Big Dicks 8

Video: Big Dicks 8
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Massive dicks on cute young studs, what more could you want? You will definitely get a few more inches worth of cock in this production! Watch as these twinks get their buttholes tore up! That doesn’t keep them from coming back for more and wanting it twice as hard. These guys are great sports!

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Hairy And Raw Vol. 2

Video: Hairy And Raw Vol. 2
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Studio: Hairy And Raw
In the second volume of Hairy and Raw fuckers, join a sexy group of mature and furry fuckers as they go all the way in a raw fuckfest that has no limits and boundaries! Whether they’re teaming up for threesomes on a swing by the pool or getting down and dirty on the porch, these horny bears aren’t afraid to whip out the fat cocks and fuck deep and hard!

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My Straight Roommate 4

Video: My Straight Roommate 4
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Studio: Drive Shaft
Waking up to a tongue in your ass isn't so bad! The best roommates share everything! He thought he was straight until he sucked my dick! He cooks, cleans and loves my cock in his ass! "Sorry, Roomie! You Fell Asleep And My Dick Fell Into Your Ass!" Suddenly, being roommates just got a whole lot better!

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Dean Flynn — All American Man

Video: Dean Flynn -- All American Man
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Legend Dean Flynn is one of the hottest hunks ever to grace the screen! His handsome face, muscular body and big cock make him one of the most requested superstars of all time! Now for the first time ever his very best performances are gathered together. Dean Flynn: All-American Man features six scenes of big uncut cocks and hours of ass-pounding action starring Dean Flynn and other hung studs from TitanMen's stable of men: Marco Blaze, Dirk Jager, Jay Roberts and more! Don't forget to also pick up the Dean Flynn Realistic Cock, molded directly from Dean's own hard cock.

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Mixitupboy Presents: Adam Price & UniQue One

Video: Mixitupboy Presents: Adam Price & UniQue One
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Studio: MixItUpBoy
Adam is having a bad day and asks UniQue if he wants a shot. UniQue is thirsty but not quite for that. He whips out his big fat black dick and Adam knows just what to do, kneel and suck it. He takes a seat on UniQue's face and loves having that tongue up his pink hole. After getting UniQue's dick hard and wet he's ready to have it inside of him. Adam gets bent over on the kitchen counter and dicked down hard. UniQue lays some serious pipe and can't get enough of Adam's tight white ass. Adam loves having a big black dick up his ass so much he busts his load all over his chest and UniQue puts his load in the condom. No cum is getting wasted today though and he empties it all over Adam's face and licks it up after that hot fuck.

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Twink Initiation

Video: Twink Initiation
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CrashPad Series Episode 51: Cyd and James Darling

Video: CrashPad Series Episode 51: Cyd and James Darling
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Studio: Pink And White Productions
Risky situation James Darling has found himself being in the hands of Cyd Loverboy, but it looks like he might like it. Seems Cyd has gotten tired of being bullied and decided to push back with a big fat dick. Well guys will be guys and what better place to boot lick, cock suck and fuck than the Crash Pad. Jocks, trans guys and hot gay sex... what next, cheerleaders?!

Stars: Cyd Loverboy, James Darling

Wally, Why Were You Never My Neighbor?

I guess I must be in decorating mood this week because I have just been picking all the best little details out of the films here on Today I knew what I wanted to write about, and that it was going to be a classic. Perusing through the vast library of films I came across a film I hadn’t written about. “Hayride” is a fantastic film altogether, but there is one scene that I really want to share with you.

Solo masturbation scenes have been filmed since the advent of moving pictures. Today we still have great solos with both amateur and professional stars which are a more polished, the lighting might be better, the models perfectly tanned and claiming to be straight; the list goes on, but let’s take a step back in time.

How, you might be asking yourself, is this relevant to what I am going to write about? The scene I am going to review is a solo, and it has an amazing set.

Pink has to be one of my all time favorite colors, and gorgeous men are probably my all time favorite thing in the world. In the final scene of “Hayride” I get BOTH! Here is how the “The Handyman” is described.

“Wally, a young stud built like a brick shithouse, accepts an offer from his neighbor to paint a spare bedroom. After a few strokes on the walls, blue eyed Wally gets down to a different kind of another sort of whitewash!”

C’mon, look at this room. What a shade of pink! It’s just bubble gum enough, light enough not to be overwhelming, and is the perfect complement to the glossy woodwork and honey colored pine floors. This looks like a room I would feel totally at home in and look at that vintage bed, it’s gorgeous with that sweet little decal and spidles. Fine, I’ll get on with it, but not before saying I really wish they weren’t painting it white.

It is true what they say, this guy is built! And since he looks like he has been plucked from the pages of “Physique Pictoral” I am already a fan. Wally is that “all American boy” neighbor I wish I had had growing up next door. Unfortunately for me I grew up on a plantation with nary a neighbor for at least a mile. Needless to say I didn’t have a cute guy mowing his lawn shirtless, or a window to sneak peeks into after he just got out of the shower; or masturbating.  This guy is perfection. With bulging muscles, perfect skin, the lightest dusting of fur on his legs, and a beautiful bush, Wally epitomizes the stereotypical crush, and the director of this short scene really conveys this through the lens.

Instead of going on and on, I will simply show you.

Wally really shows off for the camera, you can tell he really likes his perfectly trained body. He strokes his pecs and stomach, admires his biceps all the while stroking his dick with gusto. This guy knows how to pleasure himself, and he does it well. Palm gripped tightly around his insanely beautiful organ he thrusts his hips into it while fondling his ample balls at the same time.

Once again we get a shot through the window lending the scene a voyeuristic quality that really enhances the fantasy.

This really gives us a good detail of that adorable bed in the room! Look at these lovely spindles, so delicate compared to Wally’s thick man meat.


Here is the only odd shot from above. Then again, it does give us a nice shot of those warm and cozy hardwood floor.

And fucking the mattress has never looked so good. Look at that bubble butt.

Now, here is the best part of this scene, and it is more than I expected! Wally shoots one of the most impressive loads I have ever seen. He just keeps milking his slicked up cock… Just see for yourself.

Told you!

So you see classic films are just as hot as the newest releases. Now go check out the rest of “Hayride” from Falcon Studios. I wish I knew if Wally was ever in any other films, or any hardcore scenes? The Otter can dream. Now remember to follow me here, on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!

Catch ya later cum catchers!

The Otter

Cody Wolfe and Cole Money – Flip Flop Fuck 2

Video: Cody Wolfe and Cole Money - Flip Flop Fuck 2
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Studio: Gayhoopla
In the anticipated second part of Cody Wolfe and Cole Money’s scorching flip fuck, Cody Wolfe gets his ass pounded for the first time…and lucky for you, here’s a front row seat at all of the hot action! Watch as Cody sucks Cole’s cock until it’s nice and hard and then surrenders his hole for a dick-down that you won’t want to miss!

Stars: Cody Wolfe, Cole Money

Breeding James Jones

Video: Breeding James Jones
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Studio: White Water Production
James’ hole is wide open ready to receive that precious juice. The action is everywhere and James Jones gets plugged by big five rock-hard dicks. One after another these guys pound James and unload into his awaiting hole. Bent over an exercise machine is where he stays awaiting yet another load. This guy’s ass gets quite the workout.

Stars: Santos, Devil, James Jones, Win Soldier, Black Angel (i), Rodrigez