Freeloading Muscle Stud Brother in Law Pays in Pain

Video: Freeloading Muscle Stud Brother in Law Pays in Pain
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Freeloading straight stud brother in law Blaze Austin gets paid a lesson in suffering by muscle stud Jaxton Wheeler. Blaze gets tied up in rope bondage, flogged, fucked and beaten. This stud gets covered in cum while learning the lesson of his life that he will never forget, and maybe he would accidentally 'forget' it cause pleasure he got from all this made him moan like a little bitch!

Stars: Blaze Austin, Jaxton Wheeler

Twink Compilation Volume 3

Video: Twink Compilation Volume 3
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Studio: TXXXM Studios
The boy-sluts are on parade again over at TXXXM Studios! These raunchy little twinks are armed with tight holes and stiff cocks and they’re just begging for someone to show them a good n’ harsh time! Luckily for them, not only have we facilitated their sexual perversion by setting them up with another horny lad, but we’ve even paid them to have at it and let us all enjoy the show!

Stars: Jacob Riley, James Lewis (i), Jason Valentine, Kai Riley, Leo Rain, Max Brown, Olly Taylor, Sean Taylor, Skyler Dallon, Taylor Blaze, Xander Wilde, Youri Chevalier, Zac Langton

Dark Secrets

Video: Dark Secrets
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Studio: Kinky Hardcore Twinks
If you’re a fan of romantic vanilla then prepare for disappointment, as these Dark Secrets harbor a display of cock-crazed filth that only a signed-up deviant could ever really hope to appreciate. These submissive twinks can do nothing but succumb to the whims of their twisted masters as they are whipped and dripped in hot wax, but that's just the tip of the iceberg as they know there are more violations in store for their exposed bodies. Spreader bars and bondage rope combine to keep them defenseless against ass invasions with dildos, fingers and cocks prevalent in the pleasure, whilst twisted minds play out their kinks and freaky fantasies on these helpless twinks. These boys might wish for freedom, but their dicks can't deny they love the agony!

Stars: Aaron Aurora, Cameron Wilson, Edwin Sykes, Johnny Parker, Kenzie Mitch, Kieron Knight, Mickey Taylor, Sebastian Kane

Long Dong

Video: Long Dong
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Studio: Gay Adult Deluxe
Karl seems very comfortable with his sexuality. He is a hot, up and coming porn star with an absolutely glowing personality and face. As he finishes posing for the camera, he stands and slowly strips off his shirt and jeans, slips it down just enough to expose his hard cock. Then he bends over the bed, spreads his ass wide and begins working his hard cock with his hand. His cock is rock hard and he can't keep his hands off of himself.

Stars: Karl

Triple Treats Vol. 7

Video: Triple Treats Vol. 7
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Studio: EliteMale
Here is the seventh film in the greatest collection showcasing the famous European wonders, the Visconti triplets! The latest film showcases these three in some great shots and positions. These European love cock, each others and other dudes! Watch these brothers share sucking some lucky guy's cock!

Stars: Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti

Foot Licking Bare ButtFucking

Video: Foot Licking Bare ButtFucking
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Studio: ThreshHold Media
Men from this movie vary in from size to color of their skin, but one thing they all have in common is that they love fucking bareback for maximum pleasure! Lots of hot interracial couples and two foot licking and toe fucking scenes make up a perfect movie starring hot bear Christian Matthews, horniest bottom Conrad Daniels, vigorous fucker Micah Martinez and many more!

Stars: Anthony Woods, Christian Matthews, Conrad Daniels, David Ace, Jasper Jones, Micah Martinez, Nathan Daniels, Rave Hardick

Big and Juicy

Video: Big and Juicy
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Studio: Pride Studios
Bryce Evan notices that Sean Duran’s big dick is poking out of his shorts. He gets on his knees and wraps his mouth around it taking every inch down his throat the best way he can. Adin Smith tells Jack Andy he heard a rumor that his cock is big. He confesses that he is horny and wants to see it. Jack pulls it out and Adin starts sucking it. He then shows him his beefy hairy ass and his partner rims it. Bryce Evans told his lover Hans Berlin that he invited over Jaxton Wheeler, a guy with a nice thick cock. Both are a little nervous, but when Jaxton arrives they waste no time before all three climb on the bed and start kissing and groping each other. Alexander Garrett, Hans Berlin and Scott DeMarco are sitting in the locker room sharing where they are from and talking about how big their dick is. They waste no time before showing each other what they just spoke about.

Stars: Adin Smith, Alexander Garrett , Bryce Evans, Hans Berlin, Jack Andy, Jaxton Wheeler, Scott Demarco (M), Sean Duran

American Twinks 3

Video: American Twinks 3
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Studio: Tyler's Room
Corn-fed twinks from Texas to Iowa. All American! They love showing off their twinky delicious bodies on the camera! After a brief interview, they start undressing slowly removing each article of their clothing and showing their sweet butts and dicks. It takes them no time to cum, but before they do that they go for a hot anal play, especially Aaron who goes deep inside his hole! These boys are a vision to see!

Stars: Aaron West, Danny Levin, Jayden Rocks, Xander Jade

Twink Asian Fucked by Lyam

Video: Twink Asian Fucked by Lyam
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When Lyam Dylan is in a movie and he directs it he will go hard and treat himself. This time he picked out a perfect Asian twink LopeBoy who was eager to get fucked! So they begin with making out and undressing while touching each other's genitals, getting bigger and when they feel it's right they start fucking hard. LopeBoy loves getting his hole wrecked by big dicks and that's what he got today!

Stars: LopeBoy, Lyam Dylan

Best of Tony Bishop

Video: Best of Tony Bishop
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Studio: Bareback Cum Pigs
Drew Crawford and Tony Bishop: Drew Crawford knows what Tony Bishop is hiding. A very fat cock that he wants badly. Making out, he wastes little time in pulling that thick dick out. And once he does, the greedy cocksucker goes down on Tony, taking him all the way to the balls. The scruffy bottom then shows off his amazing ass, which Tony eats out like he’s dining on filet mignon. Drew’s fever for cock makes him hotter as Tony teases the opening then slides that curved fucker home. This is primal bareback sex at it’s finest because Tony and Drew know it’s all about that connection between raw cock and bare fuckhole. Love and romance have nothing to do with this type of fucking. Tony and Drew rut like animals, with Drew slamming that fat slab of meat inside Tony in one fell swoop. He takes and uses the bareback bottom pig, fucking the cum out of Drew before blowing his own load. Jackson Fillmore and Tony Bishop: Even before the cameras start rolling, Jackson Fillmore and Tony Bishop go at it. Barely making out, curly-haired and bearded Jackson drops to his knees to service tattooed Tony’s big fat cock. It’s a juicy slab of meat and he knows how to use it, fucking Jackson’s throat, making him gag. But Tony’s almost as orally fixated as Jackson so he returns the favor, sucking his cock before the two get into a 69. But Jackson’s sweet ass is too much for Tony to resist. He buries his face in Jackson’s crack. His tongue in Jackson’s hole, Tony eats the sweet pucker as if his life depended on it. Then the fun begins. Sweaty, hard, balls-deep pounding. But this isn’t just bareback fucking. This is pure, unadulterated rutting complete with dirty nasty talk as the two all but forget we were even in the room filming. Tony eventually slows down, sliding in and out of Jackson nice and easy, with a rocking motion that makes Jackson’s eyes roll back into his head before unloading and slamming back into the bareback cum pig to seed his hungry ass. Plus three more hot scenes! .

Stars: Derek Parker, Drew Crawford, Jackson Fillmore, Josh Stone (i), Rogue Status, Tony Bishop