Men Of Montreal Vol. 20

Video: Men Of Montreal Vol. 20
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Studio: Men Of Montreal
Men of Montreal proudly presents an anthology filled to the brim with pure Quebecois sex appeal and hot amateur gay sex. In Volume 20, Felix Brazeau gives the incredibly sexy Darius Ferdynand a full-body massage, and he makes sure to explore every inch of him. Darius can't help but return the favor with his big Hungarian cock. When hungry bottoms Emilio Calabria and Alexy Tyler get together, it's Alexy that takes control and pops Emilio's hole. While Damien Hope is watching the hockey game, Alexy Tyler decides to steal his attention away and help him score big outside of the rink. When Ben Rose stumbles in on Emilio taking a nap, he decides to play with himself while he waits for him to wake up. No doubt sensing Ben's hard cock, Emilio awakens to a great surprise, and doesn't hesitate to get in on the action. Also starring Pascal Aubrey and Jason Bourque.

Stars: Pascal Aubry, Emilio Calabria, Damien Hope, Jason Bourque, Alexy Tyler, Ben Rose, Darius Ferdynand, Felix Brazeau

Knocked Out Jerked Off 9

Video: Knocked Out Jerked Off 9
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
Jack Miller is back for the ninth installment of Treasure Island's Kncoked Out Jerked Off series! This time, he's up to no good with 8 hung guys that range from married men to definitely won't want to miss a single moment of this collection!

Stars: Bob, Ed, Jack Miller, Sky (M), Tennessee, Jay, Joe, Diego, Dylan

Dirty Lust

Video: Dirty Lust
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Studio: Macho Guys
These gorgeous, hung muscle studs are full of dirty lust...and they aren't afraid to indulge! With FIVE scenes of sweaty man-on-man sex, you don't want to miss a single moment of this Macho Guys collection!

Stars: Nathan Price, Giovanne Cruz, Trey Thornton, Ethan Cordoba, Ram Itin, David Walls, Steven Diagle, Tom Green, Dillon Buck, Ross Hurston

Sneakers Humiliation

Video: Sneakers Humiliation
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Tibo hits up Dog Ryan to come by to have some sleazy fun. They both have a raunchy craving for feet and shoes. These naughty guys just love to nuzzle a ripe sneaker and get their rocks off. They even have some quick anal, which makes for a thoroughly satisfying hook up!

Stars: Dog Ryan, Tibo Whites

Tristan Hollister’s Shower Fun

Video: Tristan Hollister's Shower Fun
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Studio: Tasty Twink
Some guys sing in the shower, others stroke the cum from their nuts. I think we all know what Tristan Hollister chooses! For this video we join him in the bathroom as he puts on a special cam show, washing his hot body as his cock springs to life and demands some palm action. I don`t think Tristan Hollister can claim that he`s just washing it really, really thoroughly!

Stars: Tristan Hollister

The Business Of Sex

Video: The Business Of Sex
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Sometimes things get stressful in the office and you need to blow off a little steam (and cum). Off comes the suit and tie and out comes the sausage! Then it's time to suck and fuck the stress of the work day away! These hard-working businessmen get down to fucking business on top of their own office desks!

Stars: Damien Crosse, Juan Lopez, Leo Domenico, Rogan Richards, Allen King, Dato Foland, Denis Vega, Gabriel Vanderloo

Inked And Raw

Video: Inked And Raw
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Studio: Cocksure Men
If you like hot, hairy hunks with lots of tats, you've picked the right DVD. Derek Parker pummels Aarin Asker, a hot bearded stud in a jock strap, after Aarin licks Derek's pits and deep throats his long, hard pole. Beefy bear Brad Kalvo plunges deep inside studly Jeremy Stevens... again and again. Rocco Steel and Jake Deckard have waited months to get together, and all that anticipation leads to some pretty spectacular action. Real life lovers Vic Rocco and John Galt fuck each other raw with so much incredible passion, we're lucky their ink didn't sweat right off!

Stars: Jeremy Stevens, Jon Galt, Derek Parker, Jake Deckard, Vic Rocco, Brad Kalvo, Rocco Steele, Aarin Asker

Bound In Public – Beard Full Of Cum – Bound Stud Fucked With Machines And Cock Alike

Video: Bound In Public - Beard Full Of Cum - Bound Stud Fucked With Machines And Cock Alike
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Seth Fisher put up an ad online to hook up at a local sex shop. When he starts getting bitchy and asking for "donations" the shoppers take him down and teach him a lesson the only way they know how. Seth is tied up and bent over the register as he's made to take hard man meat from both ends. Back in the arcades, Seth's bent over to swallow Connor Maguire's hard cock as the fucksall machine fucks his hairy hole from behind. They make Seth ride the sybian for another machine fuck as each of the horny guys gives him a beard full of cum. Once Seth blows his load from the machine in his ass, he's shoved to his knees as the guys make him lick up every drop of cum.

Stars: Jessie Colter, Seth Fisher, Connor Maguire


Video: Eruption
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Studio: TitanMen
You won't have any lava left after Eruption! Shot near the active volcano Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii, Eruption delivers two full hours of hard bodies fueled by tropical steam. This lush masterpiece is the most seminal work of director Bruce Cam's career, and the chemistry between the cast of nine men redefines the meaning of paradise. In a salty tidepool, Dean Coulter feasts on Eduardo's foreskin before a pounding fuck releases the swelling pressure within. Peter Wilder and Austin Masters take a detour from jungle hiking to show their versatility by switching off in a heated give-and-take. On a remote jungle trail, stunning Maleek plunges his throbbing cock into Pierce Vendetta's ass. Coulter encores with a steamy solo, and husky and hairy island idol Keith Webb splatters his cum over two youths who worship him amidst some crumbling ruins. While no virgins were sacrificed in the making of Eruption, the island spirits were undoubtedly pleased. Nasty and constantly boiling over.

Stars: Dean Coulter, Michael Vincenzo, Pierce Vendetta, Ethan Payne, Eduardo (i), Peter Wilder, Malleek, Austin Masters, Keith Webb

Spanking Vol. 37

Video: Spanking Vol. 37
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
We brought Robert Gazur in for a well deserved spanking. We find him shackled and gagged and Ondra Radni arrives to start the punishment. Ondra doesn't hold back, his hands and his plank landing heavily on that body. Ondra then moves Robert, shackling his legs in the air and shoving a vibrator into the available ass hole. We brought Michal Bobanek in for a spanking. We find him shackled by his hands overhead and his tormentor is slapping his chest. The tormentor starts to use a cat of nine tails on him, whipping his legs. Then he starts to attach clothes pins to Michal's body, beginning with the nipples and working down his body to his cock and balls, after pulling them out of the jockstrap. That ass gets a good spanking and even gets a finger shoved in the hole a bit. Michal is turned again and one hand released so that he can wank his big cock to a big, creamy climax.

Stars: Borek Sokol, Ondra Radni, Michal Bobanek, Petr Haban, Robert Gazur