

Stars: Nathan Raider, Fabian, Joel Vargas, Macanao Torres, Carl Ross, Isaac Jones, Killian James, Gabriel Phoenix, Julian Alex

Bad Cop

Video: Bad Cop
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Studio: TitanMen
Lewd behavior. Conduct unbecoming. Moral bankruptcy. The inappropriate activity runs rampant in the police department, where one Bad Cop after another engages in dirty deeds while on duty. TitanMen exclusives Hunter Marx and Nick Prescott lead a squad of arresting performances. An alarm trigger at an empty residence gives officers Nick Prescott and Adam Herst opportunity to whip out their love guns, the duo sucking and fucking each other in a heated pairing. On neighborhood watch, Donnie Dean catches colleague Ricky Decker jacking off. They swap sucks before Ricky takes control in a pairing with explosive chemistry. The precinct locker room heats up when Hunter Marx and Damien Stone finish a long shift, rewarding each other with their big dicks in a hot-and-hairy flip fuck. On a late night call to a residential alarm trigger, partners Nick Prescott and Adam Herst find an empty house—and a bottle of lube. Adam drops to his knees, taking out Nick’s rock-hard cock. Nick holds his partner’s head down on his dick, Adam’s own monster throbbing below. Adam sucks him deep, his mustache hairs tickling Nick’s bush—and sliding against his shaft on the way up. Nick whips his dick on Adam’s breathless face. They kiss, cocks grinding, before Nick returns the favor. Nick gasps for air, getting a kiss for his efforts. Adam sucks his bud again, his face getting dick whipped. He offers his ass to Nick, who soon bangs him from behind (“There you go!”). Nick grabs Adam’s uniform, pulling him in closer as he goes faster. Adam sits down on Nick’s dick, the bottom’s cock rock hard as he rides. Adam eats Nick’s hairy hole before fucking him, the top’s smooth abs tightening. Nick gets on his back, his hairy bod soon covered in cum. "You've gotta stop coming here on my security shifts!" smiles Donnie Dean, who catches fellow cop Ricky Decker stroking his big dick in a resident's garage. They kiss, their scruffy skins grazing before Donnie opens wide to swallow the dark-haired stud's thick meat, the sucker’s own boner grazing Ricky’s leg. Donnie feeds him back, whipping the side of Ricky's mouth with it as they both smile. Ricky spits on it, the two soon kissing as their cocks meet in a hot swordplay sequence. They eat each other out, Ricky then fucking Donnie’s rippling jock ass from behind—the top's muscular, hairy legs slamming the bottom's ass. Donnie sits down on Ricky, his big dick bobbing as his ass grinds on Ricky’s root. On his back, Donnie grips Ricky's big pec as he gets fucked—whipping his boner against the top’s abs as the intensity builds, the two staring at each other. Ricky goes deep, his smooth groin slamming the bottom's smooth sac. Ricky strokes his bud to release as he fucks him, then comes on Donnie’s cock as the scorching scene ends. After a long shift, Hunter Marx and Damien Stone unwind in the precinct locker room. Hunter comes out to his surprised colleague. "What do you guys do together?" asks a turned-on Damien, whose big dick is soon deep inside Hunter's furry mouth. "That's it!" moans Damien, looking down at the mohawked sucker. "So sexy!" Hunter slaps his face with it, then gets his face whipped. Damien grips Hunter's huge cock before devouring it, spit beads clinging to his beard. They kiss, a spit strand connecting their hairy chins. Hunter buries his scruffy face in Damien's hole. He fucks him from behind, then turns him over. Damien rests his leg over the top's shoulder, Hunter licking it as he fucks. Hunter goes deep, his steel shaft snapping up when it's released from Damien's hole. Hunter bends over for Damien, the top plowing so hard and fast that both of their muscle pecs shake. The bottom gets on his back, the two squirting all over his hairy frame.

Stars: Damien Stone, Adam Herst, Hunter Marx , Donnie Dean , Nick Prescott, Ricky Decker

Battle Of The Bottoms 3

Video: Battle Of The Bottoms 3
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Studio: Active Duty Productions
So much fresh meat, so little time! Quentin Gainz is back to show new recruit Johnny what bottoming is all about! He was nervous at first, but as they got into the swing of things, this newbie showed his natural talents! Ivan James goes 'all in' with first timer Will. These two have real chemistry together and it shows. Lastly we have to new recruits, Justin Grey and Jason who give us a front row seat as they stroke their massive man bones until they shoot their loads and smile for the camera! Enjoy!

Stars: Jason 2 (Active Duty), Ivan James, Quentin Gainz, Will 2 (Active Duty), Justin Grey, Johnny 2 (Active Duty)

Fetish Lovers

Video: Fetish Lovers
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Studio: Sneaker Stories
hese boys are hungry for three things cock, cum and well-worn sneakers! They love nothing more than going down on their latest fuck buddy to chew, suck and tease his hard cock, but if his lover wants him at his hardest and horniest, then they have to give up the trainers they're wearing and let him sniff the heady aroma they emit. There's nothing like giving a blowjob then licking your partner's sneaker, or maybe when you're fucking his ass from behind and he uses your trainers like a popper that gives him that extra buzz. Over two hours of male-on-male domination that sees these Fetish Lovers getting their kicks anyway they can!

Stars: Kevin Sportwear, Klode NEXT, Tony Axel, Alex Kiffeur, Tony Rekins, Rodolphe Labet, Oz TBM, Romain Alabien, Phyzer

Bound In Public – Trent Diesel’s Fantasy

Video: Bound In Public – Trent Diesel’s Fantasy
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Standing at six feet tall and built like a superhero, Trent Diesel is bound and stripped naked in front a room full of horny men. They receive him with open arms as they grope and stroke his raging hard cock. Trent is made to suck the guest's cocks before choking on Josh West's massive member. Blindfolded and bound to a table he receives spit and beer all over his body, fucked, and turned into a cum receptacle. Flipped over and bound by audience members, our superhero cums while ridding Scott Tanner's fat cock. The crowd roars with excitement!

Stars: Van Darkholme, Josh West, Trent Diesel

Horny Ass Twinks Vol. 2

Video: Horny Ass Twinks Vol. 2
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Studio: Male Reality
These boys sure know how to use the time wisely. Twinks play with their dicks and suck each other off! Enjoy! The boss isn't too pleased to find one of his employees watching porn during work hours. Leave it to a pro to get those knots out of your back and to get nice and loose. Even the latest in relaxation technology is no match for a skilled set of hands. David's working late, checking out some secret files. Denis catches him, and the two get down to some secrets of their own. The locker room is a place to mentally prepare for a big game. But sometimes the pre-game stress gets the best of them and they need to let off some steam.

Stars: Ronnie Clark, David Nealson, Xander Luck, Chris Young, Denis Reed, Nick Daniels, Nathan Eclain, Louis Brooks, David Ballard, Val Horner

Tarzan: A Gay Parody

Video: Tarzan: A Gay Parody
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Part One: Stranded ashore a lush tropical island, Luke Adams and Colton Grey cope with surviving the jungle by exploring each other’s dark dank holes. Colton readies Luke’s delicious cock with his warm wet mouth then opens his hole with his probing tongue before plunging his rock hard dick deep inside Luke’s eager ass. Luke returns the favor by fucking Colton up against the palms of this tropical rainforest as a native resident watches from the bushes...

Part Two: Tied up with vines and threatened by a venomous snake, Tobias struggles to survive in the jungle. It seems Tarzan has other plans for the stranded westerner as he realizes just how similar they are. His animalistic instincts taking over, Tarzan is taught a thing or two about sex by Tobias as they passionately hook up at the base of a beautiful waterfall.

Part Three: Colton and Luke are wandering around the jungle looking for Tobias and decide to stop for some rest. Tarzan pops out of nowhere with Tobias in tow. Reunited at last! Tobias explains where he's been and what he's been teaching Tarzan; who is eagerly pawing at his 2 new discoveries. It doesn't take much longer before all four of them are sucking and fucking.

Stars: Colton Grey, Luke Adams, Diego Sans, Tobias (i)

Kissing Cousins

Video: Kissing Cousins
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Studio: Bijou Classics
Jason is visiting his older cousin Christopher and is looking for a good time. Little does he know how much fun it's gonna be. Christopher's friend Ty comes over for a relaxing dip in the hot tub, but before long they're fucking on the living room floor just as Jason arrives home to spy on them! All the while Jason is fucking Christopher's friends he is making plans to seduce his visiting cousin! Four hot scenes are featured in this classic film as well as a fifth scene of classic trailers that should not be missed by any fan of this genre! So sit back and enjoy, "Kissing Cousins".

Stars: Ty, Sean, Christopher, Buzzy, Jason

Sensual Stroking

Video: Sensual Stroking
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Studio: Twisted Media
How do you take control of a boy? Get that cock hard and dribbling juice and he’s all yours! Their young hard twink dicks are soon throbbing in the stroking hands of their dominant masters in this intensely erotic collection of scenes, with some of the most delicious British boys being wanked and enjoyed to the absolute limit. Watch them squirm as their dicks are rubbed, their feet tickled, their flesh splashed with hot wax and their cocks taken to the point of no return! They can’t stop themselves from splashing out a hot mess for their controlling masters!

Stars: Danny Montero, Ashton Bradley, Sebastian Kane, Dan Broughton, Chris Jansen, Nathan Hope, Tyler Jenkins, Titus Snow

Gettin’ Some On The Side Part 2

Video: Gettin' Some On The Side Part 2
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Studio: SpunkWorthy

Scene 1:

Mitch is 24 y/o and another one of our upstanding military men here in San Diego. He had been thinking about getting into porn since he was hit up a handful of months back, but that situation "seemed sketchy." Most recently, when he was approached, things fell into place pretty quickly and he decided to go ahead make the leap.

That's not to say he wasn't nervous. As soon as the cameras were turned on, you could almost see the beads of sweat on his face as he anticipated shedding his clothes for the world to see. As we got started on the Q&A part of the shoot, his anxiety slowly stripped away. Especially when we got to the subject of what he gets into sexually.

It was a little surprising to hear that Mitch is into bondage -- he likes ropes and tying his girlfriends up. I asked if he ever liked to be tied up himself. "Sometimes," he replied with a mischievous smirk. "Depends on the situation. If they don't know what they're doing, then I just break free." Mitch has an infrequent jack-off schedule, preferring to go out and find a hook-up. He did, however, bust a nut in probably the most unusual place I've ever heard: on a military helicopter cruising at 5,000 feet.

Despite the normally rare dick stroking, Mitch had rubbed one out the night before. My guess was that he got turned on thinking about the shoot and decided to go for a practice round. As nervous as he seemed at the outset, the smile on his face when he was naked and the camera came in for the close-ups of his uncut cock told a whole different story. He was clearly getting a thrill out of the experience of showing off for the first time.

After getting the go-ahead for his cumshot, Mitch picked up the pace and left a thick puddle of cum on his stomach. And that's when the truth came out: Mitch let out a big "Whew," looked up into the camera and laughed, "That was fun!"

Scene 2:

To say that Rich has some history with the site would be an understatement. He first showed up almost 5 years ago. Flash forward and he finally agreed to get his dick sucked by a guy for the first time.

Rich made the initial leap with a massage scene and even after that it took him a while to take the next step. After seeing his reaction (read: satisfaction) during this shoot, I'm sure he was wondering why he waited so long.

Rich's cock was primed and ready no sooner than his shorts came off. The second my mouth was wrapped around the shaft, he was rock hard and already grunting with pleasure. He was practically on the edge when he straddled my face to fuck my mouth, his hips thrusting his cock down my throat. He'd always been timid about showing off his ass. With Rich on all fours and a tongue rimming his virgin hole, that seemed to be a slice of heaven he never expected either.

Rich said he wanted to finish standing up. No problem by me. As he grabbed my head and crammed his dick down my mouth, it only took a couple minutes before his moaning got louder. Rich thrust his head back and released a massive load, soaking my face and chest.

Stars: Mitch, Rich