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If you haven’t already noticed, GayHotMovies.com likes to keep you up to date on your favorite stars and their films. Starting this week we will be posting a selection of performers who have had our new advanced star biographies completed by our team. This update will posted every Thursday and we are incredibly excited about it! And to the stars, if you have info you like us to add to your profile please feel free to contact us. So, with no further adieu, here are this weeks updated star bio’s.

2015 Hookies Award winner Rocco Steele.

View Rocco’s biography

Cutler X and his mouth watering endowment 

View Cutler’s biography

Angel faced Alex Greene

View Alex’s biography

Self proclaimed “power bottom” Riley Tess

View Riley’s biography

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Hairy Dads Smooth Lads

Video: Hairy Dads Smooth Lads
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Studio: Hot Dads Hot Lads
Hairy daddy Adam Russo begins devouring well-built young lad Trelino's young juicy ass in Hairy Dads Smooth Lads. Trelino moans loudly, so Adam slides his cock deep inside Trelino's tight hole and pounds to his heart's content. Trelino rides Adam on the couch, swallowing the cock with his ass, a young power-bottom. Trelino gets the cum fucked out of him and cum dribbles from his cock and balls.

Andrew Markus revels at furry Roman Aleks' muscular physique. Roman eats Andrew's sweet hole and then buries his boner deep inside. Andrew moans wildly while he takes Roman in various positions, each one better than the last. Andrew Markus cums all over his tight stomach while still being fucked. Andrew's tight hole feels so good that Roman cums inside Andrew's ass.

"Kiss me boy" commands daddy Rex Silver of lad Chase Young. Rex then slips his cock into Chase's wet hole and pounds his dick deep into Chase's ass. They fuck missionary style on an ottoman until Chase shoots his load all over his abs. Rex licks up Chase's cum and gets more head from Chase until Rex shoots his load off inside Chase's mouth.

Young Liam troy loves watching porn star daddy Brad Kalvo in his videos, even while at the office! His new boss comes in and catches him in the act, but to his surprise it's Brad himself. Bearish dad Brad relaxes in an office chair and lets Liam work on his cock and balls, Brad penetrates Liam and pounds ruthlessly. Liam takes the dick with a smile, calling out "Daddy!" with every thrust. He lays on his desk so Brad can fuck him deeper. Brad Kalvo pulls out releasing his thick load on Liam Troy's smooth chest. Liam cleans Brad's dick with his tongue before shooting his load on Brad's scruffy pecs.

Stars: Chase Young, Liam Troy, Trelino, Rex Silver, Andrew Markus, roman Aleks, Adam Russo, Brad Kalvo

Pound Puppy

Video: Pound Puppy
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Studio: All Worlds Video
Lick, lick... nuzzle, nuzzle... give a dog a bone. We've gone to the dogs! Chi Chi LaRue's Pound Puppy brings you to all fours with this playful and furry fetish flick dedicated to pups and their handlers. Shot entirely on location at Leatherworks in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and with a sampling of domination, role-play and daddies, Pound Puppy is guaranteed to get your tail wagging and begging for more. Pound Puppy - for men who like it ruff.

Stars: Draven Torres, Will Swagger, Dirk Caber, Jessie Colter, Brian Bonds, Josh Long, Christopher Daniels, C.J. Madison, Allen Silver

Rough 3 – Bound And Beaten

Video: Rough 3 - Bound And Beaten
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Studio: TitanMen
Deep in the secluded forests of California, no one can hear you scream. That’s where six brave, sadistic studs—led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff and David Anthony—engage in extreme experiments to get you off. ROUGH, the newest hardcore fetish line from TitanMen, reaches into its tool belt to push the BDSM boundaries even further in Bound and Beaten. Test your limits as ropes are tightened, skin is reddened and all control is surrendered.

Stars: Billy Duro, Alessio Romero, Tony Buff, Rico, David Anthony, Trey Walker

Carl’s Best Blow Jobs 25

Video: Carl's Best Blow Jobs 25
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Studio: HotDicks
Carl's Best Blowjobs video EVER with Six NASTY scenes. If you like to see hot cum pouring out of a guy's mouth as he sucks dick after dick, you'll LOVE this video. Don’t miss Evan Long, with his hot young muscular body, dump his load into the awaiting mouth of the infamous Carl Hubay!

Stars: Ken, Carl Hubay, Dallas (gay), Jude Marx, Danny Slade, Evan Long

Cream’N Daddies

Video: Cream'N Daddies
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Studio: Hot Desert Knights
These relentless muscle daddies pound hard hairy juicy puckered holes with absolute precision until every quivering eager hungry hole is filled with spewing cum. These insatiable men fuck with an innate skill and intensity that is pure, virile animal prowess. Watch the reactions of the men they breed and you'll know it feels every bit as good as it looks.

Stars: Jeff Grove, Jayson Park, Adam Russo, Randy Harden, Tiger Milner

Twinks On Top

Video: Twinks On Top
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Studio: Phoenixxx Studio
Hot daddies are used to getting their pick of the litter when it comes to twink-ass, but in these five scenes, the roles are reversed… and it’s Twinks on Top! We’ve put together a pack of horned up twinks who are eager to prove themselves against older men. They’ve got youth on their side and we’ve served up some willing daddy-hole for them to fuck until they cum!

Stars: Jason Valencia, Jordan Thomas, Leo Rain, Drew Sumrok , Dolan Wolf, Skylar Blu, Mitch Vaughn, Stefan Nash, Marcus Ruhl, Bradley Bishop

Piss Sluts!

Video: Piss Sluts!
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Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Lucas Entertainment and Michael Lucas find a team of horny piss and cum drinking pigs who can't wait to take a shower in steamy urine. Every hole is fair game for another round of deep-throating and hot fucking, with watersports and loads of cum and ass eating. Piss Sluts! continues the raunchy, piss-guzzling debauchery, and is guaranteed to leave you thirsting for more.

Andrew James & Kain Warn James immediately takes control and plows pierced stud Warn's eager mouth. After some deep throat fucking, the steamy duo engage in some sexy and wet 69'ing, ass-pounding, and spit swapping. Warn gets soaked with piss before having James' load sprayed all over his face.

Giovanni Summers & Fernando Lopez In this short scene, Giovanni Summer is hosed down by muscle-stud, Fernando Lopez's hot piss. It fills his mouth and covers his tight body.

Isaiah Fox Positioned at a double glory hole, Fox alternates between sucking two super hung black dicks. He soon dildos himself with a monstrous toy, riding it like a pro. After sucking the load out of one dick, the piss hungry boy drinks and bathes in the warm piss of his anonymous cocks. He continues to be showered by piss, and in the end, drinking and enjoying his own piss. This is one urine soaked scene you don't want to miss!

Murphy Maxwell, Andrew James & Nick Love Stud Andrew James binds Murphy Maxwell to a chair, in only his jockstrap. With some forceful direction from James, he swallows Nick Love's stiffening tool. Soon he is sucking both his captor's hung dicks and being doused in shiny piss. They all get hot and horny in this three-way suck and piss-fest!

Ryan Raz, Andrew James & Tonie Michael Andrew James and Tonie Michael begin by licking Ryan Raz's ripe armpits. They soon move down his toned torso to his hardening tool, but everyone shares each other's big dicks in this scene. The action gets even hotter as Michael and Raz tag team a loudly moaning James, filling him from both ends. He can clearly not get enough cock or cum, and swallows both hung tops' creamy loads. They then cover him with their hot piss.

Tommy Deluca, Andrew James, & Jae C. Tommy Deluca doesn't waste any time and immediately sucks Andrew James and Jae C's massive tools. He moans in pleasure as he takes James' cock deep into his tight asshole. After having his bubble butt pounded, Tommy gets mouthfuls of cum and piss from both hung men.

Stars: Giovanni Summers, Murphy Maxwell, Isaiah Fox, Fernando Lopes, Dee (M), Kain Warn, Johnny Longwood, Nick Love, Tommy DeLuca, Andrew James Jr., Andrew James, Tonie Michael, Ryan Raz, Jae C

Attention, All Daddy’s Boys!

They say that with age, comes experience—and while the old adage is quite cliché, it couldn’t be any truer than what’s experienced in Ducati Porn’s Teach Me, Daddy.  Living up to its intriguing title, this three-scene collection brings together sexy seasoned pros that definitely know what they’re doing.  There are no crazy plotlines or over-the top concepts; hardcore pounding takes center-stage in this feature, specifically from mature fucklords that aren’t afraid to take charge and show you what they got.

If you have a thing for tattooed bad boys, than the opening scene featuring David Benjamin and Casey Everett will leave you weak in the knees.  As the only older-on-younger  pair, these studs play their respective roles without hesitation. David aggressively takes the lead, instructing Casey to strip out his clothes so he can feast on his very poundable derrière.  With every bit of contact that David makes with his body, Casey can’t seem to help himself from moaning; at this point, it becomes quite evident that the chemistry between these two just can’t be denied.  Not only driving the electricity of their sensual fuck session, the sexual connection between these two makes this scene a definite standout.  After giving it to each other all over the couch,  David shoots a big creamy load over his rock-hard abs, before ordering Casey to “cum in my mouth, boy!” and sucks him off until he explodes. From start to finish, this scene can simply be summed up as H-O-T. 

In the second scene, Bronson Gates and Damian are representing for all the hairy, muscle daddies in a big way. Starting off with an intense make-out session, armpit licking and some serious foreplay, these grunting and growling hunks show how manly-men truly get down.  Covered in fur, piercings and muscles, these guys don’t only look like tough guys, they fuck like them too! Everything about this union is rugged and rough and certainly packs a powerful punch…or thrust, rather.

The last scene brings two leaders of the dreamy daddy world together: Brad Kalvo and Adam Russo. This explosive match-up starts off with Adam worshipping Brad’s gigantic bulging arms and chest. Brad then brings Adam’s head down to his crotch and receives a mean blowjob. From there, Brad rims Adam’s hungry hole while they go back and forth in a nasty dirty talk exchange. Eventually, Brad puts his cock where his mouth is and gives Adam exactly what he wants.  “It’s your fucking hole, fucking use it,” Adam blurts out as Brad dicks him down in the middle of the garage.  After hammering Adam on his back, Brad is ready to erupt  and Adam quickly gets on his knees to catch every drop on his anxious tongue. Adam relieves himself all over Brad’s broad furry chest and abs as he screams out in pleasure.  The combination of Brad’s confidence and Adam’s enthusiasm help the movie end with a perfect bang.

No matter which scene is discussed, Teach Me, Daddy achieves its mission of showcasing men who have are masters of their own game. Every star’s performance seems effortless and the pairings are well-assembled which makes for moments worth watching.  But enough of reading about it, witness it with your very eyes on GayHotMovies.com!

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Until next time, my friends!

-  Simba


Soft, The New Hard

Video: Soft, The New Hard
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Studio: RawDicks.com
Soft, The New Hard… will do everything for you, but make your cock soft. These four scenes are packed full of uncut Latinos having raw-hardcore sex. Tall, dark, and handsome men getting nasty for your viewing pleasure. These bottoms are hungry and their tops do more than satisfy!

Stars: JR, Emerson, Gabriel Learth, Arcanjo, Bruno Stygmata, Alan Willian, Guilhermo