Trapped 2

Video: Trapped 2
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Studio: Mustang
Brad Rock is a sexy construction worker and on his lunch break, he joins his co-worker Todd Maxwell to reminisce on a special erotic memory that he can’t forget. While stuck in a basement with no power with some horny workmen, the story gives Todd a devious idea—he locks all the doors and hides all the keys.

Stars: Parker Williams, Kyle Lewis, Dan Rider, Ben Campezi, Todd Maxwell, Brad Rock, Trey Casteel, Matt Cole, Darren Phillipps

Asian Bangerz

Video: Asian Bangerz
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Studio: Asia Boy
In this action packed collection from Asia Boy, indulge in sexy twinks indulging in non-stop bareback fucking that definitely delivers big! Watch as slender Asian boys with skin as smooth as silk strip each other naked, suck uncut cock and rim tight little asses, all leading up to some very hot barebacking in various sexy positions. A highlight of this collection is the scene where a gay boy seduces his long-time straight friend, with an erotic oil massage. It is totally off the charts sexy! If your passion is for cute young Asian boys having bareback sex, this DVD will not disappoint.

Stars: Joe, Guy, Thomas, Kyle, Argie, Gilbert, Ae (M), Sof, John, Dave

Ain’t He Grande

Video: Ain't He Grande
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Studio: Jake Jaxson
Meet Lukas Grande—a sensual young stud who may not say much when you first meet him, but certainly allows his big, rock-hard cock do all the talking for him! Teaming up with the likes of Jack Rayder, Ricky Roman, Gabriel Clark, Angel Cruz and more, this volume is filled with horny boys doing what they do best.

Stars: Darius Ferdynand, Ricky Roman, Levi Karter, Angel Cruz (Male), Jo Diamond, Jack Rayder, Lukas Grande, Damien Gunn, Frankie V., Gabriel Clark

Johnson’s Meanstreak

Video: Johnson's Meanstreak
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Studio: Parole Him
On his lunch break, Officer Johnson is up to no good with two young men that he’s holding in his office. With the two boys at his disposal, he convinces them to service each other….and once they agree, there’s no holding back! Using hidden and overhead security cameras, Johnson was able to record the videos for his own personal viewing pleasure.

Stars: Benny G, Anthony Mose

Yasss: Fuck Yeah Levi Karter

Fuck Yeah Levi Karter is a production directed by both Jake Jaxson and Levi Karter himself. The first forty minutes of this film showcase all the poignant and sexy moments in Levi’s life as he chronicles the world before and during his rise to CockyBoys cover boy. The turbulent relationships, the self-doubts, & the moments of sexual awareness are all recorded in this engrossing opus. It weaves in and out of real life scenarios, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at who Levi was, is, and will become by learning from his experiences. Personal growth happens every day and is on full display in the first two scenes of F.Y.L.K. They feature Ricky Roman and Hayden Lourd, and are not to be missed.

In the first traditional porn scene in the film, which is the third scene in the movie, Levi is paired with Connor Maguire. Connor is huge in comparison to Levi, both in height and general mass. The two are sharing a romantic day in the park. They have a cute boat ride and are interviewed about one another. The tone is set for a very passionate rendezvous in the woods. Levi starts stripping Connor of his shorts which barely contain his ginger pubes and uncut cock. The scruffy beast looks down at Levi to see his bottom hard at work to prepare for the inevitable: hardcore anal. Connor then returns the favor before they sixty nine and Conner fingers Levi’s bubble butt. The two dress briefly to change locations and make things a bit more private. Levi gets lubed when Connor eats his ass and then the big boy slips it in. They go from doggy to bull until Connor lifts Levi and pounds him while holding him suspended in the air: it’s jaw dropping. Connor then lays him down to allow him to stroke while taking it deep. Levi beats his dick until he sprays his chest. Connor soon does the same after fully letting Levi have it. The two kiss and the scene ends.

Next we have Jaxon Radoc and David Corey. The two met on Twitter and hit it off before even knowing each other. When they discovered they were both would soon be fellow Cockyboys, the scene was set. We first see them in a hotel room kissing and laughing. Jaxon’s blonde hair in contrast to David’s black hair is a super sexy combination. David makes his way down to Jaxon’s uncut Australian cock and starts sucking. He is dared to deep throat and does so without a wince. Before you know it, Jaxon’s legs are up over his head and he is entered. He is soon flipped and he arches his back to offer up his ass completely. David nails his butt down to the bed. The two are nearly silent, but are definitely communicating in a way you simply cannot fake. Soon David sits on Jaxon’s dick and rides it for what is a very hot minute. David then bends over to get it from behind. He works his phallus until he spews onto the white duvet. Jaxon then uses David’s pale posterior as inspiration to bust. He sensuously Spackles that ass and then the two kiss to celebrate their satisfaction.

Thirdly, we have Tommy Defendi and Levi Michaels. This is one ridiculously hot twosome. The scene starts with Levi gushing over Tommy. How could you not with that beard, that fur, and that cock? Levi goes on about how this is a dream come true and I can’t tell if I’m horny or jealous. Levi himself is also quite a babe. His fuzzy blonde butt is to be adored.  The two stand in an opening in the curtains that lets in some dramatic lighting. Actually, the drama here is palpable. Levi sucks on Tommy’s fat cock for what seems like forever until he is bent over and fed to Tommy. Tommy then proceeds to lap on Levi as Levi moans, “Get me ready for that fat dick, eat that ass.” Tommy then throws on a rubber and dives right in. His grunts and moans are an animalistic call that can only be generated by pure pleasure. They start with doggy-style until Levi goes full power bottom and grinds on Tommy’s fat prick. Levi then takes it on his back, while Tommy gives him exactly what he came there for: a very deep-dicking. Levi spills a load onto himself and wimpers, “Oh fuck.” Tommy then rubs one out onto Levi’s chest and lets him lick on his cummy cock: a dream cum true.

Fuck Yeah Levi Carter is a collection of scenes that all have Levi Karter’s spirit-a spirit that is honest, fearless, ambitious, and wild. This is not to mention that this film is dripping with sex appeal. Pride is just around the corner. Fuck Yeah Levi Karter is more fuel for your fire: burn bright. Now go on and get hard at!

There’s more where that “came” from… follow @HairyBurgher

Intensity Part 2

Video: Intensity Part 2
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Studio: Falcon Studios
Darius Ferdynand leads a smoking hot cast of horny fuckers that love nothing more than an intense round of sensual fucking! From the kitchen to the shower, nothing will stop these boys from indulging in foreplay, deep pounding and massive loads being shot over their ripped muscles!

Stars: Jason Adonis, Andrew Stark, Tyler Hill, Adam Ramzi, Ethan Marc, Adrian Hart (black), Josh Weston, Gus Mattox, Connor Maguire, Landon Conrad, Darius Ferdynand, Chris Bines, Ludo Sander, Ethan Kage

Justin And Mark Pick Up Another

Video: Justin And Mark Pick Up Another
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Studio: Twisted Media
Mark Henley is the sexy young blond being propositioned by us for this drive. Justin was real horny and he brought along Mark Lloyd for some fun too, and when Mark was spied out in the town we just had to persuade him into the back seat! There's no holding back in this one, with every cock sucked and some ass fucked until the cum is erupting.

Stars: Justin Baber, Mark Henley, Mark Lloyd

Sit Tight 1

Video: Sit Tight 1
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Studio: Jocks
Jocks equals cocks! And you'll find a whole bunch of big ones attached to ripped masculine bodies in this tale of patience and virtue. Sit Tight is wrapped by the story of two guys - Paris and the motherfucking hung Virgil Sainclair - who keep missing each other; as the tale progresses a bunch of others join in.

Stars: Virgil Sainclair, Rick Matthews, Tristan Paris, David Bradley, Dean Temple, Lee Driver, Chris Barlow, Luc Jarrett

Men Of Montreal Vol 4

Video: Men Of Montreal Vol 4
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Studio: Men Of Montreal
Men Of Montreal Vol 4 is a collection of four scenes that display some of the best that Canada has to offer. These muscle men are tatted and smooth and just love getting off for you. Enjoy the show as these guys rim, suck, and fuck right before your eyes. They even find the time to fuck each other with a toy or two!

Stars: Alexy Tyler, Marko Lebeau, Alec Leduc, Max Chevalier, Ivan Lenko, Christian Power, Felix Brazeau, Joey Bergeron

Masked Boy Sean Enjoys A Solo

Video: Masked Boy Sean Enjoys A Solo
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Studio: Zack Randall
Sean loves to perform and he's been looking forward to this jack-show for quite a while. His thick cock is out and he is building up pleasure, but needs more! Luckily he has a toy to slide into his ass to help him get there and with a lot of play his cock is spraying out a thick load for him to taste!

Stars: Sean Adams